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Oksana Continues Lawyer Shopping Spree

7/22/2010 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva just went to see another lawyer -- the second today -- and we've learned this one specializes in employment law.

Although Oksana's legal issues don't relate to employment, sources tell us she's interested in the firm -- Rheuban and Gresen -- for a possible civil lawsuit against Mel Gibson, as well as the criminal investigations into alleged domestic violence and extortion.

TMZ broke the story ... earlier today Oksana met with a lawyer who specializes in computer crimes.


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I now understand why Mel called her the names he did and feel sorry for the torment he must have suffered at the hand of this souless woman. By doing all thetalking, and chnaging her story every time, she is making it hard to find a jury that would give her wants he wants: MONEY!! Oksana, silence is golden: "It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt." Girl, you are looking like quite the fool right now.

1463 days ago


I'm sure she'll be holding a press conference with Gloria Allred any day now.

1463 days ago


Yeah, sorry, don't feel a bit sorry for her....she's all about the money...

1463 days ago


Maybe if she turns over enough rocks she'll find an attorney to her liking. May I suggest she look in dung heap or perhaps she could bend over and one would pop out of her A••.He would know her inside out, now that's a lawyer!

1463 days ago

robert h    

Her nose is way too small for her face. Is it a botched nosejob?

1463 days ago

Just Saying    

Maybe she thinks she was short changed on her work relating to Mel's film ? Makes sense to get as much money out of this as possible since it is unlikely she will get work in Hollywood now.

1463 days ago


boOhoh...ShoppinG toO mANy laWyers?so waste of time...ol i know is she is hiding some lies and leaked that stupid tape on a gossip site to hid her filthy doings.. if mel is reaLly hitting her, then why didnt she report it after the beating, instead teling it to that site? come on oksana, we know thet ol u wnt is fame and money...mel wont be that very mad if u didnt do anything wrong..give up the act!!!!

1463 days ago


im sick of reading about this ugly cu*t whore.. harvey u have nothing better to report? i guess im going to have to start visiting that ***gots' website!!

1463 days ago


To paraphrase "Beyond Thunderdome": "He's bad. He's beautiful. He's crazy. He's the man with Colm-Cille in his name."

If this gold digger thought Mel was just going to roll over like all the other ***** whipped males she has blown through over the years...sorry to tell you ho, but Mel just ain't the one. This is a man who maneouvered around the traditional Hollywood studio system to see "The Passion of the Christ" made, going so far as to finance the production and distribution with his own money; and he pulled down $800 million in pure profit for the risk. You ****ed with the wrong bull this time broad.

1463 days ago


But LA lawyers don't work for vodka or potato rations, they want real US currency.

Posted at 1:30 PM on Jul 22, 2010 by PolarBear

Classic! lol

1463 days ago


"But LA lawyers don't work for vodka or potato rations, they want real US currency" She got US dollars for false tapes from RadarOnLine.At last american public begins to see clearly all that blackmail! I live in Russia and all her scenario was understandable for me from the first tape! She overacted her "part" and spoke her text so not natural!!!!!! Of course. Mr.Gibson is a victim of her blackmail. and when I read reviews on russian WEB nobody believes her!!! Whore is a whore everywhere. no matter is she's in USA or in Russia. We wish Mr.Gibson to survive and to win! She deserves a long jail time!!!

1462 days ago


There Oskana goes again, using her reverse psychology to manipulate for what she wants as she had done her entire life. First she had her mouthpiece, Jaffe release a statement demanding you refer to her as a victim, now she manipulates the commentors on Harvey's website she is monitoring by Mel-Jew bashing. Gibson fell for her ploy many times too when she was busy taping him on the phone, very clever..Oksana...NOT.

1462 days ago


Since she is known now by her famous BJ's that must be how she is paying off these attorneys since she lives off baby daddies. This woman must not be very bright, if she continues grasping at straws she will end up deported. Mel has money and power on side she will not win. She should have taken the 15 million.

1461 days ago
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