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Not All Kardashian Butts Are Created Equal ...

7/21/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Two hot sisters ... two great physiques ... one massive difference.

Yesterday, Kourtney Kardashian (left) took her booty out for a stroll in Cabo ... and unlike her little sister Kim (right), she managed to fit her entire ass into her swimwear.

Question is ...


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I Bet The Photographers Ass Was Bigger Than Both Of Them Put Together So Everyone Can Just Shut The Hell Up! -Kardashian Fan For Life-

1521 days ago


#15, Kourtney is actually the oldest of the Kardashian kids.

1521 days ago


There is no way that Kim is "hot." She is fat, plain and simple. Kourtney is doable, but Kim sure isn't. She is nasty. I'd piss on her though.

1521 days ago


That is about the biggest ass I have ever seen! That is disgusting!! Her sister is totally better looking in all aspects. Nice tight body on Kourtney after the baby! Good for Kourtney - Kim needs to do something with that ass!!!

1521 days ago


Why not show Khloe's butt? Their are three Kardashian sister and i feel like that is really unfair to the other one. To me they are ALL BEAUTIFUL! I kinda wish i was more like them. On the outside and the inside. The are so pretty, and so loving and they care a LOT about people and each other. I just don't understand why some people like to be so mean about others....?
Is it that you feel bad about yourself, so you put others down hopeing that it will make you feel better?? I dont know what crazy, mean, wait here is a better word, BITCHY people have going on in their minds.. All i knopw is that you need to find God and let him help you with all of the problems you have because he is the only one that CAN and WILL. ♥

1521 days ago


They both have beautiful bodies. Only a**holes in LA would pick these beautiful bodies apart. And girls, why would we live up to ANY friggin' man's opinion of what we should look like?
Do they diet, starve, exercise and fret about how THEY look to us? Hell no. Be yourself, not some idiot man's opinion of how a woman should look.
All women are beautiful - they create life.

1521 days ago



1521 days ago

Ashton C    

Jesus Kim! Tha's just plain nasty! Does she need two toilets to do her biznus?? I mean really ew, yuck, gargle, burp! I dont know whether to beat that thing with a stick, push it in the ocean or set it on fire. Grosssss!

1521 days ago

john johnson    

but meanwhile.........the brothas like the asses on kim and khloe. kourtney is cute but not the ideal ass at all. the white folks couldn't handle the asses on the other two. when kourtney gets with an athlete, her ass will grow.

1521 days ago


kourt.. but does it really matter..

they both are probably boring as hell in bed lol

1521 days ago

Supreme Being    

All you haters are fake...not Kim's butt!

we all know that deep down you guys want to score the big nice plumb booty more than kourtney's small stuff you can maybe just crap with your two know you need something to feel on.

and its not about black or white...bcz all you white guys pay for the black booty even when you married so don't be fake be real

1521 days ago


Kourtney is adorable and has the best body, even after having a baby. She is the truly sweetest without appearing fake.

Every picture I have seen of Kim is with her a** crack showing, like an inch or more. And she has some serious saddle bags if you know what that means, LOL. There is no way in hell Kim wears a size 0 or anything up to a 8 or 10 on that butt. Sorry I am not usually critical of people but Kim's butt is completely malformed, whether naturally or from surgery on it, its butt fugly.

Kim keep up the good work girl, you are a treasure :)

A 50 yr old Mom with 5 daughters!

1521 days ago


Opps I meant KOURTNEY KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!! not Kim, getting seriously tired of KIM

See my brain is going at 50, so use yours wisely, LOL

1521 days ago

Kim Kardashian    

Kourtney obvisouly has a better body/ass than Kim who has a fake ass. It very noticeable.

1521 days ago


I'd do either one actually, with vigor! However, I am not of the right ethnic group for their tastes.
The brothers LOVE that big botty, both chicks are their dream trophy. Shame is, both will have nasty cellulite & butts hanging down to their knees in about 5-7 years....

1521 days ago
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