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Bob Marley's Son -- Dreads the Comparisons

7/21/2010 9:15 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Music icon Bob Marley's youngest son Damian Marley is definitely the hair to his dad's fortune.


The 32-year-old showed off his long, luxurious dreadlocks in London on Tuesday.

Irie, mon.


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Dude needs a haircut

1557 days ago


@Rrita: Ok, touche, no "ism" but Rastafari is the given name of some random Ethiopian royal who Rastafarians consider Jesus incarnate. How dumb does that sound to you?
I tried to look at this link but it has been removed, so I guess I will, sadly, remain undereducated on the matter. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to learn the gist of this "religion." It is quite basic and sounds like it was developed during a good long drag off some holy herb. Don't you think it is a bit dumb to think that someday a good Rastafari will get to go to not Heaven in some other dimension, but the Heaven in Africa? When they find heaven in Africa, I sure would like to see it!

"@Shandroid, as Damian says, Rasta nah deal with ISM SCHISM. It's Rastafari, not Rastafarian[ism], 'no ism, no schism' is a Rastafarian proverb. If you wish to be a properly informed critic, read briefly here:

Don't preach about how one religion doesn't respect another when you don't even know the proper name for the religion of which you speak."

1557 days ago


@Whamo: You are talking about all the actions of MAN in the name of GOD. I believe in Jesus of the new testament because what he preaches has really been the only SANE teachings of any religion. I feel sorry for Jews since all they have is the Old Testament, and don't even get me started on Islam and their prophet, who was just a man and a man who paled in comparison to Jesus in his teachings.

1557 days ago


@bunch of idiots: I don't think ANYONE should be either forced or strongly encouraged to look a certain way or wear certain clothes "for their faith." The Rastafari cult is just another cult thought up by a Jamaican to legitimize being high on the "holy herb." I find it hilarious that Rastas believe in being "whole" and not cutting their hair and being vegetarians to treat their bodies well all the while killing brain cells smoking pot!! All you people saying how it is all peace and love and unity are so full of it! If the maryjane is so "holy" they ought to be having their kids smoking it too, right? it just holy for adults to get high. In my religion, we believe in treating our bodies like temples and to keep our minds clear which does not mean smoking pot!

when you see people of jewish faith with their uncut beard, do you say 'ew cut it off', people have their reasons for their appearances that go deeper than what's trendy..have a little respect for people who are able to do these things for their faith and their beliefs...what a bunch of uneducated fools

1557 days ago


Bless ed love to Jr Gong him carry de crown and know I n I .. Raspect

1557 days ago



Ok I just realised that you are some preacher who only respects his own religion, whilst I respect them all. And as for "Don't you think it is a bit dumb to think that someday a good Rastafari will get to go to not Heaven in some other dimension, but the Heaven in Africa? When they find heaven in Africa, I sure would like to see it!", you are the only one I think is a bit dumb, speaking so assuredly of heaven being in some other dimension. Just believe what you want to believe because you never actually know what you know, if you know what I mean, you can just believe it. You'll never guess what! That's exactly the same for Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Rastafari etc.

I give up on your religion bashing, have a look at Damian's dreads mesmerising the house down:

And to educate yourself some more on the use of "maryjane" (you're quite a loser for using that term.. but anyway" in Rastafari, here's Bob himself:

1557 days ago



1557 days ago


@ Trippy

No, that kid is not Damian in the One Love video, Damian was just two years old when that video came out.


1557 days ago

what a bunch of idiots    

@Shandroid... you're entitled to your opinion...i don't really care...(although this thread is about his dreads - not his lifestyle - douchebag) i'm not a rasta..but I do agree with what they stand for...if you ever decide to be open minded not such a douche and listen to some of damians lyrics you will understand why..he's got a great perspective on life and has raised some important issues through his music that liberates jamaicans and people in the caribbean through quite frankly i don't care what he eats, smokes, ****s, grows...whatever works for him - i hope he keeps doing it! let him live his life, and study yourself not other people1.
however you seem to have a strong opinion on rastas and their habits - what about nuns? you have issues with their dresscode too? what about muslim women who cover their faces? are they part of a 'cult' also? learn the difference between faith, religion and cults my dear before you speak again...

1557 days ago


@Rrita: I am not a loser for believing that drugs, even the holy herb are a dead end, and against the law here in the US. I respect our laws and honestly, I think that Rastafari loses its credibility as a religion when they use it, BUT that is my opinion, and I am pretty opinionated to the consternation of many. I will check out your video because I believe in education (I have a B.S. in Psychology, career in federal law enforcement--which might explain a lot).

@what a bunch: Ok, please don't call a lady a douchebag, ok? Thank you. Yes, I got out of hand on my comments, true, but I have a huge problem with cults and made up religions AND religions that make people live and look a certain way. I don't like Christian denominations that force that as well. I have enormous problems with Catholicism too. Oh, and I have a lot of problems with some Christian churchs (I am an equal opportunity critic!)
That's great that you like what they stand for, but I'm a Christian and I stand for the same basic tenets without the hokey stuff and the dangerous marijuana use. BTW, are you ok with their kids inhaling this stuff during "worship meetings?" Is it fair to them?

Look, I think that Rastas have it wrong about many things, but not the peace and love and respect for all. I like that, but believing that "ganja" is a way to truth is absolutely biologically wrong. There are many dangers associated with it.

Oh, and I already said that I DO NOT believe that anyone should be persuaded or forced to wear something they don't want to or look a certain way. You sit there and say that I need to learn the difference between faith, religion and cults? Hello? I am not the only one that thinks Rastafari is a cult. Apparently, the men are misogynistic as well. Of course, this is only one opinion.

I am very well read and just because I feel a group is a cult does not make me unable to tell the difference. In my opinion, you need clued in.

1557 days ago


They are comfortable with themselves and have some good values.

1556 days ago


Just to clear up one point you keep making about people of Ratafai faith being "forced" or "persuaded" to have dreads. Rastas do not HAVE to have dreadlocks. It is a personal choice of the rastas that do have dreads and there are many references to the point of rastas not having to have dreads in order to be true rastas (See Morgan Heritage's "Doh Haffi Dread").

1556 days ago

Lovely Rita    


1556 days ago



1556 days ago


The talent ends long before the hair.

1556 days ago
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