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Brad and Angelina

Settle 'Break Up' Lawsuit

7/22/2010 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have settled their lawsuit against a tabloid that claimed the couple was splitting.


Brad and Angelina sued 'News of the World' after the paper reported they were splitting and dividing $320 mil. 

The story was widely reported (BTW, not by us) online and on TV.

The settlement is for "undisclosed damages."

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No Avatar


next week they will be officially announcing their break up

1554 days ago


these two make me ill. haven't seen one of their films in yrs, and wont ever again. they exploit children and never do any humanitarian aid without coverage. ang looks like hell. skinny hell.

1554 days ago


Yeah...I'll give it six more months before the big announcement. This lawsuit probably explains why they have suddenly been seen so devoted-looking in public lately. It's all for show, folks!

1554 days ago


You have GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! They sued a paper because they said they were breaking up? Oh wow. If this is not a frivilous lawsuit-then we are all in big effing trouble. I'm tired of celebrities thiking they are above everyone else in the world and what goes on in their lives are more important and relevant than anyone elses. WRONG.

Grow some thicker skin you greedy azzholes.

1554 days ago


YOU CAN SUE FOR THAT ?????????????? ok, i'm moving to Hollywood, get involved with a married man so a newspaper can write about me and then sue the heck outta them.... Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!

1554 days ago

Lovely Rita    

I lost all respect for these two when they partnered in adultery and I won't spend a dime on either of them again. I always thought Jolie was a freak but was sad when Pitt revealed his true colors. Aniston is the only one who showed any class at all. They can adopt as many needy kids as they want - they are still s***bags.

1554 days ago


I can't stand these two, her esp. All those nasty white trash tats she has are a huge turn off. Then she tries to wear designer clothes on that trashy body?

I'll NEVER understand what he sees in her. Her verbal vomit might be worse, she is so fake and crazy, lets not forget that part, girlfriend is a little off.
The tribe O' children being taken care of by nannies and assistants galore. Puke.

1554 days ago


Tmz doesnt mention who settled what..did the paper pay them or did they pay the paper

1554 days ago


Yes, I can see where it would upset me to have someone say I was splitting with my partner. Far worse than committing adultery and actually breaking up a marrage. Skanks!!!

1554 days ago


Many in the media are doing everything they can to try to break those two up.

1554 days ago


These two deserve each other. Jennifer is one of the luckiest females on the Planet. She got rid of 185 pounds of garbage.

1554 days ago


the media just can't stand that they are a true couple ... committed to their children and each other. that doesn't produce headlines or tabloid sales, right? i'm sick of these magazines making up LIES and being able to get away with it. i'm glad that they stood up for their privacy rights.

1554 days ago


I agree with all of the above... except #14.

1554 days ago


Sooooo wish the break up were true. These two are so ordinary and boring together.

1554 days ago

Richard Haller    

Jeez! I didn't know there are so many people out there that hate Brangelina. Couldn't be a little jealousy involved, oh no. What a load of sanctimony, specially from those who ridicule their charitable efforts. Wonder how much time and money these critics devote to charity. Can you say "none"? See, I knew you could!

Get a life.

1554 days ago
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