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Lindsay Lohan -- How It's Supposed to Happen ...

7/20/2010 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's time as a free woman is dwindling down fast -- because at 8:30 AM PDT ... she has a date with Judge Marsha Revel to turn herself in.


If LiLo shows up on time, Revel will order the actress to be taken into custody -- where she should be handcuffed inside the courtroom and taken to a holding cell at the courthouse.

It's most likely that Lindsay will have her SCRAM bracelet removed in her holding cell. After that, it's a trip to Lynwood Correctional Facility ... where she will be booked, fingerprinted and outfitted in her new jailhouse fashions

After that -- Lindsay will begin her 90-day sentence ... but due to overcrowding, she'll most likely serve only 25% of her sentence ... 23 days.


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You didn't mention good behavior. That generally gets you off in half the time. So 23 days for being over crowded and 45 days off for good behavior? That would mean she probably wouldn't serve a day. But, more than likely it would be half off the 23 days. She may spend 2 weeks in there but I wouldn't hold my breath.

1499 days ago


I can't wait for this slut to get behind bars.

1499 days ago

Jack Watson    

Now the world knows why Harvey Levin stands behind that wall on TMZ. Everytime he sees a picture of the old baldheaded Britney or thinks about Lohan getting her tuna forcibly tuned up in jail he pops a chubby, sports wood, raises the mizzenmast. Same on you Harvey, you tiny Jewish leprechaun.

1499 days ago

Jack Watson    

Shame (correction)

1499 days ago


What if she doesn't show? They'll issue a warrant for her arrest and Dog the Bounty Hunter will tear off through the streets of LA in an OJ-esque low speed chase?

Com'on Linds... you know you want to.

1499 days ago


This will be interesting to see how this will be play out.

1499 days ago


All you HATERS need to realize that 90% of your hate is base around crap you think you know! Leave her ALONE!!!! She can overcome this!

1499 days ago


This is one person who should be made to serve her full sentence...!! She definitely needs to realize that she "ISN'T ALL THAT"...!! Serving a short sentence will just fuel her attitude that she doesn't have to follow the same rules as all the rest of us do.

1499 days ago


ejunkie has inside information? this redheaded slutbag is a chronic liar, disrespectful, and wasteful. those points have been verified with the 10% that we do know.

1499 days ago

the sea    

No way she will be there on time!

1499 days ago


Put here tired butt in a FEMA trailer for 90 days. 90 days is 90 days, you don't get a discount on fines, so no discounts on time...

1499 days ago

Peter Sc    

She will be a the medical wing in short time costing the tax-payers 1,100 dollars a day. The taxpaying citizens will be happy that more serious criminals will be set free so she can have a cell of her own.

1499 days ago


She better serve more than she did the last time, what was it? 87 minutes? I can't help but think if that was me or any of my friends or family, we would have to serve every last minute of the 90 days.

My guess is she'll be late, just to make it an even bigger spectacle.

1499 days ago


al is gassing up the bronco and pointing it south as we speak...

1499 days ago


No one is hating ejunkie. Just want to see justice. If this were any normal person they would have been thrown in the hole a LONG time ago.

1499 days ago
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