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Hoosier Cops:

There's Pot in

Bret Michaels' Bus

7/22/2010 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Indiana cops claim they found pot and other illegal drugs in two of Bret Michaels' tour buses last night.

The DeKalb County Sheriff's Office tells TMZ Bret was onboard one of buses when cops made the stop at around 11:30 PM.  K9s found the pot.  One of the buses -- not the one Bret was on -- had Schedule II controlled substances inside, and cops tells us they're illegal drugs.

Citations were issued but no arrests were made.  The case is being forwarded to DeKalb prosecutors.

Michaels' rep gave us the following statement:

"Two of Bret’s tour buses were pulled over late last night. Officers on the scene claimed there were no trailer tag lights. No arrests were made. Mr. Michaels allowed an open search of the buses and everything was handled in a professional manner."


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Oh give me a break #5 "Q" there were 3 buses full of musicians, roadies and other friends of band members and managers. Who said the drugs were Brets .. frankly if Bret lives in CA he can probably get prescribed Pot and it would sure be a hell of alot less dangerous and addictive than anything the doctors and drug companies would love to shove down your throat for hundreds of dollars a bottle. Also Bret has said on many occasions that he mostly drinks non-alcoholic beer, and the most dangerous activity he engaged in during his hay day as in the 80's was getting tattoos since the healing can really tough on someone with diabetes. Jeeze if you are going to rant about drugs get over to the Lilo articles.

1521 days ago


Another article stated that Bret wasn't even on the bus that the dogs smelled pot on.....

And the narcotics could be "tada!", the ones that are prescribed for his medical conditions....hmmm - what a concept.

Basically, the dogs smelled pot - but no paraphanalia was found. For a VIP fee, on Bret's last tour with Lynard Skynard, you could visit his bus....

I'm just betting that some Lynard Skynard fans might be doing a little pot.

Talk about a non-story. AND to the people who talk about what an idiot Bret is - you have no idea what you're talking about - most of the time, he really ISN'T drinking - even on Rock of's all an act.

1521 days ago


your all fools,,,,,,bret does not do drugs,,,,i know this for a fact,,,,who are u to judge someone,,,,it wasnt even on his bus,,,it was on his solo bands bus,,,,he travels alone on his own bus,,,,,,the guys not dumb,,,he just had a life threatning illness,,,,,he;s not gonna go out and get high when he is on very serious medication to combat his brain hemorige/blood thinners,,,if i could i would slap u all in your face,,,,idiots

1521 days ago

frank beans    

What a **** head!

1521 days ago

Sin D    

A little pot on a bus $200
A non-impared driver and crew $0
Taxes paid by said crew and driver $12900
Costs to tax payers for law enforcment$27500
Price of wasting everybodys time except to keep the law enforcement, court system and prison system in business: WAY TOO MUCH FOR A COUNTRY/STATE THAT IS BROKE TO EVEN MESS WITH A NON-ISSUE LIKE THIS : S T U P I D.... Thanks Indiana for wasting our and YOUR time...and $$$. Sleep well johnny law...Ain't you part of the problem?

1521 days ago

SERIOUSLY !!!!!    

Carl (comment #4) "Seems like the cops saw a rock tour bus going down the road and figured it would be an easy score for them. "


1521 days ago

bret fan 101    

now 1st of all who ever know bret miochaels and his band know sho the"illegal " substances belonged to every 1 not talkin about the pot the other unkknown substance not naming names but we know who u are and i hope u get in big trouble for having those kind of drugs on 1 of brets busses u bastard no 21 likes u u are an ***hole and every 1 knows it and as for bret be smart dont put pot on yur bus !!!

1521 days ago

Friendly Phil    

Wow. A few rednecks here. Fight on brave little drug warriors! Your tax dollars at work.

1521 days ago


In California, we got off our lazy asses & passed laws so we can smoke pot. We'll soon vote on whether to legalize POT here.

Those of you getting harassed in other States - change your laws or continue smoking in fear. Your choice.

1521 days ago


I want to officially apologize on behalf of the state I live in [Indiana] Bret is da man! KEEP ROCKING, And who cares whats on his bus really. Doesn't anyone remember the 80's anymore?

1521 days ago


Ok weed please !!! Whats the big deal, you know damn good and well his buses were stopped because it was Bret Michaels.... Just like Willie Nelson's buses get stopped all the time.. If it had been someone else they would not have been stopped.. It is strait up Bull****..This is HARASSMENT !!! I BET THE COPS WAITED UNTIL THE BUSES PULLED OUT CONCERT ARENA !!!

1521 days ago


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1521 days ago


How is it that they found "illegal drugs" and no arrests were made?!? You don't give tickets for illegal drugs! More celebrity injustice. Would they let some poor guy in an old car off with a warning for carrying illegal drugs?!? Don't think so.

1521 days ago


Give me a break! Bret is traveling with his band. Maybe the stuff belonged to them! He DID recently perform with Jimmy Buffett...need I say more? Lots of bands drink and smoke pot. Haters are just targeting Bret because they are jealous. handled it with class like everything else in your life. We love you. Rock on!!

1521 days ago


Drugs found on a rock 'n roll tour bus? I'm shocked!

1521 days ago
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