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Lindsay Lohan -- Secret Tattoo Before Jail

7/25/2010 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Lindsay Lohan started to get some ink done before she got locked up -- but she didn't have time to finish the design ... because of that whole jail thing.


At first glance, it appears to be a bruise on LiLo's upper left arm -- but the mark is actually the tattooed outline of a little girl with her eyes closed.

We're told Lohan first went under the needle at the Shamrock Social Club tattoo parlor in Hollywood just a few weeks ago -- and ironically chose the image because "she liked the innocence of the girl."


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It's probably makeup covering something she got done when she was high. That's a horrible tattoo outline or whatever..

1549 days ago


same as the girl on her twitter background right?

1549 days ago


This looks like the remains of a tattoo removal and looks nothing like ink.

1549 days ago


TMZ.....please dont feature this loser, like her dad.....she thinks she is all that and more....she isn't.....

Keep her in jail for 90 days......and in rehab for 1+ years...

1549 days ago


Maybe she will just keep the outline to be cool and different.
Her unjust period of incarceration should be over soon.

1549 days ago


Looks more like the staining of a henna tattoo.

1549 days ago


This washed up actress is an addicted drug/alcohol, narcissistic, diva, b*tch and now she is gonna get $1 million tell all interview after she gets out of jail. Where is the justice? Yep, you can tell she learned her lesson all right. She has figured out you act badly, you get more attention and $$ than she would get as a Miss Goody Two Shoes and actress. I am making a prediction. Her future rehab won't work. Sad to say, but this woman's life is totally f*cked up and won't get any better. Mainly she is to blame for her current situation, but her parents are to blame too. Her Mom Dina parties with her and is a 100% enabler. Don't boo hoo to me lady, when your daughter Lindsay is found dead. And her Dad Michael Lohan, well, current headlines say it all there. The only smart thing Lindsay has done, is to shut this poor excuse for a father out of her what's left of it life. BTW, Lindsay you are not better than the rest of us, so stop demanding special treatment. You haven't had a hit movie in 7/8 years and your competition is passing you by like a speeding bullet. Get over yourself and stop acting like a spoiled b*tch!!!

1549 days ago


It's a Mark Ryden painting. Come on TMZ!

1549 days ago


@34 Razzy

Ever considered that she may have some points in her favor? She is not drug addicted or alcoholic, the SCRAM and drug tests along with no withdrawal symptoms are proof.
Her career is on hold because of the courts 3 year effort to hammer a square peg into a round hole, all this should have been finished years ago.
Rehab is not needed and will not have a positive effect it is a huge waste of money and time.
Jail is a good first step in getting her attention but brutal ignorant jailers again only make her attitude harder to correct. Ordering someone with a history of renal problems and gerd to drink tap water, as the chlorine treatment is a known aggravating factor in both problems and instills the attitude that she is being made to hurt herself and abused not punished.
A period of curfew as part of probation should be the next step, why this settling control step is not used is a complete mystery to me, especially since it does not cost a lot.
Yes she is a screw up and she needs to be punished and put under control until she exhibits that she is aware of her bad attitude and performance but brutality, Mindless and unneeded crap like rehab, and the people she is surrounded by who could be eliminated by a conservator are the real problems tht should be addressed.

1549 days ago


THAT is not an outline of a tattoo. Not a real tattoo. If it was a real tattoo it would be darker. I've seen plenty of tattoo outlines and that looks like NONE that I have seen or have!

1549 days ago


Woot Woot!! Finally Bubbette has something else to do in prison rather than ream Lindsay over and over..Im sure when Bubbette finishes this tatt, it will be a work of art.

1549 days ago


that's not a tattoo. it looks like a bruise or something.

1549 days ago

Free Lindsay

1549 days ago

Whip It    

w.h.i.p. i.t.

1549 days ago


@38 MattyGNNDE

I hope someday you have to deal with someone you care about just after they have been beaten and raped. Then your idiot third grade attempt at humor will come back to haunt you. Grow up dumbass!

1549 days ago
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