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Shawn Chapman Holley

Back With Lindsay

7/20/2010 11:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Shawn Chapman Holley is going to be by Lindsay Lohan's side in court this morning, representing her after Robert Shapiro bailed on LiLo.


TMZ broke the story ... Holley quit earlier this month, because Lindsay was an uncontrollable client.

But now Lindsay is in a pinch, and Holley is stepping up.

Sources tell us Lindsay is furious at Shapiro, feeling as if he totally used her to get publicity for his sober living house.  She believes that is the only reason he agreed to rep her and sold her a bill of goods.

We've learned Holley is supposed to be in court in the Juan-Carlos Cruz attempted murder case at the same time Lindsay's case is heard.  We're told Holley is going to have the Cruz case delayed so she can be with Lindsay.

As for Lindsay, we're told she's terrified but on board with the plan today.

0720_holley_tmz_videoUPDATE:  Holley just showed up at Lindsay's apartment.


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Ok, i see FlBiker, Maeve, where is Carvey?????????? LOL. You guys had me LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO with the " Christine " show, LOL

Posted at 7:14 AM on Jul 20, 2010 by sharon

That was hilarious!!!

Posted at 7:16 AM on Jul 20, 2010 by alicia


It was Alicia, i read it this morning and i was dying LMAOOOOOOOOO!!!!

1523 days ago


"shes expected to be at the court house by 8:30am according to E! Online then she will be transported to the Pokey...wondering if she will try and hijack that vehicle and take it for a spin on the freeway"

Oh, so we may get another white bronco down the highway (ala OJ) or maybe the latest revival of "SPEED" (ala Sandra Bullock)?????

1523 days ago


Kudos to Shawn Chapman Holley for unfortunately having to deal with this client. Hope your client can come to her senses and jail would actually do her good. She needs locked up.

1523 days ago


I bet Lindsay will show up all Fu*ked up and high as a kite. Its going to be fun to watch the Judge rip her asz again.Watching Dina Ali and Mikey boy afterwards will be Pricless also

Dina I hope your happy and the guilt eats away at you everyday!
Now its time for you to destroy Ali while Lindsay is in jail,cause thats what you do BEST!

1523 days ago


Well wait a minute! Where is Christine!!!! Christine??? Christine where are you? A real person is talking to you, come out of your head!

Posted at 7:18 AM on Jul 20, 2010 by Maeve


You guys are making this Lohan show even more hilarious, like someone said, pre-show warm up... LMAOOOOOOOOO

1523 days ago


She should do the whole 90 days!!!

1523 days ago

Craig Swinson    

How much you want to bet she freaks out in court and starts cursing? and her "lawyer" has to calm her down? The she resists the cuffs? any takers?

1523 days ago

Michael Knight    

There are helicopters already circulating the courthouse.

1523 days ago


Pamela- I think that if Lilo gets any special treatment today - which she wont - then TMZ is going to go haywire with people logging on and commenting!

From what I know people always have to be officially surrender through a court of law if they are sentenced, which they have to be to end up in a place like Lynwood. There isnt just a check in desk so she can go in and say "Hi, Lohan, Lindsay." :)

1523 days ago



Get a life, loser! You're the one that is spamming every time there is a new post about Mel on her. You must be one of his cult members that fawns for your idol. I already proved that you are a dumbass considering that you think Tiger Woods paid Rachel Uchitel $750 million.

1523 days ago



Well wait a minute! Where is Christine!!!! Christine??? Christine where are you? A real person is talking to you, come out of your head!

Posted at 7:18 AM on Jul 20, 2010 by Maeve

Christine has some issues for sure. Did you see her post about i'm gonna go f*ck a goat, do drugs, spray paint a library, and eat a diaper. good night!

1523 days ago

Joe Blow    

Christine is Madeline and a lot of those other single name personalities, who just defend Lie-ho over and over again no matter what, always claiming "she has a plan", "she's not going to jail", and "you'll see". And if any of us disagree with that, we're just jealous/envious/hating on Lie-ho. Honestly, Lie-ho could run over a nun or a puppy and sit there laughing about it, and Christine/Madeline/Dummbass will still say it's not her fault and to leave her alone!

One hour to go, I can't wait!

1523 days ago


Enough already, Just lock her up, I wish she would serve the whole 90 days but I know that won't happen. The whole family is one screwed up mess. Maybe if LL goes to jail her "wonderful" parents might have to get a job and support their sorry a--es themselves, Wouldn't that be a hoot?

1523 days ago


Lohan is a skank. Jail is where she belongs.

1523 days ago


Lohan is a SKANK. Jail is what she needs, and deserves. The judge gave her chance, after chance to "do her time", the easy way. She showed her fanny to the Court, and now she can spend some time alone, with only a polyester jumpsuit and bologna sandwiches, as company.

1523 days ago
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