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Shawn Chapman Holley

Back With Lindsay

7/20/2010 11:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Shawn Chapman Holley is going to be by Lindsay Lohan's side in court this morning, representing her after Robert Shapiro bailed on LiLo.


TMZ broke the story ... Holley quit earlier this month, because Lindsay was an uncontrollable client.

But now Lindsay is in a pinch, and Holley is stepping up.

Sources tell us Lindsay is furious at Shapiro, feeling as if he totally used her to get publicity for his sober living house.  She believes that is the only reason he agreed to rep her and sold her a bill of goods.

We've learned Holley is supposed to be in court in the Juan-Carlos Cruz attempted murder case at the same time Lindsay's case is heard.  We're told Holley is going to have the Cruz case delayed so she can be with Lindsay.

As for Lindsay, we're told she's terrified but on board with the plan today.

0720_holley_tmz_videoUPDATE:  Holley just showed up at Lindsay's apartment.


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Of course Linds blames it on someone else. My god, she needs to get a grip. It's obvious she will never own up to her being responsible for anything that happens.

1494 days ago


This day was coming for a long time. You celebs walk this planet like you own it and are above the rest of us. Reality has arrived so deal with it. For anyone else, we would have gotten 2 years, you got 90 days. Let the rest of your posse see what happens when reality comes

1494 days ago


I hope she do the entire 90 days b-i-a-t-c-h!

And LOL! about Shapiro using this has-been for publicity. She's really full of yourself

1494 days ago


@6 i think the coverage starts what? 830 ca time and 11 our time depending on where u are from. (on e! news website it says supposidly that there coverage started at 745)

1494 days ago


Damn looks like she is definetly going to jail.

1494 days ago


Holley's no fool! This loser is a goldmine for an enterprising lawyer...

1494 days ago


"Your honor, if you will assist me and delay this Attempted Murder case a moment I'd owe you big time. You see, Lindsay doesn't want to go to jail and no other lawyer will hold her hand or try to appeal the sentence. Isn't it sad?" "What? You don't care? But's Lindsay ... you know Lohan?" "What do you mean you don't know who she is? She is a famous actress ... well maybe not famous for that. Umm, designer? Hrm no, not so famous for that either. You know, the entitled sometimes lesbian who likes her coke and vodka and painkillers with a side of DUI and falling on the sidewalk?"

1494 days ago


Does this girl ever take the blame for anything? Why is everythign that happens to her someone else's fault? It doesn't help to have amother who is more concerned about a her commission money than her daughters well being. ANy real mother would realize that the child is not able to handle Hollywood's dark side and move their daughter the hell out of there and get her an education and a real job but but DINA is so concerned about maintianing her lifestyle of spray tans and dye jobs that she won't but her daughters well being over anything. Disgusting. I really don't think her family will get it until Lindsay is 6 feet under.. even then I'm sure she would try and pimp out Ali.

1494 days ago


Yeah, delay the murder case. How can that be as important as repping this pathetic druggie?

1494 days ago

Little too late, to jail

1494 days ago


nearly midnight in aus...going to be a long night cos this **** is getting crazier by the second... cameras at the ready?

but seriously , postponing a murder trial for firecrotch - what is this world coming to??

1494 days ago


It is more like she used him to see what she could get. When he said she needs to go to jail I am sure she bailed but she did get a few days free at his sober house for some additional free PR.

1494 days ago


I can't believe she's putting off an attempted murder trail for this train wreck...only in Hollywood!

1494 days ago


The Dow dropped 200 points when this story broke.

1494 days ago


right on 8! i wish she would just die! that way we dont have to either read about her on the internet or see her on entertainment shows........will thsi drama ever end?!?!!?1 just go to jail u stupid party/drug/aalocholic no talent actres bimbo andd o ur time. the mroe u put it off the more harder it is goin to be for ya. please put us all out of our misery and just go to jail for crying out loud! so sick of hearing bout this twit. even though scg didnt sign the papers i thought that she removed herself from lilo?

1494 days ago
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