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Will Investigate Extortion Claim Against Oksana

7/21/2010 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... the L.A. County Sheriff's Department will investigate allegations that Oksana Grigorieva attempted to extort money from Mel Gibson ... in return for keeping the tapes secret.


Sheriff's spokesperson Steve Whitmore tells TMZ, "Extortion allegations have been brought to our attention and we are certainly going to be looking at that."

TMZ broke the story ... Gibson's attorney, Blair Berk, made a formal presentation to Sheriff's deputies yesterday, alleging she and her team have evidence of extortion and that Oksana lied to authorities about various claims.

Sources connected with Gibson have told TMZ they have "hard proof" of extortion.

Sources say deputies will also be investigating the allegations that Oksana made false claims.

Oksana's rep was not available for comment.


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Better late than never. She's nothing but a walking accusation with tits.

Posted at 9:44 AM on Jul 21, 2010 by Enough

very good description!

1463 days ago


Hey "Max" - f*ck off with your BS political babble - no one cares!

1463 days ago


They have an *exclusive* pic over at Radar Online of their 2 month old's *bruised* chin. Funny, but it looks like infant acne to me! My son had bumps like that all the time!

1463 days ago


Innocent until PROVEN Guilty.. Mel has been the one to listen to the Judge and follow the courts instructions.. I am puzzled why Oskanka has not been called in to answer to all the 'Leaks'

Mel is no angel however his form supports he is no wife/child abuser... All the claims would be laughable only they are so horrendous. And Oskanka is only damaging her case if it was true by having more holes in her camp to certain media outlets than your average sieve. The more leaks from her side the less I believe her claims. The mark on the babys face looks no more than the type of scrawl many babies give themselves with their sharp little finger nails (which grow astoundingly fast ask any mother). All the claims are only Oskanka 's word and she is hardly reliable (has anyone here read her imdb profile!!). The tapes (I work in audio production) are very clearly edited and the photos only show what you are being told is the fact.

I doubt the dentist would really have risked his licence to break the law, he obviously did not believe her claim (if she even made them at that time.

Yes its mel vs Oskanka word but none of his children have claimed that there is anything amiss with his not quite ex wifes statement so I believe that character assessment more than the obvious manipulation for Oskanka and her desire for as much money (15 million would not last long to her lifestyle aims and is smallish change to Mels worth). I pity her children and can only assume she parted ways with her former beau when his star waned and the pay cheques were not what hoped for (Bond can restrict future worth).

So I look forward to her being brought to task. It seems very likely that Mel has proof to back up his claims and that would make sense of his silence on all her claims being put out there.

1463 days ago

Shiela Jones    

When you have a personal relationship with someone and lived with that person, you will certainly know how to push their buttons to get that person enraged. This is what Osaka has done. She knows of Mel's inner demons and cunningly taped everything when she realizes that even having a baby will not get her the lifestyle she craves for. So she planned this all along and must have said things previously which is conveniently not taped to bring Mel into that state. That is despicable - greed will always be the downfall of everyone.

1463 days ago


Oh Thank GOD! Finally! Put this out of our misery and throw her in jail already. What a horrible mother & human being she is.

1463 days ago


I'm not feeling real sorry for Mel right now. He cheated on his wife of nearly 30 years, who gave him 7 children, and now he's reaping what he sowed! He sure made it easy for his "mistress" and mother of his child conceived out of the sacred sacrament of matrimony (Mr. Catholic that he is), by shooting off his mouth! What a hypocrite. I won't be shedding any tears for him even if she IS extorting money from him!

1463 days ago


About time!!!


1463 days ago


Finally! I don´t believe for one second the lies that comes out of this Russian woman´s mouth.

There should be laws against destroying someone´s career, the way she´s done, secretly record, manipulate, provove a person like in this case and then release it all on Internet. Scary!

1463 days ago

Tired of toxomom    

I saw the pic on "the other site", too. Sorry, but it's a pimple on the baby's chin- not a bruise as they would like you to buy in to. Young infants get them all the time.

But since this is their idea of "proof" that Mel hit the baby, it definitely explains why she took 6 months to inform authorities of the incident.

All I can say is ROL got punked with the "proof". I hope they didn't pay too much. Now they've even disabled comments on their site because so many people called BS on their "evidence".

1463 days ago


That's baby acne on that photo - now that's a real grasp saying its a bruise. If I didn't have any doubts before about Oksana story I certainly do now. Why on earth would you keep leaking...releasing photos and audio tapes, that info should be for the court and why take a chance it won't be used in court because you've splashed it all over a gossip site? Something is fishy here!

1463 days ago


Timothy Dalton already filed his own restraining order against Mel to protect his son, & he shouldn't get involved in their dispute any further. Mel's ex wife made a statement, sure, & she is also looking to get half his money soon. That doesn't sound like a dignified woman to me...

1463 days ago


It's about time the **** behind the stink is getting called out.
The femifool blogging sites must dropping deuces by the dozen now, considering how they bought the gold-digger's story hook line and sink(her) and even padded it up for their own agendas.
I was a longtime poster on one site and couldn't get a word in edgewise, morons (who continually lauded and praised Oksana for all this) kept deleting my posts because I said "Oksana is milking it for the money" (that was my harshest quote) - and that was declared "nasty!" (and deleted).
So, I quit their idiotic unprofessional lame-ass censorship (and latently blatant agenda) and came here (where I've always read but never posted).
Anyway, good deal that this will be scrutinized for the extortion that it has always seemed to be.

1463 days ago


I just looked at the Lucia's pics supposedly showing that she was abused! It's clearly a fking pimple/acne. My daughter had them!!! She not only deserves to be arrested for extortion but clearly she needs to be committed to a psychatric ward!!! Tim Dalton grow some balls and get your son back from this Ho!!!! I think that the people that are standing with her on this at this point are just doing this out of shame that they were wlling to believe the worst of Mel only because he obviously has a temper and alcohol problem!!! Thank God, he only let her drive him into a rage and he didn't actually physically attack her otherwise he would be toast! He just has a loud bark! Not saying he's a saint but she is evil!!! Love you Mel!

1463 days ago

Anon E Mouse    

I think the LA Sheriff's office should be investigated for not arresting Mel Gibson yet.
He admitted to hitting her and has made several threats to her.
What the hell are they waiting for?

1463 days ago
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