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Lohan Gets Jail Visit from Ex-GF Sam Ronson

7/22/2010 7:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

No stranger to the bar scene, Sam Ronson rolled over to Lynwood Correctional Facility today to visit with her ex-girlfriend Lindsay Lohan.



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Are you sure that's a chick. 'Cause I don't see it. I had one of those 80's Tony Hawk hair cuts at one time. looks like a skate dude. hahahahaha

1520 days ago


EEEWWW!!! I just threw up in my mouth!!! WTF is that! One drug addict visits another...Why would any chick...especially a lesbian be interested in a stick that looks like it has AIDS. I will never understand Lohan, she could do a million times better than Samuel "freak" Ronson LOL! She is not butch; she is Butch's tooth pick. I give ol Ronson two years before we read about her overdosed dead on the toilet.

1520 days ago


Skank Alert ! They need to do a full Cavity search on this one, whatever it is.. she's just a Mule for Lind see's ...Love IS Blind...

1520 days ago


I agree with the visits. I understand they are only on weekends and two visits per convicted inmate. Why is she still getting special treatment.

1520 days ago


Ronson's O.K. Cool DJ, good family, and now a friend to Lindsey when she needs one.

Pretty decent character. They have done nothing to us personally. The only frustration is that Lindsey has so much potential, watching her party it away is a waste. Her waste.

I'd like to see her turn her life around. Does that make me a bad person?

1520 days ago


The family members and friends of the other inmates should parade right in after Lindsay family and friends to see if they too will be able to visit their love one's in this jail on week days, and not have to wait until the weekends.

Giving of special treatment to Lindsay and her family and friends, and not to the other inmates does not look good for those in charge at the jail.

1520 days ago


As a police officer working narcotics you get real use to seeing people that are cranking and in the middle of a jones. Ole Sam here looks like she/he(?) is really speeding along today. Look at the anemia, anorexia, and blotched and craggy complexion and she is high,high, high. Wow, proof here crack -is -whack. Maybe she is just getting in training and prepared to enter rehab with her LiLo in 90days. She sure looks like she has been token on the Ole Glass hose

1520 days ago


Deputies should check their rosters! This poor soul appears to be an escaped lifer!

1520 days ago


The subject is actually how probably everyone who looked at this pic screamed aloud in horror!!

We all hope she "gets it" and does right.

This chic isn't the one to go down that road with though!!

1520 days ago


Is that a girl????

1520 days ago


I thought visitation is during the weekend? Special privileges?

1520 days ago

KeepItSimple looks like lindsay does get special treatment in jail.

1520 days ago


lilo's girl/boy friend.. greasy slimy looking thing isn't she? her hair looks very dirty and she is thin and unhealthy looking..those 2 are a great couple.... blech... take a bath sam ...

1520 days ago


I wonder if they switched her visiting days to avoid the problem they had with Paris Hilton - the paps made it so difficult for other people to visit (from sheer numbers as well as the total lack of privacy). Some people waited in line as long as they could and had to finally leave without a visit, I remember some visitors complaining about the Hilton circus when some were asked by reporters. Not the prisoner's fault, but the paps and other media. That's why they were shuffling Hilton visitors in ahead of others, to try to minimize the disruption. But the paps were like dogs with a bone...

It doesn't really matter which day is assigned. Weekends work for many people because they have regular jobs during the week with fixed hours. None of Lindsay's family and friends will be in that category, so it doesn't matter.

Then again, maybe Sam was just dropping off $$ or a package or letter. Didn't Michael drop off cash for her account?

1520 days ago


You can just look at her and tell she is an addict. Really sad what money can buy some people.

1520 days ago
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