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Claims Mel Targeted

TMZ Exec in Death Plot

7/23/2010 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's a story circulating that Oksana Grigorieva told authorities Mel Gibson plotted to break the kneecaps of a "Hollywood figure." Well that story is about TMZ's Harvey Levin, spoon-fed by Oksana's people.

The story is much wilder than reported.  Earlier this week, Oksana's rep, Steve Jaffe, told Harvey that Mel had described to Oksana a plot to kill Harvey.  Jaffe said Oksana claimed Mel told her he was furious that TMZ broke the story about the anti-Semitic rant following Mel's 2006 DUI arrest.  Jaffe said Oksana told him Mel had said he wanted the "blood of Jews" on his hands.

According to Jaffe, Oksana said Mel told her he had someone do "surveillance" on Harvey earlier this year, having him followed to the gym at 4 AM.

The plan, Jaffe said, was to "kidnap" Harvey, strip him, take him deep into the desert, break his kneecaps and leave him to die.

Jaffe told Harvey the story on the heels of complaining that a particular TMZ post was not favorable enough to Oksana.

We checked the "kneecap" story out and determined it was false.  For starters, Oksana had the wrong gym.  More telling ... Oksana never mentioned a word of this to any of her lawyers while she tried negotiating a $15 million package in May during the mediation, using the tapes as her secret weapon.  One person involved in the mediation laughed, saying Oksana brought out every piece of ammunition imaginable to score a financial package, so why was this story mysteriously absent?

Oksana claims to have told the Sheriff's Department the story. It seems deputies took it so seriously ... they never even contacted Harvey to give him a heads up that someone wanted him dead ... allegedly.

UPDATE: Sheriff's Department spokesperson Steve Whitmore tells TMZ, "We categorically deny that any such information was ever given to the L.A. County Sheriff's Department."


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sociopath sociopath.. who the **** is still denying it?

this female is throwing everrrrything at mel to get some money.. and to ruin him wowww

1554 days ago


Sounds like Ox-woman has made a VERY powerful enemy by exploiting these rumors.

I feel really bad for the baby daughter. She doesn't have one good parent to give her morals.

OH yeah, and I hope Harvey is on TMZ live today... just to make sure he's still alive. :-P

1554 days ago


Is this crazy Russion out of her mind? Is she an alien from outer space? What the H#%$^?? Did I really read this? She needs to have her child taken away and placed in the mental institution.

1554 days ago


onet hing people need to remember is

the truth defends itself

u go around blurting this is the truth that this that.. its probably not the damn truth

what has mel done this whole time? righhhht. think about it.

1554 days ago


liars lie

bad liars continue to embellish a story with all kinds of "facts" to try and convince people they aren't lying

OxyMoron crossed that bridge about 2 veneers ago.

1554 days ago


ok Mel has the money to do this and not be traced back to him and Harvey is walking fine last time I saw him on TMZ live so the story is bull****..

1554 days ago


How is she even in the country - she's not married to anyone; she's not a student - why is she still here - or how did she get here in the first place?

1554 days ago


check out awesome mad mel mash up rotf

1554 days ago


TMZ started going negative on Oskana. I've got to wonder: is a threat implied here against specific staff members of TMZ? Go negative and your knees will get broken?

Posted at 7:37 AM on Jul 23, 2010 by speck

Hmmm, you may have a point here ..............

1554 days ago

DW Wood    

send this train wreck back to Russia. just another chick chasing down an easy buck. spread your legs, pop out a child and collect the money at any cost. as this Russian see's it, its the American way.

1554 days ago


i wish harvey would kidnap me up on his way to the gym and threaten to take me deep into the desert, break my kneecaps and leave me to die if i didn't get my azz in there and exercise. maybe then i'd actually get something in return for paying my dues every month.

1554 days ago


Has Harvey been hiding?? .. Perhaps she is a Russian spy next? ..

Having friends who worked with Mel .. know quite a bit about him and NEVER heard any of what she is saying .. He has worked with all kinds of people HE HIRED for his movies .. soooo . Jews . Homosexuals .. blacks .. Yes, he has some bad 'sides' . but those are NOT for publication ..


1554 days ago


#54 - Yep. Once you make up one huge lie, you have to continue to lie, and keeping adding to it. This woman is a piece of work, a total nut job !!

1554 days ago

Oh no!    

I noticed that Radaronline and TMZ have taken sides on this whole story. Radar has the tapes, TMZ the backroom stories.

The image of Harvey crawling around in the desert with his pants around his ankles will never be shaken. Too bad there is no tape of that one.

1554 days ago


Don't doubt it Harvey, just because she got the gym wrong doesn't mean Mel did. Watch your back dude you have angered a very scary man. I have never been a fan of Mel, can't stand to watch him on screen. He is OFF and it shows in every frame he has ever been in.

1554 days ago
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