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Lohan Gets Jail Visit from Ex-GF Sam Ronson

7/22/2010 7:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

No stranger to the bar scene, Sam Ronson rolled over to Lynwood Correctional Facility today to visit with her ex-girlfriend Lindsay Lohan.



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She will never learn to be responsible for her actions if she keeps getting special treatment. She has be treated like everyone else in there and only get visitation during weekends. I don't care if she is famous, she is in there for violating her parole and needs to learn that she is just a human being like everyone else. Her addictions are going to kill her if she doesn't.

1498 days ago


My precioussss. GOLEM just heard that Lindsay had his ring and came to get it. Look at poor Golem's sullen face, on his way out without his ring :(

1498 days ago


Well it's looking like we are looking at a tweeked out meth-head here to me! I'm surprised she had the nerve to show up proudly stating the fact that she is a drug addict!

1498 days ago


I can't even distinguish is this person male or female. Disgusting. 100% drug addict and anorexia.

1498 days ago


So funny that posters think wearing makeup and having larger breasts is what makes a person a woman... Really, we come in all sizes and shapes - some woman are skinny just like Sam and can't gain weight even though eating a lot. Some women have large breasts, some have small breasts (we don't all need anything for "support"...), and others are anywhere between the two extremes. We wear our hair all different ways, too - very short and very long and everything in between. Has nothing to do with being a real woman.

And certainly we don't all wear makeup! The cosmetics industry tries to make us feel naked without it, but actually it's a relatively new idea for anybody other than prostitutes and actresses to wear makeup. But there's a lot of money in pushing the stuff, hence the brainwashing in every movie, tv show, magazine... and tmz. By the time my mother was a teenager in the 1930s, movies had done that job on her. As a kid watching her put on the lipstick, I wondered why she did it because her lips looked so much better without it. I remember decades ago hearing an older woman say that she counted her true liberation as the day when she finally tossed all the cosmetics...

1498 days ago


"318. Lindsay Lohan Breaks Down After Wardens Rip Out Hair Extensions, Eyelashes
Posted at 10:35 PM on Jul 22, 2010 by OhWell"

And yet E! reported on TV today that Lindsay didn't have to remove her extensions. I guess we'll find out the facts eventually. I'm hoping they were removed.

By the way, why are women paying all this money to have extensions glued to their hair? Are they unaware that if they stop cutting their hair it will actually grow long?

1498 days ago


A private room with a television, daily visitors... This isn't jail! Lindsay's just on vacation and staying at a really crappy hotel.

1498 days ago


This clown thought she had a career in the music biz like her stepfather, but only got as far as spinning tunes for her fellow anorexic cokeheads. What will she do when she's too old (which will be soon) for even that lousy gig?

1497 days ago

Dennis Johnson    

Is that thing human!

1497 days ago

RJ Hunt    

Talk about someone who needs rehab...I am getting high just looking at the strung out chick

1497 days ago


she needs some food.

1497 days ago


Jesus that is one butt ugly freak. Thats gotta be a tranny or some kinda science experiment. Ive seen better looking road kill!!

Posted at 3:27 PM on Jul 22, 2010 by Julian


1497 days ago

Oval Beach    

My GOD!!! Someone throw this girl a burger or SOMETHIN'. Jesus H. Christ...she/he make Jesus H. Christ look fat.

1497 days ago


She looks half dead already. Call Dr. Drew.

1497 days ago

Chun LI    

Fellow druggie visits fellow druggie.

1497 days ago
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