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Lindsay Lohan -- Her Life Behind Bars

7/20/2010 9:52 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After surrendering in Judge Marsha Revel's courtroom in Bev Hills and a trip to Lynwood Correctional Facility -- Lindsay Lohan has a delicious dinner in store on her first night in jail.

Our jailhouse mole tells TMZ Turkey Tetrazzini is on the menu tonight.  Actually, it's the only option.  For those who aren't familiar, it's a turkey casserole with noodles, mushrooms and cream sauce.

And there are sides -- Applesauce, broccoli coleslaw and wheat bread.  And there's also milk to wash it all down.

We're told Lindsay will not be allowed to interact with other inmates while she's inside her cell -- which could be as much as 20 hours per day. She will be allowed to exercise three times per week.

Moments before Lilo was photographed being taken out of the Beverly Hills courthouse and transported to jail -- Lindsay's father Michael Lohan reportedly yelled, "We Love you Lindsay!"

After Lilo arrived late to court -- Judge Revel made it clear -- no house arrest, and no early release.  But that doesn't mean Lindsay will have to serve the full 90 days.  The Sheriff's Department will use the 90 days to compute the actual time Lindsay will have to serve, and because of overcrowding, she will only serve 25% ... 23 days.

TMZ broke the story that Shapiro went to court and told the judge he would not represent her today.  Shawn Chapman Holley -- who quit the case after the last hearing -- agreed to come back to court this morning and stand by Lindsay.

Check out some of the other celebrities who have served time in Lynwood jail.

Lindsay Lohan -- The Right Jeans for Jail

This is the last outfit Lindsay Lohan got to pick out before surrendering to the fashion police.

Decked out in jeans, a sleeveless top, cropped jacket, some sort of corset around her waist and two feet of extensions -- LiLo treated the courthouse like a runway ... sauntering through the metal detector to face off with Judge Marsha Revel.

0720_lohan_arrival_smallMoments after this photo was taken -- Lohan was fashioned with one additional accessory ... a pair of steel cuffs.

UPDATE: Check out the video of Lindsay getting doused with glitter as she enters the courthouse.

Stars Who Shine in Orange

With Lindsay Lohan's upcoming clothing options potentially limited to an orange jumpsuit -- we thought it was fitting to showcase some stars who look great in this sexy secondary color!


Rihanna Shows Her Spots

Rihanna sure looked hot sitting poolside at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas this weekend -- but does that swimsuit look comfortable to you?


Brangelina -- Guess Which One is Promoting a Movie??

Looking like the king and queen of the prom, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt glammed it up as they made their way hand-in-hand to the premiere of Angie's new film "Salt" in Hollywood on Monday.


For once, the happily unmarried couple enjoyed a night on the town without their 23 kids.


Guess the Gams!

Can you guess whose long legs were spotted strutting the streets of the Upper Westside yesterday?


Whose Tiger Tattoo?

Can you guess which '90s singer-songwriter showed her wild side with this gentle tiger tattoo?

"You oughta know."

Sofia Vergara's Bikini Friend -- Horrible Decision!

Sofia Vergara's friend just learned a very tough lesson about life ... never pose next to Sofia Vergara in a bikini!!!!


The "Modern Family" star -- who's currently on a two week vacation in Italy -- just posted this photo on her Twitter page, declaring that her white bikini would be her "uniform" for the rest of her trip.

Hell. Yes.


Celebrity Scramble!

Can you guess which funnyman's face got one hell of a celebrity scramblin'?



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This girl did not grow up in the real world so nothing is real to her. Jail time will be a bad dream, then it will be on to the usual - drugs, partying, and laughing at all the poor little people who make her what she is - pathetic. There is no hope for Lindsey because this is all she knows. She can't even look to parental guidance for the right answers because those two blood sucking losers helped make her what she is today. It's a sad situation for a girl who will be lucky if she doesn't end up dead before she's 30.

1521 days ago


The streets are safer with Lindsay in jail. She went ape through the streets of Santa Monica at 100 mph. She crashed her own car in BH. She's a menace and will surely kill somone if she's ever allowed to drive again. They should never give parole for these violations. How many have to die? Someone in your family? She has no remorse or respect for he fellows. Ninety days is not nearly what this skank deserves. Jail is for people like Lilo who can't live in society.

1521 days ago


it's life, there are consequences for your actions,she was caught slippin'.. deal with it!

1521 days ago


Lindsay Lohan,What I o to have to say is this. She was trying every she could not to go to jail because she star. Guess what it did not work.
Pepole who drink or do drugs and get in to a car and drive need to do a year to two years in the count jail with no good time. Do the full time to give them time to think about what they did to there family and to rest of us. They need to go to a DUI classes in there and see what they could end up doing if they keep on going down that road.

1521 days ago


they are making an example of her what she did was wrong but really ive done worse and i know a lot of people that have the most i ever did was 8 days in de-tox

1521 days ago


Throw the bitch in jail and throw the key away. Don't give me this **** about over crowding...any one else would be seving a year for her crime...who the hell does she think she it...her ass should be buttermilk...

1521 days ago


Don't put her in jail. Don't put any druggies in jail. Group them all together with tons of drugs and let them overdose if that is what they want. Don't allow them to get out of the area you put them in. This is what they want so let the taxpayers stop paying for their stupidity. I have no compassion for those who choose this life. They have decided to make their lives usless so give them what they want and let it be over.

1521 days ago



1521 days ago


Since people that take drugs want them so badly I say GIVE THEM TO THEM. Find a place where they can't get away and bother society anymore and give them all the drugs they want. Let them kill themselves off and stop costing taxpayers court costs, judges time and jail time which also cost the taxpayers more money.

1521 days ago


There's clearly a lack of compassion when you say that druggies should overdose and die. The food we buy at the grocery store is a drug. A drug that kills slowly. The medications advertised and imposed on us are drug that destroy us. Temptation is all around us and in the form of clever advertising it's presented as something good. And yet we jump for joy when a girl who entertained millions for years fall'sl from grace. It's absurd. Linsey need help. Come to think of it so do those who for some reason jump for joy at her tragedy. Maybe we should focus on our own faults and try to help one another overcome addictions be it to drugs, alcohol, food, or even unnecessary stuff we are tempted to keep buying.

1520 days ago

Mr. SoBe    

To Chuck: I'm fine with you trying to defend Lilo. However, you need to improve your debating skills quite a bit if you are serious about defending her honor. To argue that she has made and I guess(?) will continue to make more money than most of those who are critical of her is justification to silence those who expressed negative opinions about her is an extremely weak argument.

First, most of those criticizing Lilo were talking about her very self-centered, selfish and boorish behavior (alcohol, drug abuse, etc.) How does how much money she made or presumably will make excuse those "wonderful" traits she has exhibited? The answer of course is it doesn't and shouldn't. You may be fine with adoring Lilo based on the money she made, and the fact at sixteen she was very cute with better-than average acting talent, but most of us now are judging her not on her past, but where she is in her present life. Based on the facts of her present life most of us are tired, no very tired of her boorish ways. Also, now at the ripe old age of 24 (and she sure looks at least 35 to me), she is on the way to being a has been with very few if any prospects for well-paying acting jobs. Since you seem to equate great character with the money she made, you may want to hold off on defending her based on that fact because even if she has a short-run of exploitative money coming her way soon(bad behavior does sell at least for awhile in today's society) based on the publicity of her recent antics, if she doesn't change her ways for the long-haul she will either be broke in a few years and/or dead at a far too young of age.

Look, most of us real world people are judging her based on what she has done as a young adult such as multiple DUI's (which puts many innocent lives in danger not just her own!), drug abuse, and total disregard for any of societal norms, rules, and regulations. These "qualities" are not behaviors that most of us can look up to, even in this day and age. Sure some expressed their opinion of Lilo in a very crude fashion, and that may be something you can be critical of, but the overwhelming point each are making is that it is very obvious that she has very real and serious behavioral problems that we cannot tolerate anymore. Lilo go heal thyself and quite bothering us and the media with your lousy and pathetic life is what we are all saying.

Most of us have learned, by the time we are around 30 anyway, that money does not buy happiness or a well-balanced, positive purposeful driven life. That can only come from first being satisfied with ourselves and then looking outward seeking ways to use our God-given talents in ways that will actually make the world a little bit better place to live in.

For me, based on what I have seen of her I certainly do not respect or adore her, but on the other hand I am rooting for her to have a serious talk with herself to finally do what she needs to do to become a positive functioning adult of the world. A hint to you Chuck and her it won't come from making more money and becoming more famous or infamous.

If she does find that inner compass that will lead her to a more positive life style, I and I think most critics will be very happy for her. If, however, she does not turn her life around soon, sadly, she will end up like so many other talented and wealthy "stars" we look up to - dead of a drug overdose or a "walking dead" alcoholic at a far too young of age. That would be yet another tragedy in Hollywood.

1520 days ago
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