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Brad and Angelina

Settle 'Break Up' Lawsuit

7/22/2010 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have settled their lawsuit against a tabloid that claimed the couple was splitting.


Brad and Angelina sued 'News of the World' after the paper reported they were splitting and dividing $320 mil. 

The story was widely reported (BTW, not by us) online and on TV.

The settlement is for "undisclosed damages."

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No Avatar


Seems like Angie's insecurities are rearing their ugly head again.

1554 days ago


ugh who thinks these two are relevant anyone they can disappear and take her crazy "I want to see Obama's birth certificate" daddy with you. I dont watch their movies either tired of their always on stage lives.

1554 days ago


TMZ's decency on this story and Harvey saying on camera that he didn't believe the allegations really changed my view of TMZ for the better. Thanks!!!

1554 days ago


Wow I guess just staying together wasn't enough proof they lied, they had to sue them. Seems the IN thing to do these days.

1554 days ago


I bet they really were breaking up that is why they were so p*ssed off and sued, because as big as their egos are it's just as fragile, and it's only a matter of time before they start breaking up again.

1554 days ago


I'd like to know how they came up with that's absurd, they need to donate ALL OF IT. I can't stand these two.

1554 days ago


I think Brad had some cosmetic procedures done. He was hiding in that beard for so long so that people might "forget" parts of his face. Then he went and shaved it and had some botox or something.
When will people ever learn to quit ? Aging gives a face an interesting quality of character. Men who get plastic surgery or other stuff done just end up looking silly, and it makes women look fake

1554 days ago


it was not "adultery" to whatever dumb asses here think. Brad broke off with Jennifer when he realized he was falling for Angelina. What more could he do ??????? Stay with Horse Face out of a sense of GUILT ? You're so stupid-
Jennifer is not too bright, not very interesting...kinda like cardboard. She was not the highlight of Brad's life. More like a mistake than anything else---

1554 days ago


Um, as long as he was still married to Jennifer, having sex with Angie IS adultry. But why split hairs here. I'm a bit surprised at the animosity on this forum but frankly, I agree. Angie has proven to be spoiled and self indulgent. Whatever she wants, that what she gets or does. But the highlight of her life, to me, is what she is doing to poor Shiloh. I cringe when I see that beautiful little girl decked out as a boy. After giving birth to her, Angie called the baby a 'blob' in interviews. There is something wrong with that relationship. I sort of hoped the split rumors were true - I was hoping Shiloh would get a chance to be raised normally.

1554 days ago

Molly's Mom    

They make me sick and I am also very tired of their "acting" ability toward children in general. She has some kind of obessive disorder for "gathering" children.

1554 days ago


WOW Ginger, you were in the room when Angie and Bard had sex? Amazing!! Brad & Angelina and Jen have said here was no affair before the Pitts' split. Brad didn't cheat on Jen! And Angie couldn't have committed adultery as she was single at the time.

AJ isn't self-indulgent at all and anyone who thinks she is forcing her middle daughter to dress in this manner is just AN INSANE ANGIE HATER! Brad took Shiloh clothes shopping in Paris a few months ago and bought her ALL BOY CLOTHES. Angie was no where in sight.

And Angie never called Shiloh a blob. A reporter did and AJ agreed. Gwen Stefani called her eldest a blob and Bryce Howard called her baby son "It" for months until her family got her into treatment. Get over yourself!

1554 days ago


Totally agree with Lovely Rita and the rest. She's a home-wrecking, trashy piece of work. He's not any better. I truly feel sorry for the children. They will learn at some point just how things happened and lose all respect for their "parents". Good thing the kids have nannies to actually raise them.

No one is spending any money on these two idiots. That's why they had to sue. Shame on the judge for even allowing that into his courtroom.

1554 days ago


UUUMMMM, Kat? We could ask you the same questions. YOU have zero idea about when these two actually started to have sex as well. And...since I have time:

I suspect the majority of us are right, and they were hanging from the ceiling within DAYS of meeting. She is insane, spolied, self centered clearly, because anyone who could break up a married couple or involve themselves in another couples relationship is all the above.

She has always had messed up relationships, family included. Remember her kissing her brother WAYYYYY to long on his lips at the Oscar's? Or when she was with Billy Boob, and had each other blood in a tube they hung off their necks? She also was married before Billy Boob.

Billy Bob was in a relationship with Laura Dern, and he cheated on her when he met the nut. Angie HUNG all over him to point I thought I was going to puke, I was waiting for some host to ask them to get a room. Then the Boob leaves her.

Soooooo......stop defending this nut job and her pet Brad. She has pattern for this behavior, duh. They are both a couple of class acts.

I'm with Pam and Ginger, smart women.

1553 days ago


I love them! I wish they would do a M/M Smith 2

1553 days ago


I would like to say. I'm sure these two don't think their lives are more important then everyone else's. its the people like you and me going on TMZ and reading gossip mags that think their lives are more important then every one else's. I think that if they could have it their way they could be left to live their over the top life style and be able to be in the profession they love with out being watched all the time. Good on them for suing them for their slander. I pitty these two. they must have lies written about them all the time and that would suck!

1553 days ago
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