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Sarah Palin -- I'm Not 'Boycotting' Bristol's Wedding!

7/21/2010 7:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin ain't blowing off her daughter's wedding to former Playgirl model Levi Johnston -- according to the family's lawyer, rumors that Sarah is "boycotting" the ceremony are 100% bogus.


A Palin family lawyer tells TMZ, "The story asserting that Sarah Palin is 'boycotting' Bristol's wedding has been fabricated. There is no truth to this."

According to a source close to the family, no official date has been set -- but whenever the big day comes, Sarah and the family will be there to lend their support.

You betcha.


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Osiris Reborn    

The pickin's in Sarah's hometown must be slim, Bristols a 100% certified brown bagger.

Hell.. may need to double bag that fugliness.

No offense to Sarah of course. I may not like her but she's better lookin' than what she popped out. Bristol looks like she came out the other hole.

1554 days ago


Who really gives a f^^k about this site and the looney tunes who inhabit it? Only the mildly demented and the heavily sedated.
As for Sarah Palin, she will be President if she choses... she isn't sure yet whether she will run or not... decision next year some time... but in the meantime, she will help destroy the socialist, marxist, black nationalist reparations and redistribution of wealth agenda of that dolt Obama.

1554 days ago


As usual, the lefties show the difference between them and normal Americans.
I hope Palin wins the presidency in 2012 just to give scores of left wingers fatal strokes.

1553 days ago



Why should Dave have to STFU? Aren't republicans allowed to throw out their 2 cents around here? I thought as a liberal you were supposed to espouse tolerance and differing opinions, etc...

1553 days ago

I am sure this is another stunt from the Palin Family to get somemore free media attention.

1553 days ago


Maybe Bristol should just stick to family tradition and marry her father. That way she can produce yet another worthless generation of in-bred, brainless, blubbering cretins that would be the envy of any tribe of lobotomized cavemen.

1553 days ago


#26. LakeLucilleLoon, Thanks for not holding back on how you really feel. You made my day

1553 days ago


Tina Fey needs to polish off her Sarah Suit cuz I see a SNL skit coming.

1553 days ago


I certainly believe Sarah was going to boycott the wedding..and I bet there was some truth to the stories Levi told. Sarah must have realized how bad this made her look and now claims it wasn't true. Bristol and Levi were too young to get married 2 years ago and they are still too young. Fine, do your best to raise your child, use birth control, get your education, enjoy being young and then you might be ready for marriage.

1553 days ago


Shame on you TMZ for using that unflattering pix of Bristol. Not necessary to pick on a 19 yr old, certainly not nice. And shame on all of you who made nasty comments. Bristol has enough to deal with. Sarah is fair game.......but try to be just a little sensitive about Bristol.

1553 days ago


@VIPTAMPA 8:38pm. They have to pick on a young girl that made a mistake to try to make themselves feel better. Something wrong with them if they have to put someone so young down.

1553 days ago



1553 days ago

That Woman is an Idiot     

There is a story being reported about Sarah about her newest Gate.

Would TMZ report the story...? Why the moderation..?

1553 days ago


I am sure sarah will ask for a appearance fee. Then after the wedding they can have a tea party for all her red neck friends. This may or may not be refudiated.

1553 days ago


So you will post crap from a person that suggests that our President should be murdered as part of a new world order but you won't post anything suggesting that the Palin family is full of lies and deception. For god's sake, this is TMZ, you chased Brittney Spears around until she went crazy and cut all of her hair off and donned a pink wig!

Guess Harvey doesn't have that big of a pair after all; actually Harvey seems to have been neutered, perhaps by the bigger badder Palin legal team. Sorry Harv, but you are NOT an investigative journalist or you'd be all over the Palins like stink on poo. You love money more than the average lawyer so there has to be something holding you back.

1553 days ago
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