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Lindsay Lohan

Hangin' With Murderers

7/22/2010 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0905_Lindsay_Lohan_TMZ_ex_05Insiders at the Lynwood Correctional Facility insist Lindsay Lohan is not receiving special treatment ... in fact, some of her closest "friends" are murderers.

Sources say most of the women housed in the area of Lindsay's cell are in for killing someone.

There are reports that the jailers are allowing visitors to have contact -- as in touching -- with Lindsay, but it's not true.  It's strictly LiLo behind glass.

And, we're told, don't believe Michael Lohan put money in Lindsay's commissary account -- it ain't there.  The only person who fed the kitty is Lindsay's business manager, Lou Taylor


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Micheal Diona    

Lindasay u look 40 something but u are still good looking

1520 days ago


PLEASE! The dopey cow is now behind bars, PLEASE can we give it a rest now? PLEASE can TMZ just give us a break from this waste of space, just for the few weeks she's in jail? PLEASE.

1520 days ago


What a bunch of BS how does she already have " Best Friends" and there murderers? The lies that these idiots come up with.

1520 days ago


She looks like the Joker in that pic.

1520 days ago


i think TMZ has forgotten the many other times they reported that Lindsay in in her OWN cell (next to Alexis Ne....whatever her name is)isolated from the rest of the prisoners - FOR HER PROTECTION...
you kiddies have mentioned this several times... so stop the tom-foolery and report what's real...

1520 days ago


Well, USA Today reports that she got a 85 minute special visit from her mom yesterday and the other inmates are pissed because it wasn't regular visiting hours.

1520 days ago


TMZ, stop kissing her bitchy ass!!!

1520 days ago


So you are saying that because she is locked up in an area where there are murderers, that means she hasn't been getting special treatment? Sigh...

Having to serve 13 days of a 90 day sentence and being allowed to have visitors during off times sounds like getting special treatment to me. Even the other lady that was just released that you interviewed found it surprising that she only has to do 13 days, so it doesn't seem like a common thing.

1520 days ago


I wonder if they videotaped the strip search like they do the other prisoners,she got to do hers in privacy,unlike the other lady prisoners

1520 days ago


Here in Canada, murderers go to prison not jail.

1520 days ago


This doesn't send out a deterrent. All it says is that if you're rich and famous you'll serve minimum time.

It isn't a punishment likely to rehabilitate. That's why Lindsay Lohan goes rehab after.

She got extra visiting time during the week. Ordinary families have to queue up on weekends, first come first serve with limited time.

She got Ambien, to help her sleep. Which would be nice for other prisoners too, provided they didn't have a history of substance abuse, or doctors who are sensible.

She had more chances in court than ordinary people on similar charges. Even when her dad helped steal her passport in Cannes (yeah, right!)

She's been wrapped in cotton wool.

Still, some lawyers made some money. Even if it does make the court look like a complete joke and Lindsay Lohan is basically back at square one.

1520 days ago

Jon-Paul Stone    

In response to comment # 21, I would like to say that Judge Revel has actually been pretty lenient on Lindsay. Most laymen (in other words not washed up whore bag wanna be famous actors) would have been in jail after pulling that I went to France 5 days before my court appearance and my Passport was "stolen." The fact that the judge gave her another chance to prove herself and do it right was most defiantly special treatment. All she had to do was not drink for a month or two (if you cant do that, no matter your age, you are most likely an alcoholic) and go to her classes on time, and one a week. She fu*ked up that simple task, and for that she deserves Jail. She needs to realize that she is not invincible, and will have to suffer consequences for her decisions. It would have been wrong of the judge to let her off easy again and let her continue to think she can do what ever the Fu*k she wants without paying the piper.

1520 days ago


I know people in their 50s and 60s who don't have wrinkles anywhere near as bad as this.

What happened to her?

1520 days ago


Something a lot of you seem to be confused about is that the American justice system is not based on morality, it's based on the law. It doesn't matter whether you or the judge thinks she *deserves* a certain punishment or not. Additionally, a case is limited to the subject matter of that case, so just because you think she deserves a certain punishment because of what she did 3 years ago doesn't matter. She's already been convicted and sentenced for that. Done. Over with. This case is entirely and exclusively about probation violation.

1520 days ago


She's not receiving special treatment TMZ? Maybe you should read this:
Some inmates are “pissy” about Lindsay’s “special treatment,” one recently released woman tells the New York Daily News. There are rumors, denied by the prison, of her own TV and dresser, special food, a private phone, and her own guard.

1520 days ago
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