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Michael Lohan:

Kate Major Was Drunk

7/22/2010 1:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE:  Sources connected to Kate tell TMZ, "It's absolutely false.  She was not drunk.  It was 2 PM.  All of his claims are completely untrue.  He knows if the truth comes out it will destroy him and he will go to jail."

Michael Lohan says he "never physically abused" his fiancee Kate Major ... telling TMZ Kate was "heavily intoxicated" at the time.

Here's the statement in full, from Michael's lawyer, Lisa Bloom:

"Michael Lohan 100% denies each and every one of Kate Major’s allegations.  He has never threatened to harm her, never assaulted her, and never physically abused her in any way. 

Kate was heavily intoxicated during the verbal argument between Michael and Kate in the early afternoon on Monday.  Michael Lohan has been clean and sober for six years.  

Michael Lohan is fully cooperating with the police investigation.  No charges have been filed.  He expects to be fully vindicated."

Michael also hurled a few allegations of his own at Kate -- telling a photographer Kate has "major issues," saying she used to sell stories about his daughter Lindsay Lohan to tabloids, and a whole lot more. Check out the video ... it's a doozy.

And this footnote:  After Bloom sent TMZ her statement, charges were filed against Lohan.



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if TMZ would use correct investigative reporting, like they can sometimes do, they would know their is a wittnes. She was not alone when Michael did this. Whether this stupid a$$ s***bag did it or not it doesn't matter. This dingleberry has a record and a witnes is a witnes. Jill Banner saw the entire thing. Michael is done.

1522 days ago


Why would a guy who preaches sobriety be with someone who gets drunk. He's lying of course as he always does. He has more restraining orders against him than anyone on the planet. Oh, I get it; they're all lying EXCEPT him. He is a pathetic psycho...

1522 days ago


I agree with Janet, also, wasn't Kate Major from Star Magazine and we only know who she is because she dated Jon Gosselin? Damn Lohans, they are attention whores.

1522 days ago


How come no one questions the validity those drunken rants Michael has of Kate yet they question the ones Oksana has of Mel?



1522 days ago

either or    

Why is this moron always flanked by a couple of oversized nig-nogs?

1522 days ago


First she only did it for money and now she was stinking drunk. Which is it retard? If you're going to make crap up, it's best to stick with one story.

1522 days ago


why does he feel it's his job to go public with things rhat are personal? he needs to have a court order to have his cell phone taken away, he texts,records,calls the media,goes public esp when no one cares! TAKE AWAY HIS PHONE

1522 days ago


all i know is he seems like a person with a bad temper who could be guilty of these accusations!

1522 days ago


Yeah, it's just a wacky coincidence that every woman he's dated has accused him of domestic abuse (this is #3, not counting his probable beatings of Lindsay). I wish this would stop you media clowns from giving him money to spew lies about Lindsay, participating in her continued abuse by him, but I know it won't.

1522 days ago


Are Lisa Bloom and Michael SLEEPING TOGETHER? Check out her comments about Mel, what a f* liar (Lisa) LISA MAKES ALL WOMEN LOOK BAD. SO DOES HER MOM. THEY BOTH LIE FOR THE RIGHT PRICE

1522 days ago

passin thru    

just like all the other 'incidents' in which he 'never abused anyone' ? sounds like a pattern to me...hmmmmmm

1522 days ago

Giz Mo    

Mr. Lohan is a horrible excuse for a human being. The man has no class whatsoever. I can see where Lindsay gets her lying from. What a shame. I hope there are charges presented against him and that he pays the jail a long, over-due visit.

1522 days ago


We're over the Lohans and the schoolgirl drama they all create for themselves!

1522 days ago


This Money seeking,famewhore,douchebag makes Mel Gibson look like a Nun on Valium!!!!!

1522 days ago


Michael Lohan has not been clean & sober 6 yrs., his 1st attempt started 6 yrs. ago courtesy of the Nassau Cty. Police Dept. He has had several arrests & charges for drinking, assault, and domestic violence. He is well known in the Nassau & Suffolk Cty. jurisdiction. I've stated in the past that Michael wants more money out of Lindsay. That kid is doing her time & will enter rehab & hopefully fair better than her father. The best thing Michael can do is respect her wishes and not try involve himself in her life. The Lohan Family is mostly dysfunctional due to Michael. If Lisa Bloom is smart she'll dump him as a client, he's a cancer that brings treminal outcomes.

1522 days ago
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