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Halle Berry: Gandhi Showed Up At My House!

7/23/2010 4:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry is such a zen person, it's not surprising she's into Gandhi ... but when he shows up at her house it's a case for the cops.

0723_halley_berry_magnifying_glassThe face of Mahatma Gandhi mysteriously appeared on the front gate of Halle's L.A. home today -- in the form of teeny tiny pink graffiti.

We're told someone in Halle's house called police to report the vandalism. The cops came, but so far ... no suspects.

Peace out.


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Clever one Zipper.

Well people from your retarded dump of a country do care otherwise they wouldnt have commented on it, and they wouldnt know about it (All though partially wrong)

As for England a dump? You have been to the US of Gay right. YOu still have a dump called New Orleans...Garbage is spilt in your gulf (Thanks BP ;). You have the dirty inbred mountain breeds in Carolina... i could go on but there is 50 states (You knew that right?)

300,000,000 and counting of people who can barely find elastic waist jeans for your Tubbies in Wal-Mart...let alone where the nations capital is..

Thankfully due to people like you this is why Europe hates Americans...Dumb, Inbreeding Fatties who have no idea about S@#T

Once again thanks BP for all your good work.

And Thanks George Bush for solidifying the fact that Americans are single handedly the dumbest and most hated people on earth.

Let me ask? Hows it feel to be a third world country.....peasants...hahahaha

Posted at 1:14 PM on Jul 23, 2010 by Steve
steve dont be hating on us just because we keep your country in our back pocket.Your country is still living in the past because thats all you have..I spent 2 years on an english air base in the 90's and your food was fried fried fried was so bad they had to fly in food for the americans because we were all getting sick.remember without us your country would be giving the hitler salute to everyone over there..and by the way you still owe us about 1.5 billion dollors for that lend lease program you failed to pay us for.

1553 days ago


Looks more like Lyndon Johnson or Roy Orbison, hmm maybe Wally Cox

1553 days ago


It has to be reported to the police in case it is some stalker then they have a report on it.

1553 days ago


Zen Buddhism is heresy to Hinduism. That's like saying a certain Orthodox Rabbi was so rightious that an image of Jesus appeared in his chicken noodle soup.

1553 days ago


And Europe doesnt hate Americans,,its envy ..not hate

Hows that euro doing?
hmmm not so good huh.
Half your country is unemployed for life and the other half cant do much but complain.

1553 days ago


That is a serious situation. Hopefully, no cops had to throw any donuts away for this call!

1553 days ago


How does this turn into England vs USA? Is this guy still mad that the US went farther than England in the World Cup?

1553 days ago


What's so talented about someone who used a stencil? And why was it necessary to call the police?

1553 days ago


electriczipper - You were in the USAf...What a waste of time that is. We use to kick ten bells out of the US Army when ever they came to our manor. i thought you guys liked fried..its cooked in OIL and you seem to waste a lot of time and money chasing that around the world...Losers

As for World War 2 didnt you wake up when an alarm...oops i mean bomb pissed on a harbour of

Posted at 2:08 PM on Jul 23, 2010 by CGS

Check your facts Dumbass, we both went out in the same round...although our plane tickets are dated after yours. Plus the reason you got in the next round is we adopt half your ****ty players in our teams...Dont worry we give them the **** they deserve...the greatest shot of one of your players was Brian McBride with a bloody face after a nice challenge.

Anyhoo, keep chasing your own tails...Dont bother replying because i wont be here...Donkey

1553 days ago


And this is a story why? A stenciled Zig Zag man (I don't think it looks like Ghandi) on her gate and it's the first thing on the website? Slow news day guys?

1553 days ago


Halle is a has-been. She is pretty only because she got rid of her old nose and got a "white person's" nose.

1553 days ago


And one you are so uneducated...Its not the Euro in England...hahaha...

1553 days ago


Electriczipper don't forget the "Royal Family" has a long history of inbreeding!

1553 days ago

Throwback kid    

I wish Halle would have been so fast to call the police when she hit that woman with her car. Instead she took off offering no help to the person she just injured, it's all about Halle.

1553 days ago


it looks like it could be a banksy artwork in which case the door is more valueable than the house

1553 days ago
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