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Hoosier Cops:

There's Pot in

Bret Michaels' Bus

7/22/2010 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Indiana cops claim they found pot and other illegal drugs in two of Bret Michaels' tour buses last night.

The DeKalb County Sheriff's Office tells TMZ Bret was onboard one of buses when cops made the stop at around 11:30 PM.  K9s found the pot.  One of the buses -- not the one Bret was on -- had Schedule II controlled substances inside, and cops tells us they're illegal drugs.

Citations were issued but no arrests were made.  The case is being forwarded to DeKalb prosecutors.

Michaels' rep gave us the following statement:

"Two of Bret’s tour buses were pulled over late last night. Officers on the scene claimed there were no trailer tag lights. No arrests were made. Mr. Michaels allowed an open search of the buses and everything was handled in a professional manner."


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Thank You Dumbass.

Pot has nothing in it that is an addictive. Period.
The ONLY reason pot is not legal anymore is becasue in the 30's the cotton growers were getting nervous that hemp would be too much compettion, so, they rallied up and got it made illegal on the premise its a drug.

Look it up. Its a fact. Its not because its make one crazy.

That is what booze is for, oh and that is legal, makes sense perfectly right? Booze it up all day and drive and you'll kill someone, smoke all day and drive and the worst that could happen is that you finally get the car up to 40 mph.

I'm with ya dumbass, these people are NOT informed.

Happy Friday ya'll.I know what I'm doin'!

1519 days ago


Pot??? Really?? Who CARES?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1519 days ago


PAMALA: Please pay attention, the buses were pulled over because one didn't have tail lights. The police didn't just say oh hey look buses lets pull one over. DUUUH.

1519 days ago


why would he allow a search without a warrant? last time i check we still had some rights. i mean we're still in barely-there-america aren't we?

1519 days ago


bret just flashed his medical marijuana card and all's good?

1519 days ago

Ms Kris    

What moron on Bret's crew did this?

1519 days ago


I do live in this county and i am OUTRAGED that no charges were filed... if it was me i would be sitting in jail right now... my mug shot would be in the paper and i would owe several hundred dollars in fines!!

1519 days ago

Friendly Phil    

Hey Branden - settle down there tiger. Here's some tasty California skunk, mellow out dude.

1519 days ago


Wow if it was a rapper's tour bus they would be in jail now for having illegal drugs on the bus! WTF the same doesn't go for everyone I guess.

1519 days ago


Crime of the century! Who would have ever guessed Rockers smoke pot!

1519 days ago

greg stewart     

u still rock bret have to watch out fof those poo poos the what urs they dont want to waste there money on it free weed broher worse yet in ind get a life yalllll

1517 days ago


I used to live in DeKalb... now I live the county over... I am not surprised those "Barney Fife" cops did this. I am not against police, I actually come from a family of police. Nor am I for drug use... the police should have been working a bit harder with underage drinking that goes on around here. With all of the meth heads and labs in their area (yes, it's really that big of a problem here) they needed to worry about that. They do that most of the time when big names come through here. Interstate-69 is known by locals around here to be the popular choice for big names to come through from the southern states going up towards Detroit and Chicago. Shame on DeKalb... and whole bunch of badge heavy jerks.

1515 days ago

Alex M.    

umm no it's just because almost all of the DeKalb county sheriffs are *******s.. one told my b/f to hurry and go back home to his whore of a mother... soo yeah..

1496 days ago


OMG, I can't wait to see Bret's new show on VH1, Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It!! Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It!

1437 days ago


Hmmm...many people quick to jump to Brets defense. But think for a moment...isn´t this the kind of crime that has lil wayne and Ti going to was illegal drugs on a tour bus that sent wayne to jail! Double standards

1398 days ago
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