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Shawn Chapman Holley

Back With Lindsay

7/20/2010 11:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Shawn Chapman Holley is going to be by Lindsay Lohan's side in court this morning, representing her after Robert Shapiro bailed on LiLo.


TMZ broke the story ... Holley quit earlier this month, because Lindsay was an uncontrollable client.

But now Lindsay is in a pinch, and Holley is stepping up.

Sources tell us Lindsay is furious at Shapiro, feeling as if he totally used her to get publicity for his sober living house.  She believes that is the only reason he agreed to rep her and sold her a bill of goods.

We've learned Holley is supposed to be in court in the Juan-Carlos Cruz attempted murder case at the same time Lindsay's case is heard.  We're told Holley is going to have the Cruz case delayed so she can be with Lindsay.

As for Lindsay, we're told she's terrified but on board with the plan today.

0720_holley_tmz_videoUPDATE:  Holley just showed up at Lindsay's apartment.


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This Just In: LiLo has locked herself in the bathroom, put her fingers in her ears, closed her eyes, and was reported to have been repeatedly shouting... "La La La La La La La La... I can't see you or I can't hear you."

1520 days ago


Why would you need to postpone a murder trial just to see a client off to jail?

1520 days ago


If Lohan was smart...and, that's stretching things!...she would capitolize on this chance to get her butt, in gear...and take copious notes on her experience, in the "can". She could write a terrific book...turn the book into a screenplay...and, make a "comeback"....better than ever! Am I dreaming? Yeah...I'll admit it.

1520 days ago


I wish she'd just shut up and take her medicine, the tough love kind, not the usual ****tail of fun meds. I mean really now, bitch is going to spend about 3 weeks in the clink IN A PRIVATE CELL - NOT IN THE GENERAL POPULATION. Also, she is a repeat offender with no regard for the law or authority. And this whole nonsense about how she isn't a violent criminal is bs. Do you think she chased those two women down in a stolen OCCUPIED vehicle to say "Hey, bitches, wazzup"? In my opinion, even when she goes to jail, she is still getting preferred treatment. Send her to the clink and quit whining, SO SAY WE ALL!

1520 days ago



1520 days ago

My two cents ;)    

Lindsay loser,,,Shapiro didnt need u for publicity. When r u going to admit u have the problems and u create all ur drama. GROW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God im sick of lilo

1520 days ago


I hope,when she is finally locked upped, we don't have to hear anything of her for a long while. We've been punished enough hearing about typical drug addict behavior. There is nothing unique about her. Thousands of lives that had bright futures go in the crapper every day because of drugs.

1520 days ago


I think they wanted her locked away so she wouldn't do something really stupid. As usual, she's crying foul. Who listens anymore to the kid who cries wolf? No one. After a hundred times, you kind of catch on.

1520 days ago


I agree My two cents. Robert's eyebrows can get him more than enough publicity.

1520 days ago

Are you sure?    

This is not the true story of what happened. Robert Shapiro was unhappy for some reason. He has been a reputable lawyer for too long to just flake out on someone. Lindsay did something to make him walk away. She probably didn't comply with what he asked of her! Dina is doing her usual enabling to try and get Lindsay from being held accountable! Robert Shapiro doesn't make money from his sober living facility! It's a charity!

1520 days ago


When is this supposed to go down today??

1520 days ago


What time is she supposed to turn herself in? Christ, she may not have to do it until just before midnight for all I know.

1520 days ago


I think she has to be there at 8:00, Jen.

1520 days ago


Are you sure?

I'm thinking he bailed on her because her check bounced, haha. You know LL doesn't like to pay. He's probably filing suit right now for her time at his sober living center.

1520 days ago

Craig Swinson    

I stated before that her lawyer shift was so that she could show up to court with no representation or inadequate representation, and make a play for a continuance.

Sad part is Bob actually was REALLY trying to help her. He doesn't need publicity, for himself or his sober house, he and that program have been doing very well, in fact people from his camp were worried that Lindsay would actually detract from the success of the program. Bob went way out on a limb to help her, waived a bunch of fees, took an IOU, and really wanted to see her sober and clean.
I sort of blame Dina on this, she helped orchestrate this whole debacle with her daughter.

1520 days ago
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