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Drug, Sex, Homophobia Allegations on 'House' Set

7/20/2010 6:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cocaine ... guns ... sex ... and knife play -- all part of life behind the scenes on the show "House M.D." ... this according to a new lawsuit filed by a bitter ex-employee.


In a lawsuit, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, a former assistant prop master named Carl Jones claims he was fired from the show in March ... because he didn't go along with the "degenerate conduct" of his superiors.

In the suit, Jones claims he was harassed by two of his supervisors for refusing to engage in "visits to strip bars, participation in getting drunk, stoned or intoxicated on cocaine, to participate in sexual conduct at the trailer, and other dangerous conduct."

Jones claims the supervisors would often refer to him -- and other employees -- as "fags, pussies, bitches, slaves, dummies, retards and idiots."

Jones also claims one of his supervisors brought a gun to the set "several times" ... but it gets even crazier.

In the docs, Jones claims he watched his supervisors get drunk on tequila and engage in "throwing a knife at a target on set."

Jones claims he tried to report the alleged misconduct to one of the co-executive producers on the show -- but his cries for help were ignored ... and claims he was ultimately "blackballed" from future work on the show.

Jones claims he's become severely depressed and somehow suffered a physical injury as a result of the alleged incidents.

He's suing for more than $1,000,000 in damages.   Universal -- which produces 'House M.D.' -- had no comment.

UPDATE: A rep for NBC Universal tells TMZ, "The lawsuit is without merit."

The rep adds, "It is NBCU's long-standing policy to provide a working environment free from discrimination or harassment of any kind. We also strictly prohibit retaliation or reprisal against anyone who reports or opposes discrimination or harassment."


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Having working in film & television for the past 10 years, I would say this guys right on the money. But I have to ask is he new? This is standard set behaviour and kind of what make working in the "biz" fun! Did he just realize all this.

1553 days ago

Keith Richard Radford Jr    

Start a scandal then pay through the nose to sell human implantable FCC devices. The radio was designed in Italy originally and the control used by the church over sex is a failed ideology. Work the system for years and advertise sex as something abhorrent or mentally deviant when sex is necessary for human survival of the species and then attach dogma to it as if we are conjuring the world we want? Some small children like sex all by themselves/or entertain or just look and there are time they include/exclude/toggle the interest in others in some cat and mouse game for what ever reason and we need to know if that is acting out or just none of our concern? Age has nothing to do with anything concerning this subject ether. The deviancy is the thinking that some magic law will make the world better with no intimacy in it toward one another and that selling some device to ID everyone will give the power of control to the right person when we see who thinks they are the right person orders militiamen to burn and bulldoze a church with 1,500 people inside? Sex laws are the culprit, 6-8-2010 Rochester, New York Mr. Quinn was murdered and they called it a beating death the murders, [Yes: a small mob was their inciting a man much like the Troy Davis case being tried in the same state of mind] are free but they held one person in lieu of a 15K bail there when sex offender usually get a million dollar bail and they wont call it murder? Just like Troy's case. These are the kind of laws that still hold the mansons in jail. I was chipped as a child and chipped and as an adult. These laws must be obliterated world wide starting at a local level and this type of ugly is far worse than any sex act, social act, can warrant punishment when masturbation or the use of condoms were prohibited and we were told not to bath ourselves for health reasons year ago? Moms see their kids fathers in the eyes of their children in some cases the intimacy of a relationship spoken of as something abhorrent by some person/company/group/religions belief has done nothing but injured everyone of gods child or their neighbors child if we/they/them/us/even the mindless [courts include the fools] are to ever lean to live together in any structure of society and be at peace we really need that too be skewed by the minds of persons listening to such teaching as some universal truth when the universal truth is sex is not murder or even punishable in it's self. Sex is not an act, It is a state of being and if someone is offended by ones being then that is their problem personally and they need to learn to control themselves, not others through laws that do no good for anyone and that at it's purest form promotes genocides when 9 out of 10 new crimes are committed by someone not on the registry and we are being born to people who hunt for fun and profit being brought before the court for the density of a vial/color of skin/blessed or unblessed or just living it up in in the tent in the back yard it's the wrong hunt. Our laws have been based on an advertised hype on a never ending genocidal quest for puerility in the minds of the most deceitful? Now they have their tails caught in the door ripping at the fabric of their own structure when our government sells drugs and kids disappear when payments are not made. When all it takes is some old guy to pretend too be a kid on line and some sap will take the jail bait every time perpetuating a gulag? It just does not equate and is a ridiculous commitment of time over manipulation of law. A waste of resourses, life, and Yes "O'll Georgia is on our minds when the fact is kids do blackmale adults and other kids for sexual gratification! End Sex Laws Now! signed the twice chipped guy

1553 days ago


Maybe Mel can guest star.

1553 days ago


If you can't handle a job like this (which sounds awesome even if you don't want to participate in what they are doing) then you are probably already a mentally weak and unstable person to begin with. It's people like this who complain about pointless stuff like this that bring out society down. Learn to be a man and not be effected by name calling and peer pressure otherwise your life will be as crappy as your attitude.

1553 days ago


Ex employee? Bitter? There's your answer. I don't believe him or the so-called other House person who wrote above. For the record, tho, no job is perfect and I've always lived by the rule that if I didn't like what was going on, I'd quit and get another job. Worked every time.

1553 days ago


what's it with all the bashing here? when did integrity, respect and morals go out of style?

he is right to stand up for himself. no one should be judged or bullied for his believes and standards. so if he prefers to stay clean and reasonable in this crazy enviroment i can only applaud. too many would give into the temptation.

i will never understand why nowadays it is more accepted to be rude, addicted, abusive and out of control than taking care for oneself, stay healthy and show some love and respect.

this world has gone mad.

1553 days ago

Joseph Ruiz    

BATTY BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1553 days ago


The ******* are the ones that can't step up to the plate & handle their business professionally. I'm glad he's callin em on it.

1553 days ago


Sounds like a normal workplace situation which could have been resolved inhouse with a chat and maybe a knee in the groin of the superior. Unfortunately the American love of a good law suit ruined that option. Office politics and Alpha Male behaviour could have solved that situation in a few days. Just say No and stand your ****ing ground.
This guy should stop listening to his mother and his lawyer. Even if he got bullied, at least he would get som respect for saying "No thanks, you guys have fun but thats not my thing."
Too many hurt feelings, Boohoo, Run to your mama and show her the Booboo.

1553 days ago


I`ve got a great big pair, where do i apply? That ***** should go work at the library or someplace safe.

1553 days ago


There is nothing wrong with standing up for what you believe in but you lose all respect when you have to do that by suing someone.

1553 days ago


Yeah, I have to agree. It sounds like a typical production crew. Long hours - very little appreciation can lead to this kind of behavior. You want to be in the business and make union scale.....SUCK IT UP!!

1553 days ago


Dear Ex-employee: You had a multitude of options for reporting this alleged behavior. If you aren't smart enough to utilize the options available to you, maybe that's why you were let go?

1553 days ago


Wow. You people are the very definition of ******* and hypocritical PC police. Calling someone a "***" is not homophobic. It's a slang insult term that has been around for centuries. Not everything is about you. If you want homophobic, here you go. You butt pirating perverts' dire to pussify this nation into complete submission will never succeed. Now go back to sucking each other off in your closets, you freaks!!! Now that's homophobic!! :)

1553 days ago


Carl & the other House employee are actually telling the truth, FYI. It's amazing that this hasn't come out about Mike & Tyler sooner. Having worked on numerous primetime series over the past 10 years, the House property department heads are the worst I've ever seen.

Hopefully TMZ will keep us updated as to what happens with this. Those of us in the industry will be keeping an eye on it (and hopefully Universal does, as well). Local 44 should've been all over this ****.

1553 days ago
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