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Michael Lohan Seeks Divine Lindsay Intervention

7/23/2010 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan is hoping to visit his daughter Lindsay Lohan in jail this weekend -- but if Lindsay refuses to see him, he'll ask for assistance from a higher power.

Papa Lohan tells TMZ that if Lindsay won't approve him as a visitor, he'll reach out to the jail's chaplain to help broker some kind of meeting. There is of course the possibility the chaplain could refuse to meet with him too.

It's one thing for your daughter to turn you away, it's another thing when JC's spokesperson does it.


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this is a family of idiots.

lindsay isn't going to learn a thing from this. she still blames everyone for her mistakes, her mom is an enabler of the worst kind and her dad is a moron.. no wonder lindsay is a compulsive liar, cutter, chain smoker, prescription pill abuser and entitiled brat. for god's sake, she can't even drink tap water. sure it's not that great, but the jail couldn't have water that isn't healthy, she's just used to bottled/pure water.

also I'm sure she's devouring what food she's getting, smoking is an appetite suppressant. until she can get her lips on that cig again, she'll substitute...

you watch, after her two weeks here, she'll go to some posh rehab, tell them what they want to here, not even try to admit she has issues or help herself get out and it will all start over.

however, i remember the judge also sentencing her to one year probation with no drinking at all, not sure she can do that. her entitlement will get in the way.

i see many more jail visits for lindsay in her near future, again, of course, because of everyone else and her victim mentality.

this girl is pathetic.

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1562 days ago


TMZ - please remove all this OBAMA DECEPTION crap from all the articles. please.

1562 days ago


she should help him

1562 days ago


When is this LOSER going to back off her,she wants nothing to do with him and he is only making her more pissed-off. If the Chaplain has it his/or her way they will keep away from Lindsay.
I hope to God that he is in violation of his probation, and throw is Loser ass in jail in new york so he's far far away from Lindsay.

1562 days ago


He'd better not believe in devine intervention because, if there is a god, god would have the entire Lohan family die in a plane crash but happily the crew of the plane all survive. I wish the entire family would just go back to the trailer park they escaped from years ago. What a bunch of low life creeps.

1562 days ago


For one I am sick of hearing the same ole crap Lohan's and Mel and his wife ! Can we please move on to more interesting stuff TMZ?

Second both Lindsay's parents need to take a hike. The judge needs to do something to keep them out of her life and away from until she is completely "FIXED" (appoint someone to oversee her and all she needs to do). They are no good for her and in a sense enabling her.

Just my 2-cents!

1562 days ago


What an *******.

1562 days ago


She's an adult. He has about as much of a right to see her in jail as I do.

1562 days ago


Is he still trying to pull the "God card?" I don't think jails have chaplains. Dealing with Lohan would be like dealing with the devil. What is with all these religious wack-jobs like Mel and Lohan who are the most deviant? Jesus wouldn't be caught dead in our institutional churches. That's what they are, institutions; Social clubs full of frightened, hollow, shallow people who have a need to control others or are too weak minded to think for themselves. No wonder most denominations are failing. Satan couldn't beat the church so he joined it.

1562 days ago

Michael CAN NOT see her...she already had her 2 30 minute visitors this week (her mom and samantha). Give it up already. If he STOP talking about her to the press maybe she'd give him a chance.

1562 days ago


Lindsey is a used-up, washed-up, dried-up has been. She hasn't even been cute for like 3 years. I am sick to death of all he little complaints while she sits in her private cell. Drink the tap water you spoiled brat, do your time and shut the F**k up already. As far as her media whore of a father goes, well who really cares, what's he famous for, being her loser dad? Maybe if she had real family support none of this would be happening to her. What she really needs is a good swift kick in the ass and a year of doing good old fashioned farm work in the middle of no-where with a family that has some values and morals, no visitors, no movies, no cell phone.

1562 days ago


Oh, good Lord almighty, Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay. She's a no-talent idiot who gets FAR too much attention on all her drama. Why is everyone treating her like a princess? Why is SHE entitled to special treatment from everyone in her life?

And for the love of God and all that's holy, enough with the pictures of her and her huge forehead and bee-stung lips. She's hideous.

I'm sick to death of hearing about this loser. The only interest I actually have in her is to see her fall.

1562 days ago


Her fricking dad is a money hungry,fame-whore,douchbag who's 15 minutes of fame is up. He makes Mel Gibson look like a saint.

1562 days ago


There is no low that Mikey won't reach eh? You are stupider than spit. You have just been in jail like yesterday and still you feel superior to your daughter. Why don't you work on yourself for a while, you really need it. Eventually some phychiatrist is going to use you for a model of abnormal behaviour. I know why don't you give me a call? I really need to publish an outrageous case to get noticed and you will do nicely. On second thought, I (like Lindsay) may not be able to get you out of my life later. Get help. Stay away from your daughter.

1562 days ago
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