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Sarah Palin -- I'm Not 'Boycotting' Bristol's Wedding!

7/21/2010 7:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin ain't blowing off her daughter's wedding to former Playgirl model Levi Johnston -- according to the family's lawyer, rumors that Sarah is "boycotting" the ceremony are 100% bogus.


A Palin family lawyer tells TMZ, "The story asserting that Sarah Palin is 'boycotting' Bristol's wedding has been fabricated. There is no truth to this."

According to a source close to the family, no official date has been set -- but whenever the big day comes, Sarah and the family will be there to lend their support.

You betcha.


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Hark! It's the sound of manufactured drama to pimp a yet-to-be-picked-up reality television series.

1522 days ago


Americans this women makes your country look backwards

1522 days ago


Wow Levi - you should be able to do a lot better then this cow

1522 days ago


Ick, Ick, Ick. Who gives a rat's behind what this low rent family is up to. When I hear Palin speak I want to rip off my ears. She is not a nice person or a role model for women. Palin was chosen for one reason and one reason alone. The campaign was dumb enough to think that this "vagina for hire" would fool thinking women into voting for her. Boy were they wrong.

1522 days ago


Yes Dave, (#8) that's all we need is a dumb, crosseyed (in some photos she looks ****eyed), religiocrazy like Sarah Palin as president who couldn't even finish her job as governor of Alaska.

1522 days ago


Of course Sarah will be there. Even though she hates Levi there will be cameras and Mrs. Palin would never give up an opportunity of having her face in the news that she supposedly loathes so much.

1522 days ago


I doubt this story originated with the "lamestream media." Like the made up nonsense about Sherrod, a blogger is to blame, or an entertainment sites looking for hits.
Anyway, who cares? Palin is a non-issue, and so her daughter/mother is getting married. About time...the kid is almost two. And just when will Levi get his GED so he can get a real job? Or do they plan, like Mamma, to make money by making up stuff?

1522 days ago

Throwback kid    

Bristol is too young to have a double chin like that, time for diet and exercise.

1522 days ago


Lend their support? At a wedding? What is this--a shotgun wedding? They should be there to celebrate. This should be fun.

1522 days ago


Trailer Trash!

1522 days ago


Sarah Palin will disappear from the news cycle after November 2012 when, hopefully, she goes into some rabbit hole after foolishly running for PRESIDENT and losing mightily! Can you think of anyone dumber for this role? Maybe Carrot Top and that's not to insult poor Carrot Top! Sarah Palin is a hillbilly in lipstick with poof hair, dumb as rocks, who is a freaking bag of idiot and will still run, then lose BIG. Then we can all wish her well and send her back to where she came from. Hicks, you can have her.

1522 days ago


#49 Max, you're right.

1522 days ago


I just saw a blurb on tv that the wedding was on hold becasue they both were nervous. Could it be these two knuckleheads came up with a plan by making up the story just for some quick cash? Come on she's a Palin and he's the son of a druggie. Bottom dwellers doing what they do best.

1522 days ago

Donald Ray    

Dayuuuum, is that Bristol? I thought it was that pot-bellied pigmy pig, SNOOKY!

1522 days ago


I'd to love see that entire tribe trip and break their necks walking down the aisle. What a profoundly disgusting pack of Alaskan A**holes. I hope Senator McCain loses his Senate re-election for inflicting this ignorant trash on the American public.

1522 days ago
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