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Rachel Uchitel in 'Rehab' -- Look Ma, No Pills!

7/22/2010 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Less than a week into rehab, Rachel Uchitel has kicked her addiction to prescription pills -- not because Dr. Drew is that good ... but because she never was addicted, according to sources.


Rachel started taping "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew" this week, and sources close to the production say she never really had a pill popping problem -- instead, we're told, Rachel is getting "genuine treatment for emotional issues."

It's unclear what's at the root of those "issues," but it doesn't take a PhD to make a diagnosis.

One source adds Rachel isn't just collecting a paycheck -- "She's taking it seriously, and getting as much out of this as the cast members who are dealing with drugs or booze."

Good luck Dr. Drew.



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That is what Dr. Quack gets for paying so-called addicts to recover. Does he pay his other regular patients who are not in front of the camera. Hell No. He deserved to get screwed out of the $500,000.

1553 days ago


see the thing is, Dr. Drew wouldn't want to get an STD from you Rachel. you are a home-wrecking tramp and i can't believe you are famous now for having AFFAIRS with married men. really?!? and you should take the money you're getting from this show (can't believe Dr. Drew went this low) and get some work done on your face. not cute.

1553 days ago


I have watched CR since the beginning and I think that this is really low. Manufacturing need for ratings.

1553 days ago


Those emotional problems she's working on include scamming Dr. Screw out of $500,000 plus attention. This chick is seriously screwed up, but I think she may be beyond hope by now.

1553 days ago


ugh, her acting role as "mother" is a joke, she reinvents herself on a regular basis, she's a low down nasty slut who seduced a married man and takes care to always present her goodness to the world in all endeavors. She makes me sick and I will never pay money to watch anything she does. He's not much better, unfaithful, disloyal and whipped. Both of them had had ample opportunity to behave honorably and with integrity and instead choose the low path then think their outside beauty will make up for the inside ugly. Yuck.

1553 days ago


so VH1 turned down people with real problems because they werent big enough stars and allow this woman on the show who has no addiction just because she had an affair with tiger this show is a joke.

1553 days ago

Grandma Cracker respect-o-meter for Dr. Drew just went down the toilet....take a clue from Trump and fire her ass.

1553 days ago

go home!    

Disgusting. Just think of how that 500 grand they paid her could have help a charity or something more worthwile. Didn't she suck enough money from Tiger? What is wrong with Hollywood (that includes you Trump) who want to reward this trash more money?? We are not interested in her.

1552 days ago


What a joke she is useless piece of crap. Please get a job hooking on the corner already. You look like a blow up sex doll

1552 days ago


why is she always photographed with her gob wide open and her tongue sticking out or licking her lips? LOSER.

1552 days ago


Every time TMZ puts out a story on Celebrity Rehab, I lose more and more respect for Dr. Drew.

1552 days ago


I'm wondering if she doesn't chase married men because her fiance was killed during 9/11. If she never really has a commitment she doesn't have to worry about losing anyone again. Just a thought.

1552 days ago


That sucks, I used to like watching that show, but now there's no f**king way I would ever watch a show that is paying that piece of trash to show her ugly face on it...damn, I'd rather watch Carrie Anne Panocha than this bitch.

1552 days ago


Who cares about this idiotic whore? Stop reporting on her. GO AWAY, SKANK.

1552 days ago


attention whore alert and kick her out of rehab pronto

1552 days ago
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