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Bob Marley's Son -- Dreads the Comparisons

7/21/2010 9:15 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Music icon Bob Marley's youngest son Damian Marley is definitely the hair to his dad's fortune.


The 32-year-old showed off his long, luxurious dreadlocks in London on Tuesday.

Irie, mon.


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Ever sit next to someone with dreads on a plane? The stench is unbearable.

1557 days ago


only one good use for them to wipe his ass with them, such a ****.

1557 days ago


no Happy you hippie you do smell. When you have hair that cannot be reached to be cleaned ever then you smell. Dreads have hair on inside and you are only cleaning outside. YOu are a smelly gross hippie. Take them out, get a freaking real job and get a life. This man is and looks like an idiot. He needs attention so he looks this way.

1557 days ago


Cut it off and go get a job, ya worthless hack.

1557 days ago


Nasty!!! I wouldn't get within 10 feet of that disgusting mop! I bet there are bugs living in it. That "kind" of hair is gross enough without also being 10 feet long and napped up!!
Take a shower!

1557 days ago



Go crawl back under your rock! Foreigners are just jealous and envious and pissed that they weren't born here. Spend a day at Disney and you'll learn all about smelly dirty hairy foreigners!
If you don't like the USA stay off of our websites.

1557 days ago


I have met Damian more than once and can safely say that his hair does not smell like anything. I am curious what kind of people the commenters have been around that have dread locks that smell badly, but in all honesty, being from a family with more than one person with dreads and knowing a few people whose dreads are waist length or longer, I can safely say that people with dreadlocks like this have to take especially good care of their hair in order for it to not only stay locked, but also for it not to get to dry or break off. Usually people with dreal locks use specially made natural shampoos and are schooled as to how to properly wash their hair. Dread locks require multimple shampooings when they are washed and have to be thoroughly rinsed in order to make sure that all shampoo residue is out. They also have to be oiled and twisted (locked) while clean, and the locking process has to be ongoing so the hair must be kept clean.
I think the comments are a bit sad since they seem to be made, not only by people who are ignorant of the whole locking process and dread upkeep, but also by people who would rather opt to remain ignorant and make insulting, rude and unfounded remarks about an entire group of people rather than do the simplest bit of research it would take for them to understand the truth within a sect.
These stereotypes are a bit saddening actually, as it shows that many of us really don't care to know more about our neighbors, but would rather live in a society where we would insult and be afraid of something we don't understand. Let's not forget that there was a time when society thought that all black people were "dirty", or that there may be bugs living in the kinky hair of people of color. I can only hope that those views have been put to bed over time and I am not just living in a dream world where I believe they have been while they are still as strong as ever.

1557 days ago



1557 days ago


Did you also know that this ridiculousness is based on worshipping some royal guy picked out of the ether by some other regular Jamaican guy and called a messiah?

Posted at 9:02 AM on Jul 21, 2010 by Shandroid


Good point. I've always wondered just what Haile Selassie had to say about all of this business. Like he didn't have his own troubles without getting stuck with this Messiah thing.

1557 days ago

what a bunch of idiots    

when you see people of jewish faith with their uncut beard, do you say 'ew cut it off', people have their reasons for their appearances that go deeper than what's trendy..have a little respect for people who are able to do these things for their faith and their beliefs...what a bunch of uneducated fools

1557 days ago


That's disgusting

1557 days ago

what a bunch of idiots    

@tigerman and post 81 ...damian makes more money in a week than you will ever make in your entire lifetime...get off tmz and get a life buddy

1557 days ago


I agree with "what a bunch of idiots", everyone can keep cussing his dreads while he's still rocking the house down with sold out concerts. I saw him and his LUSCIOUS dreads at the hammersmith apollo last night and he had EVERYONE going crazy for him.
while you say rastafari is a "cult", you belong to sect "internet geek". Get a life, your opinion means nothing.

1557 days ago


No matter how well someone takes care of their dreads they always look N-A-S-T-Y!

1557 days ago


you must be able to smell him 6 ft back....yuck!

1557 days ago
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