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Lindsay Lohan

Hangin' With Murderers

7/22/2010 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0905_Lindsay_Lohan_TMZ_ex_05Insiders at the Lynwood Correctional Facility insist Lindsay Lohan is not receiving special treatment ... in fact, some of her closest "friends" are murderers.

Sources say most of the women housed in the area of Lindsay's cell are in for killing someone.

There are reports that the jailers are allowing visitors to have contact -- as in touching -- with Lindsay, but it's not true.  It's strictly LiLo behind glass.

And, we're told, don't believe Michael Lohan put money in Lindsay's commissary account -- it ain't there.  The only person who fed the kitty is Lindsay's business manager, Lou Taylor


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HA! I'm 46 and have far less wrinkles than Lindsay---without Botox!! All the money in her world (or maybe not) can't help this 23 yr old who already looks put away wet, look any better because her system is toxic and.... she looks SO unhealthy...look at her teeth...UHG!!

1523 days ago


She looks a lot like the Joke from the 80's original batman film. I'm just saying.

1523 days ago


@Jon-Paul Stone
Judge Revel lenient ? HA HA HA

Even if Lindsay had ONE drink when she was wearing the SCRAM she was allowed to drink since before May so she adjusted to the conditions very well.
She attended the alcohol classes every week when she was on bail and never missed or failed a drug test.
The sentence imposed is wrong on so many levels and she set Lindsay up to fail. She exercised no fairness at all

1523 days ago


Don't want to be mean but I hope someone beats the living crap outta LiLo. That just might straight her up once and for all!

1523 days ago


Uummmm...does anyone remember the 'official' statements stating she would be confined to her cell for 22 hours/day. I seriously doubt there's much 'socializing' time with murderers. Good grief, can't find enough 'real' stuff to report about, now resorting to making things up.

1523 days ago


It's hard to believe that this girl is only in her early 20's. She looks like she's a HARD 35. She is NOT going to age well.

1523 days ago


17 Talentless skank? You should try and avoid throwing stones in glass houses.

1523 days ago


I seriously doubt this is actually her in this picture. Being in jail for only two days so far would not give her wrinkles that bad. This story is all total bs.

1523 days ago

Free Lindsay     

it's the California taxpayers who will ultimately pay for Lindsay's three month stay at Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, Calif. Her full sentence could run taxpayers, who ultimately pay for inmate costs, about $16,000 in addition to the thousands more dollars she's cost the state in repeated court appearances after violating her probation.

Californians should hope she gets freed as soon as possible and doesn't violate again.

1523 days ago


God that's a terrible picture of her. Poor girl has terrible genes, look at her mom...

1523 days ago


Lindsay won't live long, it is a matter of time before she overdoses.

1523 days ago


I'm really wondering if that's even her in that picture. Two days already in jail and she wouldn't look that bad. I believe this story is pure bs.

1523 days ago


In this photo Lindsey has SO MANY wrinkles. Her face looks twenty years older than her actual age. I feel sorry for her. A few years ago, she was one of the smartest former-kid actors out there and gave some really tremendous performances as a young adult. It's sad what has happened.

1523 days ago


Friends with those inside !!!! .... how much did she paid not be beat up. Did those friends ask LL to get them in Hollywood and be famouse too. LOL!!!!!!

1523 days ago


Another "news" source reported that Lindsay is receiving special treatment.

Which includes:

Unlike other inmates who only have one set of clothing, which is switched every few days, Lindsay has 3 separate outfits so that she can change clothes when she feels like it.

Unlike other private cells, Lindsay's cell is equipped with a hospital-style adjustable bed, a dresser and a television set.

Lindsay has routinely been provided with a cell phone by the guards.

Though prisoners must have hair extension removed, Lindsay's hair extensions are exempt from this rule.

This same "news" outlet reported that Lindsay caused the jail to be locked down 3 times in her first 24 hours.

If the above is true as reported then it sure sounds to me like Lindsay is receiving special treatment due to her celebrity status.

Lindsay is scheduled to be released on August 2nd. That will mean she will serve a total of 14 days. Not 90 as ordered by the judge, not 23 as originally estimated, but a lousy 14 days.

1523 days ago
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