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Lohan Gets Jail Visit from Ex-GF Sam Ronson

7/22/2010 7:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

No stranger to the bar scene, Sam Ronson rolled over to Lynwood Correctional Facility today to visit with her ex-girlfriend Lindsay Lohan.



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:::::::::Miss Samro' is the President of the
NYC House Authority for wayward girls :::::::

1562 days ago


I think she is carrying crack in that sweater. :/

1562 days ago


Lindsay was involved with this person? She (Lindsay) must have been pretty desperate.

1562 days ago


she hasnt turned her back on Lindsey.

Posted at 8:43 PM on Jul 22, 2010 by s
What? Are you serious? When Lindsay was a train wreck and a laughing stock she was laughing right along with everyone else and making jokes about her! Now that she is in jail and maybe on the road to recovery and has a chance at being a bankable star again who shows up? Why its her fair weathered friend Samro!

Obviously this chick does not care about Lilo, she is playing on her weakness and vulnerability right now. She will use her just like last time so she can get more fame and fans. Her older brother is an award winning music producer and her sister is a successful fashion designer! What was she famous for before she turned Lilo into a lesbian? NOTHING! She's a user just like every other piece of crap in Lilo's life. Its been confirmed by many other people she has used and tossed aside.

Anyone who cant see Samro for what she is, is a complete idiot!

1562 days ago


she's dating a young Marilyn Monroe,

Posted at 8:12 PM on Jul 22, 2010 by snaffuu'
Im sorry who is she dating? I know your not even comparing Lindsay to Marilyn Monroe right?
Because that would just be ridiculous, for one thing Marilyn was an icon, a ledgend and was never arrested or in trouble with the law. Marilyn has done countless movies and even though she did take drugs and had some mental issues she still managed to keep herself together and get a movie filmed.
Just because someone idolizes a film star and dresses up like them for a photo shoot does not make them a younger version of them. The only two parallels between the two are that they have both stared in films (even though Marilyn has on a much much greater scale) and Lindsay has obvious mental issues and will end up dead at a young age of an overdose if she dosent get cleaned up. Its blasphemy to refer to Lindsay as a young Marilyn Monroe, so if that is who you are talking about Ill just assume you are some young kid who really has no idea who she is, you just heard Lindsay wants to be just like her.

1562 days ago


She kind of looks like a lezbo younger version of Johnny Depp back in the day, we get it you are trying to be edgy but you seem desperate.

1562 days ago


Clearly Lilo should be in jail b/c Sam looks like a teenage boy, California parents of young boys salute you U.S justice system for once...usually U FAIL

1562 days ago


When Lindsay goes to rehab I pray she wakes up and looks at her life and who she hanging out with. People are blind when their in their disease and their thinking is all screwed up. I hope you make it Lindsay. I would hate to read about another person dies of a overdose.And to her mom.. your not helping her by telling tmz her sentence was harsh.and siding with Lindsay. You could love her to DEATH by being a parent/friend enabler supporter. God I just pray for your whole family what a hard thing to go thru. I went thru it with my daughter and she findly turned her life around. I pray it LIndsays time..

1562 days ago


Lilo is like River Phoenix....had it all and WASTED it

1562 days ago


OMG, I thought this was a guy! LOL!!!!!

1562 days ago


No way that's a girl. Yuck.

1562 days ago


why is she wearing a NYC housing authority shirt? she look terrible . looks like she is into the drugs heavy. why are they letting these people in to LILO her when they all enable her.I thought she was allowed only 1 one hour or 2 half hour visits a week it seems everyday a bunch of people are visiting. the police are not doing this girl any favors by letting these people visit her .

1562 days ago


could sam look more like a dude?

1562 days ago

Donald Ray    

This THING, Heidi Fleiss and Amy Winehouse ALL look like LIVING DISEASES. .

1562 days ago


Wow. This woman (?) is really not attractive.

Yikes. Hard to believe she is a lesbian.

1562 days ago
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