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Lindsay's Jail --

Crazed Fans Won't Stop Calling Us

7/23/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the Lynwood Correctional Facility has been getting hit with roughly 100 CALLS AN HOUR -- from obsessed fans looking to get a little phone time with Lindsay Lohan.

Lindsay Lohan Jail
According to multiple law enforcement sources, staff at Lynwood and the L.A. County Sheriff's Headquarters Bureau have been getting bombarded by tons of fans ... who have been phoning in from all over the country ever since LiLo moved in.

Obviously, the fans are never connected to their incarcerated hero ... because she's in JAIL.

So next time you want to give Lindsay a call, just write a postcard instead.


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This will be so good for her career. Most of you didn't believe 2 days ago. She's all good and she'll be better for it. Way to go Lindsay!

1555 days ago


Blast an air horn in their effin' ear. Simpletons.

1555 days ago


I wonder how many are going to try and visit her this weekend.

1555 days ago


Harvey, quit calling the jail a hundred times every hour. They're not fooled by your attempts at doing different voices.

1554 days ago


@ 9..Well of course her fans are dumb. It doesn't even matter if it was someone else involved. Being celebrity obsessed to the point you find out the number to the jail and then try to call them is yea..Kinda like how her "fans" think shes innocent and doesn't belong there...Just like delusional fans thought MJ was innocent..Pure stupidity.

1554 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

The only one calling the Jail 100xs Is Dina, Michael,and Ali mostly are Mikey Boy please see daddy lindsay

Just dont get why this douche bag is still around?? Daughter hates you,wont talk to you, and wont see you

Hellllllllooooo! Azzhole she wants nothing to do with you!!Go home and beat your girl loser!!

1554 days ago


Ha ha good
The people should keep calling as she is such a huge strain on everything and they will want to release her as soon as they can.

1554 days ago


No wonder they let celebs out early.

1554 days ago


I would not waste my time calling, nor mailing a postcard.

1554 days ago


This whole thing has cost LA county much more than it's worth and created havoc for the entire jail. They should just put her under house arrest.

1554 days ago

Peter Sc    

I can understand this. Right now it is summer. There is nothing going on in the world beside her holiday in jail which we should care about.

Some might speak something about North Korea, but it can be solved. MacArthur had the solution but Truman wasn't brave enough. Most countries are leaving Afghanistan in short time anyway and then there is the new spa south where we can bath in oil.

What on earth is there to concern yourself about beside this subject?

1554 days ago


This is a conspiracy! She got all of her friends, well, one at least, and her family to make the calls so the jail will kick her out early.

She is SUCH A LOSER. Too bad they can't transfer in the middle of the night to a jail that's less crowded so she'd serve more time.

And as for that water story, tough chit honey!!! Should have thought of that when you were skipping your classes, driving drunk and snorting coke.

You deserve so much more punishment than you are getting. There ought to be a law against hollywood trash with an over-developed sense of entitlement.

I just hope her "career" tanks and she fades away. That whole family is pathetic. LOSERS!!!

1554 days ago


Knowing her fans, I would bet that a lot more of them are trying to send her secret messages through mental telepathy.

1554 days ago


WOW what a bunch of pathetic ass kissing morons! Its really sad that young people today idolize people like this!

1554 days ago

Bob Goodden    

Thanks for the address. I hope it is real. Now I have to pick out a postcard to sent to Lindsay. Maybe they will have one at Spenser's at the Mall.

1554 days ago
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