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Michael Lohan Seeks Divine Lindsay Intervention

7/23/2010 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan is hoping to visit his daughter Lindsay Lohan in jail this weekend -- but if Lindsay refuses to see him, he'll ask for assistance from a higher power.

Papa Lohan tells TMZ that if Lindsay won't approve him as a visitor, he'll reach out to the jail's chaplain to help broker some kind of meeting. There is of course the possibility the chaplain could refuse to meet with him too.

It's one thing for your daughter to turn you away, it's another thing when JC's spokesperson does it.


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Politico Pablo    

He should bring some holy water for her drink.

1554 days ago


They should just lock this guy up for being an annoying *******. What the hell? She has made it crystal clear how she feels about him and his "fathering", so he should just get a freaking life and leave her alone. He's not helping anyone other than the media sites by being annoyingly persistent.

1554 days ago


"JC's spokesperson"??

Blastphemous, Harvey.

1554 days ago


Wow!! This man is really creepy, worse than a stalker!! When you are in jail, you choose who can see you or not, is one of the few choices not taken from you. No Chaplain or anyone else can force you to receive anyone you don't want to see. Even the officers can refuse a visitor if they feel is not safe or neccessary. She has made quite clear she don't want any contact with him, and yet, he insists. Is like dealing with one of those lovers than don't know when to quit. Scary indeed.

1554 days ago


enough of this crap.
What wacky things are going on with the jacksons?????

1554 days ago


even though she's a "guest of the government" she still has certain rights. everyday is drama for this guy, everyday. hopefully the chaplin will sprinkle holy water on him, and watch him's a very long fall for you from your fantasy world. I wonder if we listen close enough we can hear the circus music playing in your head!

1554 days ago


Lindsay's dad is MENTAL!. I almost feel bad for her in that sense, it's nothing but a circus in Lynwood right now. What is she down to now?...11-10 days before she's out of "time out"?

1554 days ago


WHY IS EVERYONE BREAKING THEIR NECK TO SEE HER IN JAIL? She's only going to be there for 2 weeks, give her time to meditate and learn to be alone for a minute, maybe she'll come out a better person. Sam Ronson shouldn't be allowed anywhere near her she looks like trouble.

1554 days ago


Holy mermaids Batman. Will someone please convince him to stop stalking her and to STFU?? *I* want to punch him out and I don't even like Lindsay.

1554 days ago


the lindsey lohan chronicals are very entertaining. keep up the good work TMZ.

1554 days ago


In a way Lindsay Lohan is absolutely right in refusing to bow down to her father. Bowing down to him.. Embracing him is not such a good healthy thing to do, when she should instead be praying and bowing down to Jesus Christ.

1554 days ago


Can someone tell this douche bag that his daughter is in JAIL. She's going to REHAB after jail. Who needs an intervention in jail?! He's just looking for media attention and here is TMZ feeding into him. How IS his resturant/bar going? Exactly. He ALWAYS has something new, innovative and positive to say, yet never actually DOES anything! Also, Max, f*ck off. Stop spamming.

1554 days ago


Michael Lohan has no employment. His only means of support is talking about Lindsay and giving interviews about her. TMZ and other sites contribute to this brute's obsession with his daughter by entertaining him. Lindsay said he was crazy and she was scared of him. People are beginning to see Lindsay's point of view. He physically abused Dina, Erin and now Kate Majors, there were probably others along the way. I hope someone acts on Lindsay behalf. This visiting her in prison is another PR stunt to stay in the news. BAN MICHAEL LOHAN FROM TMZ. He really is totally obsessed with Lindsay in an unhealthy way.

1554 days ago


im not a professional, but i dont really see any resemblance between michael and lindsay. are we sure she is his daughter?

1554 days ago


accept it Mikey...the gravy train for you and Dina is OVER...can't you collect unemployment...and how do you afford these fake attorneys bodyguards and suv's

1554 days ago
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