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Lindsay Lohan

Hangin' With Murderers

7/22/2010 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0905_Lindsay_Lohan_TMZ_ex_05Insiders at the Lynwood Correctional Facility insist Lindsay Lohan is not receiving special treatment ... in fact, some of her closest "friends" are murderers.

Sources say most of the women housed in the area of Lindsay's cell are in for killing someone.

There are reports that the jailers are allowing visitors to have contact -- as in touching -- with Lindsay, but it's not true.  It's strictly LiLo behind glass.

And, we're told, don't believe Michael Lohan put money in Lindsay's commissary account -- it ain't there.  The only person who fed the kitty is Lindsay's business manager, Lou Taylor


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LOL at saying she looks 40. That would be the oldest looking 40 year old ever.

1563 days ago


She is at the right place. If she is with murderers, she might as well get used to it. One day she may be one of them. The lucrative lifestyle has made her think she is invisible, but yet she is capable of one day being a murderer herself if she keeps doing what she is doing. We as consumers just need to cut her off the acting seen for being a very negative role model towards are youth.

1563 days ago


Ok now who sounds crazy? Closest friends? In one day you have closest friends? Come on

1563 days ago


TMZ...Search for a really bad picture of Lindsay then we'll post it and tell our readers that she's hanging out with murders...We're not buying what you're selling. X17 is kicking your butt TMZ on covering Lindsay!

1563 days ago


Harvey, you can answer this one. Why doesn't anyone ever complain that the almighty judges have too mch power. How is it justified that a judge can tell someone (who is over 21) NOT to drink alcohol and insist they wear an alcohol monitoring bracelet for a DUI ? I agree NOBODY should drink and drive and should be punished for THAT crime, but would a judge tell someone who was guilty of robbing a bank that they ANNOT walk anymore, (because they walked to the bank before robbing it? Their punishment doesn't fit the crime. You kinda have to pray the judge gets laid the night before you are sentenced...... INJUST justice

1563 days ago


william..whatever drugs you are on ..please stop

1563 days ago


I second the talentless skank opinion. Hopefully we'll read about her doing herself in with one of her drug ****tails. Too bad there will be another in a long line of equally idiot skanks who will take her place. Yawn.

1563 days ago


Lilo has a business manager? Seriously?

1563 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

Dina is so broke she has to get someone else to flip the cash for LL

LL says she cant be alone at night,well its day two and shes doing it just fine.So that proves its just another LIE from her.

1563 days ago


Cut the DRAMA TMZ, she's in JAIL not PRISON!

1563 days ago


I can't understand how she can take trazadone and ambien at the same wonder she sleeps until 3pm...and the aderol (sp) is so she can wake up after taking those drugs together. I took trazadone so I could doc would never give me abien at the same time...that's a bad combo - I'm surprised she didn't OD...adding alcohol on top of those!

1563 days ago


she should lay off the botox, she looks older than her mother sometimes.

1563 days ago


William: She wouldn't have HAD to wear the SCRAM, she wouldn't have HAD to stop drinking, she wouldn't have HAD to go to rehab OR jail, IF SHE HADN'T VIOLATED HER PROBATION REPEATEDLY...
None of this is punishment for her DUI, it's punishment for violating the PROBATION which was the punishment for her DUI.
If anything, it's UNJUST that it took so long to violate her...

1563 days ago


I did NOT read the article but am commenting on it for one reason; the media should NOT have any new articles on the convicted felon Lindsay Lohan while she is behind bars. There should be a media blackout on this jailbird while she is serving time unless she is indicted on more serious charges like grand theft, which Miss Lohan has been accused of in the past. So no more "news" stories on this convict while she gets what she deserves.

1563 days ago


Newspapers on the planet Ugga-bugga are reporting that one of the aliens from the Roswell crash site is in the cell next to Lindsay. There are unconfirmed reports that Jimmy Hoffa is being allowed to visit her virtually and that the jailers have allowed her to wear aluminum foil helmet to block the gas music from Jupiter entering her mind. Late yesterday her father Michael Lohan was arrested while trying to sell her passport. He told officers that he was trying to get money to fund her jail commissary account.

1563 days ago
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