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Michael Lohan:

Kate Major Was Drunk

7/22/2010 1:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE:  Sources connected to Kate tell TMZ, "It's absolutely false.  She was not drunk.  It was 2 PM.  All of his claims are completely untrue.  He knows if the truth comes out it will destroy him and he will go to jail."

Michael Lohan says he "never physically abused" his fiancee Kate Major ... telling TMZ Kate was "heavily intoxicated" at the time.

Here's the statement in full, from Michael's lawyer, Lisa Bloom:

"Michael Lohan 100% denies each and every one of Kate Major’s allegations.  He has never threatened to harm her, never assaulted her, and never physically abused her in any way. 

Kate was heavily intoxicated during the verbal argument between Michael and Kate in the early afternoon on Monday.  Michael Lohan has been clean and sober for six years.  

Michael Lohan is fully cooperating with the police investigation.  No charges have been filed.  He expects to be fully vindicated."

Michael also hurled a few allegations of his own at Kate -- telling a photographer Kate has "major issues," saying she used to sell stories about his daughter Lindsay Lohan to tabloids, and a whole lot more. Check out the video ... it's a doozy.

And this footnote:  After Bloom sent TMZ her statement, charges were filed against Lohan.



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lisa and gloria are like vultures. wait, nevermind...i take that back. at least vultures wait for their meal tickets to die before they pick their bones.

1551 days ago


Lisa Bloom needs to get that beak of a nose of hers fixed and soon. A complete makeover wouldn't even make her look any better either. I don't which is worse....Lisa Bloom's beak or Nancy Grace's nostrils? You can park a fleet of limo's in her nostrils.

1551 days ago


lmao @ RIP!

1551 days ago

Miss Bu    

and yet again this loser has tapes of someone.......

1551 days ago


I see him as a failure as a parent. And a hypocrite.

1551 days ago


Lohan does not like women. his ex,Dina hates him, his ex, Erin hates him and now Kate Major. oh, his 2 daughters Hate him. i wish this guy would just GO AWAY!!! he looks like a rough, violent man.. i'm sick of his face on Larry King,etc,... and ALL stories about him...he is so NEGATIVE!!!

1551 days ago


It's funny.. Everyone that has any altercation with this dou che bag they are always drunk or on drugs.. Its NEVER this tool's fault is it??? He is a disgusting human being. ( if even that. ) As soon as TMZ or ROL STOP giving this idiot face time he will fade into oblivion.

1551 days ago


Sorry Michael but your claims are just a little too much to believe. 150 restraining orders against you can't be wrong.

1551 days ago


Hmmm...this is exactly what he said about Erin Mueller, the LAST woman he beat. Coincidence?

Never mind that Lindsay WITNESSED him beating her mother. I'm sure it was just that one time. Abusers never repeat the same pattern in all their relationships.

He is the S*** OF THE EARTH. Your fiance supposedly sells stories about your daughter to tabloids...and you stay with her?! Yeah, THAT adds up - not to mention the fact that that HE'S sold more stories about Lindsay to the press than anyone. He hasn't supported the girl financially since she was like s4 years old, but as soon as court lets out, HE's on the way to Larry King.

Way to earn some cash for all those delinquent child support payments you deadbeat loser. When the media finally gets tired of your charade, that's it for more paid interviews, no more house in the Hamptons, no more making a living off of pitching reality shows. You'll have to get off your sorry ass and WORK like everyone else.

1551 days ago


Michael, don't go away mad. JUST GO AWAY!

1551 days ago


Things TMZ as Taught Me:

1. Never date someone who is a media whore.
2. Allows ask to see what apps are on the other persons phone (No recording apps or features).
3. Be cautious when a cell phone is visible during conversations.
4. Immediately after lying, take notes so I remember my original story.
5. If punished by the court, follow the judges orders to a "T".
6. If I don't want negative media coverage DON'T Do Stupid Things in front of Cameras!
7. Never, ever date, socialize or claim to be "close" to a Lohan.
8. RUN if Micheal Lohan is near.
9. RUN if Dina Lohan is near (after stealing her free ice cream).
10. Finally, respect others and they will (might) respect you and avoid all this bull poop altogether.

1551 days ago


Lindsay Lohan Breaks Down After Wardens Rip Out Hair Extensions, Eyelashes: Report

Published July 22, 2010

Lindsay Lohan burst into tears after prison wardens ripped out her hair extensions and forced her to remove her false eyelashes when the star began her jail sentence in Los Angeles, the Daily Mirror reported Thursday.

The 24-year-old actress was told she had to remove the fake hair on entering the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, California on Tuesday to begin serving her sentence for violating her probation in an alcohol-related reckless driving case in 2007.

A staff source said: “She just sat there stony-faced and couldn’t even bring herself to take them out herself. It was a sorry sight.”

One of the prison guards said: “She was a broken woman. But she won’t get any sympathy here -- this is jail.”

Lohan also had her lips injected with collagen before entering jail, plastic surgeons told Us Weekly after examining before and after photos of the star.

The “Mean Girls” actress is now adjusting to prison and is “cool, calm and sleeping a lot,” a source from inside the jail told TMZ Thursday.

"She's not a mess at all. She's keeping to herself, better than yesterday and handling it pretty good,” the source said.

The Sun newspaper even suggested the star may serve just nine days of her 90-day sentence.

It was previously reported she would serve just 14 days due to prison overcrowding but a jail source said he expected the star to serve just 10 percent of her sentence.

Lohan’s mother Dina and her sister Ali went to see the star Wednesday afternoon even though visiting hours after normally limited to weekends, TMZ reported.

It also emerged Wednesday that Lohan would be allowed to take prescription drugs including Adderall and Ambien.

Doctors said her request to take some prescription medications to jail is completely justified.

POP TARTS: Sheriffs Will Protect Lindsay Lohan From Prison Attacks While She Plans to Do 'Art'

1551 days ago


Oops.. They forget to teach me to proofread lol

1551 days ago


Serious question. I know he has served time for previous felonies. Has he ever been convicted of assault or do the charges get dropped? If he has been convicted, how many times can he repeat the same offense before he gets some serious time?

Anyone know the answer?

1551 days ago


Jeez, do ya think this will put a dark cloud on them getting married? LOL!

1551 days ago
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