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Lindsay Lohan -- Plenty to Munch On in Jail

7/21/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Even though Lindsay Lohan is banned from smoking cigarettes in jail, TMZ has learned she can still appease her insatiable oral fixation ... with all the munchies her 118 pound frame can handle.


Turns out there's a program called the Keefe Commissary Network Gift Pack Program -- which allows anyone with a couple bucks to buy copious amounts of belly-bursting junk food for the L.A. County inmate of their choosing.

We're told each inmate is allowed $135 worth of the KCNGPP's gut-bombing grub baskets per week -- and just to give you an idea of how much that'll get you, here's what comes in the $22.73 package:

-- Spicy Velveeta Refried Beans
-- Spam
-- Kit Kat Bar
-- Vanilla Creme Cookies (14 oz)
-- Cheese Curls (11 oz)
-- Country Time Rasp./Lemon. (6 oz)
-- Lime Chili Ramen
-- Flour Tortillas
-- Cupcake SS

That means in addition to her regular jail-made meals, LiLo could conceivably choke down around six of those snack packs a week -- but considering she has to use the bathroom in her own cell ... we'd advise against it.


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Drew Barrymore was once a wild child. Angelina Jolie was one also. They both turned out pretty damn good.

#3. she won't!

1552 days ago

Uh oh i am screwed    

Seriously? SHe has access to all that crap? Why on earth should the inmates be fed all that processed food in the first place? Why not healthy stuff? What kind of a "Jail" is this? It sounds like the lunch line at some high end highschool.

1552 days ago


If you want to know how much of a drug problem she had, wait and see if there is a report in the next 2 or 3 days that says Lindsay is "sick" and getting medical attention in jail.

Just like Alexis Neiers did. Day 2 of her lockup and she was "rushed" to the doctor in jail for a "kidney infection" from the horrible water in jail. *coughcough* so said her mother. Her mom tweeted it was horrible and that at one point she was "so sick" she was "strapped to a gurney".
Delusional idiot won't admit her daughter was having withdrawal.

Watch and see if it happens to Lindsay. I know she still gets her Rx meds, but if she was doing anything else, she'll have a similar episode as Alexis.

1552 days ago

RJ Hunt    

Yo #15, She aint gonna have any smokes...the guards are not even allowed to carry smokes in LA county jails since 2006. All hacks (guards)Must smoke outside of the facility and all cigs must be kept outside as well...She gets exactly what's coming to her and nothing more...And since she opted for isolation she may even get less...She should go into general pop she will have access to more contraband (Cigs, Weed, Pills, ect...)

1552 days ago


Oh gosh, all of that sodium and sugar. Not healthy.

1552 days ago


There are some things missing from the most traditional of all prison meals, "prison dip". Its shells n cheese, ramen noodles, spanish rice, chili, summer sausage, then wrap it in a tortilla. I saw one guy in Macon County Jail in Decatur IL screw up some dip by adding a hot pickle to it, made it gross.

1552 days ago


#18, I'm with you. I'm two classes away from a criminal justice degree and one thing we learned about was a British study where they gave the inmates healthy food and vitamins and the violence and behavioral problems in the jails went WAY down. It's pathetic that they eat all that garbage. It's called CORRECTIONS for a reason. They're supposed to go in, get it together and learn a better way of life.

1552 days ago


This is a total scam! That is at BEST $8 of food and they're charging $22.73 for it!? That's nearly 3 times what its worth. How stupid.

1552 days ago


RJ Hunt - unfortunately thanks to the moronic state of California Lindsay will NOT get what she deserves. She should serve the full 90 days not freaking 14 days. That makes a mockery of the justice system. Send her ass here to Pennsylvania and we'll lock her up for the full 90 days. It's disgusting how celebrities get such preferential treatment. Hey California maybe if you'd stopped all those damn illegal aliens from swarming your state and costing you so much money (anchor babies, hospitals, schools, welfare, crime) you'd have enough money to BUILD MORE JAILS! California is the biggest joke of the whole US!! If you are a celebrity make sure you commit a crime in California especially in Los Angeles.

1552 days ago

Bob Goodden    

Lindsay- Share and make friends. The friends you make now will last you a lifetime.

1552 days ago


What a dirty rotten shame! When she was jailed I expected not to hear anything from her for at least, what, 23 days.
But for some reason the morons at TMZ seem to have a crush on Lindsay and keep posting these irrelevant messages.

1552 days ago

Teresa Chan    

Lindsay Lohan needs some time off.I,ve always been a fan of you since first time I saw her playing a movie where she was twins.Since then I,ve seen every movie of her.Hope she,ll be reading this.Lindsay I know you don,t know me,but if you ever wanna get a vacation just to get yourself together I,m always here for you and I know there are a lot of your fans think that way.Or can come visit Suriname in South America.You,ll always welcome here.

1552 days ago

Simon Cox    

eat that free Spam, biach!! LOL!!

1552 days ago

Bob Goodden    

Can she get a deck of cards or magazines?

1552 days ago

sara naim    

I love lindsay lohan,,god help her!!!!:)

1552 days ago
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