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Brad and Angelina

Settle 'Break Up' Lawsuit

7/22/2010 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have settled their lawsuit against a tabloid that claimed the couple was splitting.


Brad and Angelina sued 'News of the World' after the paper reported they were splitting and dividing $320 mil. 

The story was widely reported (BTW, not by us) online and on TV.

The settlement is for "undisclosed damages."

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The show is still going on because they must bring up the children. Poor kids, they don't know that they're just part of a big performance...

1551 days ago


lhartwell -- you are wrong. Angie and Billy Bob didn't get together when they met, and in fact not for two years later. All throughout that time Laura Dern had every opportunity to be with her man. Yet she didn't know he moved out of their house in 1999. Shockingly negligent GF.

I don't really get why you women don't believe Brad, Jen and Angie about what happened but it seems so important to your lives that it be what you want -- not reality. You are stuck in stuff that happened 10 years ago and in many cases isn't even true. One thing is for sure AJ doesn't share men. That alone points to her version of how she and Brad got together being the truth. But then you couldn't hate her as much could you?

Betty how are the Jolie-Pitt kids any different from Tom Hanks, Spielberg's or Julia Robert's kids?

1551 days ago


can we live this people live they live everybody have enough problem of they on to worried about them for ones let them be happy i think they kids deserve it are we related to jen anniston please for the sake of they children

1550 days ago


why do we care so much about these people with all of the real problems in the world? I don't get it. They are NOT important!

1547 days ago


im with the blond chick on TMZ, Jen must have a ton of cats at home angie

1547 days ago


That will deter magazines/newspapers from telling more lies just to sell copies. Good for Angelina and Brad. I hope they donated some of the money to their respective charities.

1541 days ago


Angeline does not care that people hates her, because she has money, fame, and she is beautiful. Who ever don't have what she has are very mad, and jelous of her.

1540 days ago


If Angeline were not important, no body will be talking about her.People talk for jealousy, because they don't have what she has, MONEY!! fame and beauty.

1540 days ago


How pathetic are they? Why sue? What damage was there? I want them to prove that the article which was clearly fake caused any damage to them or to anyone else? I mean besides the fact that the papers or news people who printed it made didn't cause them real damage. So they are doing it for monetary reasons not because it hurt their kids or some crap. LIKE isnt there an article every week about these bozos or other couples breaking up??? WHO cares! Its so pathetic for them to sue...if they win what will they do with the money? Pluck another starving African child outta poverty and put them in a 20,000 dollar crib?? Is that what the kids in Africa or Asia need? Oh rite maybe they will move onto South America...havent got one of them yet!

I don't like this couple. I never was a fan of Angie since Girl Interrupted. And she was always so effin weird with Billy Bob so I think her past few years as a Goodwill Ambassador arent so much to do with her need to do good but her need to be seen as good.

And as for the Angie & Jen and Brad thing. Jen said in many interviews that the problem was Brad cheating and that Angie was "uncool" for going on and on about their falling in love while they were still married. So he's a cheater... and she's a whore. Its odd because Angelina is a crap one good movie. Even Mr & Mrs Smith was rubbish...and Brad's career is fading just as fast as his looks.

At least Jen is decent and I don't know one person who doesn't love Friends. She's also smoking hot and got an amazing body.

1540 days ago


Let's all remember THIS MAN WAS MARRIED WHEN ANGELINA WENT AFTER HIM AND HE WENT FOR IT. Say what you like about charities and haters and jealousy. The reality is their life was made public by them. They chose this life. They advertise all they do and don't forget donations are A TAX WRITE OFF...........
Just because we see the truth does not mean we have no life. Stay out of the media if you don't want to put your laundry out.....

1539 days ago

Ashley Dunn    

Sure not true! Cause they're gonna have wedding ceremony in Bali, soon after Pitt produced Eat, Pray, Love...

1529 days ago


About the Brangelina & Maniston stuff:

Like someone said before: if you fall in love with someone else when you're married you SHOULD leave them, there's obviously something wrong in your marriage, something bad enough to make you fall for another person. That's not cheating, that's being decent.
I'm sure crazy catlady Maniston is fine, she doesn't need her fanbase crying over old problems..go yell at Tiger Woods or something. Now THAT's cheating.

1517 days ago


A couple's life together is no one elses biz but their own. America needs to get a life!

1504 days ago


This 2 are just made 4 each other..I dont think they'll ever split up!!!

1379 days ago
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