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Lindsay Lohan -- Her Life Behind Bars

7/20/2010 9:52 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After surrendering in Judge Marsha Revel's courtroom in Bev Hills and a trip to Lynwood Correctional Facility -- Lindsay Lohan has a delicious dinner in store on her first night in jail.

Our jailhouse mole tells TMZ Turkey Tetrazzini is on the menu tonight.  Actually, it's the only option.  For those who aren't familiar, it's a turkey casserole with noodles, mushrooms and cream sauce.

And there are sides -- Applesauce, broccoli coleslaw and wheat bread.  And there's also milk to wash it all down.

We're told Lindsay will not be allowed to interact with other inmates while she's inside her cell -- which could be as much as 20 hours per day. She will be allowed to exercise three times per week.

Moments before Lilo was photographed being taken out of the Beverly Hills courthouse and transported to jail -- Lindsay's father Michael Lohan reportedly yelled, "We Love you Lindsay!"

After Lilo arrived late to court -- Judge Revel made it clear -- no house arrest, and no early release.  But that doesn't mean Lindsay will have to serve the full 90 days.  The Sheriff's Department will use the 90 days to compute the actual time Lindsay will have to serve, and because of overcrowding, she will only serve 25% ... 23 days.

TMZ broke the story that Shapiro went to court and told the judge he would not represent her today.  Shawn Chapman Holley -- who quit the case after the last hearing -- agreed to come back to court this morning and stand by Lindsay.

Check out some of the other celebrities who have served time in Lynwood jail.

Lindsay Lohan -- The Right Jeans for Jail

This is the last outfit Lindsay Lohan got to pick out before surrendering to the fashion police.

Decked out in jeans, a sleeveless top, cropped jacket, some sort of corset around her waist and two feet of extensions -- LiLo treated the courthouse like a runway ... sauntering through the metal detector to face off with Judge Marsha Revel.

0720_lohan_arrival_smallMoments after this photo was taken -- Lohan was fashioned with one additional accessory ... a pair of steel cuffs.

UPDATE: Check out the video of Lindsay getting doused with glitter as she enters the courthouse.

Stars Who Shine in Orange

With Lindsay Lohan's upcoming clothing options potentially limited to an orange jumpsuit -- we thought it was fitting to showcase some stars who look great in this sexy secondary color!


Rihanna Shows Her Spots

Rihanna sure looked hot sitting poolside at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas this weekend -- but does that swimsuit look comfortable to you?


Brangelina -- Guess Which One is Promoting a Movie??

Looking like the king and queen of the prom, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt glammed it up as they made their way hand-in-hand to the premiere of Angie's new film "Salt" in Hollywood on Monday.


For once, the happily unmarried couple enjoyed a night on the town without their 23 kids.


Guess the Gams!

Can you guess whose long legs were spotted strutting the streets of the Upper Westside yesterday?


Whose Tiger Tattoo?

Can you guess which '90s singer-songwriter showed her wild side with this gentle tiger tattoo?

"You oughta know."

Sofia Vergara's Bikini Friend -- Horrible Decision!

Sofia Vergara's friend just learned a very tough lesson about life ... never pose next to Sofia Vergara in a bikini!!!!


The "Modern Family" star -- who's currently on a two week vacation in Italy -- just posted this photo on her Twitter page, declaring that her white bikini would be her "uniform" for the rest of her trip.

Hell. Yes.


Celebrity Scramble!

Can you guess which funnyman's face got one hell of a celebrity scramblin'?



No Avatar

Katti B.    

First of all, Lindsey deserves to do much more time than the 90 days, and don't forget that she will no matter what only serve 1/4 of that time. Second, I am not defending her, but one day in jail is to much, and take it from me, I have spent my fare share of time in jail before. I was addicted to drugs and never cared about anyone or anything but me! I wanted to get clean, and I did. 3 years ago I changed my life, that's the key word, I! All the jail time in the world wont make her change. How ever there are drug and alcohol treatment inside as well as consoling. All I care about is that her stupid drunk driving celeberity I'm better than than you attatude is off the streets. For now at least. If she wasn't a so called celeb. she would have been given 2 years a long time ago. Not that ankle braclet. She is where she belongs right now and if God is truly goog, than he will help her to see that her life style is going to kill her her someone else.

1522 days ago


Whether or not Lindsay serves her 90 days, is not even a sensible question. We ALL know she will not. What I think they should do when determining to release her, let someone else in jail, who has served part of their time out instead.
Lindsay should serve at least 2 months of her sentence, BUT I would guess she may be out within 2 weeks.

1522 days ago


Your average everyday person would have gotten at least 9 months and it would not have been drawn out since 2007! It would have been over and done with by now...

1522 days ago


Can't Lohan serve 900 days?

1522 days ago


i say she should have gotten more time if it had been me or someone else not in the spot light would have been 1 year in jail and a fine but all she got was 90 days
put her in with the reg people and let her know how it feels to
be treated the rest of us
and i hope she dont get out until she has served her time

1522 days ago


Lindsay is a lovely girl who doesn't deserve jail time. Shapiro dropped her because in lieu of payment he wanted to seclude lovely Lindsay in his phony clinic, sedate her, and then have his filthy way with Lindsay's absolutely gorgeous body. I'm glad she said no and told him to shove it. S*** Shapiro can only dream of sleeping with adorable Lindsay. I think she's just terrific.

1522 days ago


whats the big deal ? Lindsay's a DRUNK !!!!!she will not get better untill SHE wants too!!!!

1522 days ago

dennis graff    

good hope the drug head and bad role model sit in jail the full 90 days spoiled brat big deal she made a few movies who cares

1522 days ago


And we were praying she gets 9 yrs, now her lawyer says she will be in and out in 8 hrs.

1522 days ago

Cunning Guy    

Dear Vaffa,

Umm what do you have to do? Are you a woman? Are you hot? Do you have any drama skills?
If so, get drunk, do drugs, get naked, masturbate in'll make a million within a couple weeks.

1522 days ago


@ Chuck (post 7): she doesn't. She spent it all on drugs, booze, and lawyers. How do you think she got to were she is now? You must be one of her stalkers, waiting to get at her.

And you obviously fall into the same category you eloquently put. And news flash, we couldn't care less if she got owned in jail. She made those dumbass decisions, now she she has to pay the consequences, just like any of us.

Except for the money (whatever she has left), she's no better than anyone else. And you can't spend your money behind bars. Your just "inmate 304547".

What a loser. lol

1522 days ago

paulette hosmer    

If one have not know what Lindsay did, Aol sure did not do a good job explaining what the hell she did. I had to actually go to other sites and read the comments to see what in the hell was going on. Who is who in writing and submitting these stories? Make it more explicid or find another job! Danmmmmmm!!!

1522 days ago


Learn your Lesson Girl,prove us wrong! Be the person you know you can be.

1522 days ago


We make celebrities believe that they are invincible. We scream when they walk by, ask them for autographs and pay them millions to appear on the screen just so that we can escape into the dream of a movie for 2 hours, or transcend into a song for 4 minutes. So they end up behaving as if they are invincible and just when they think they can get away with anything we put them to jail. This is clearly insane. I wish instead of jail Linsey would be given a choice to go to rehab where she could be guided toward recovery.

1522 days ago


she got off easy with only 90 days. this twit could use a wake up call. she acts like a idiot, and looks rode hard & hung up wet from all the hard partying she has done.

1522 days ago
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