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Museum of Dance -- Making Room for MJ Tribute

7/24/2010 4:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson won't just get a plaque when he's inducted into the Hall of Fame at the National Museum of Dance next month ... dude is getting an entire garden -- thanks to a band of passionate fans.


TMZ has learned museum officials have agreed to make space for a permanent garden to honor the late icon -- after an MJ fan group informed employees that an influx of flowers would be headed their way on the day MJ will be enshrined. 

So, instead of just letting the flowers die ... the museum's honchos -- along with a local florist -- decided to construct a permanent garden in MJ's honor on the museum's grounds.

There's a tiny catch -- the MJ fan group is gonna have to foot the bill for the garden -- and the size of the garden will be determined by how much cash they raise.


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juan lopez    

@ Jan,

did i tell you earlier that you rock? if i didnt, you rock, hard!

1518 days ago


39. Posted at 9:30 AM on Jul 24, 2010 by juan lopez

Very good jl....but not quite...Illumnati...
MJ is setting up his own World Order....more dangerous than Illumnati....

1518 days ago

juan lopez    


you took me back alot of years with Rita. soft rock is what we called that.

1518 days ago


oh geezzz....susieQ.....I'm really geared up now!!! :) roflmao
I HATE MUSIC!!!!!!...makes me wanna just get up and DANCE DANCE DANCE......such a celebration....(I used to dance near naked/naked in the yard...taut,tan....night/day/sun/ kids still laugh about it...of cource our yards were fields/ the middle of nowhere...

Posted at 3:16 PM on Jul 24, 2010 by Tellit

Me too Tellit.
My nanna's yards were beautiful fields.
And after the dance and the songs I used to have a bath in a wooden tub farmyard, watching the sunset. Oh Lord, those were good days, sunny and stormy days!!!! I was so young and full of energy LOL!
Now it's all in my heart, forever!!!!!!!
Nite and hugs and btw...

1518 days ago


Tiptoe thru the tulips right alongside Tiny Tim, MJ. You were both freaks!
Posted at 9:47 AM on Jul 24, 2010 by Diane




1518 days ago


128....I was so young and full of energy LOL!
Now it's all in my heart, forever!!!!!!!
Nite and hugs and btw...
Posted at 4:19 PM on Jul 24, 2010 by susie
__________ you susie....'re NEVER too old...less energy doesn't count..(though Michael Jackson thought it did...his fans would'nt have cared if he'd SAT on a stool throughout the entire concert...and tapped his feet abit)....(but the live 02 concerts weren't enough revenue pay off debts, provide for his MJ3/and his leech family, etc. etc.....nothing would have been left over to begin his film empire)
washtubs?.....(I remember that...and mud pies)
you only live once susie....
I didn't give it up (in the fields) until 2 years ago (and I'm not entirely sure I'm finished with it YET!)....even did it with my mini 02 tank strapped on!!!

A few years ago my male grandson suggested that I challenge Hulk Hogan to a match! OMG....he drew a sketch of what he thought my all black/red/purple/gold wrestling attire should be (it was outrageously funny!!!) and named me the "Iron Lung"...(my wheeled oxygen tank had SPIKE SPOKES on it!!!! plastic air tubing was GLITTER COATED.....we laughed for hours over that sh/t.....loao)
Nobody's EVER too old/or ugly..(IF you feel you're ugly is stopping you)....NEVER.....

Later susie
Keep the Faith....
Peace & Love

1518 days ago


Whew. Venom and hate and ignorance is astounding.

Thing is, there will be a beautiful garden in memory
of Michael at an appropriate venue that honors his
God given talent of dance.

For those full of hate, maybe that dark place you
crawled out of is your appropriate place.

1518 days ago


129. 42. Tiptoe thru the tulips right alongside Tiny Tim, MJ. You were both freaks!
Posted at 9:47 AM on Jul 24, 2010 by Diane




WHAT MORE CAN YOU ASK OF THEM!????? WHAT MORE CAN/COULD THEY GIVE!? right......wrong....wrong....right?
Posted at 4:20 PM on Jul 24, 2010 by Tellit

1518 days ago


This is nice and MJ does have the best fans in the world. r.i.p. MJ

1518 days ago


TMZ - Would you please post the address for the Museum of Dance so that MJ fans will know where to send in donations! I am from the East Coast and unfamiliar with CA. I think that it is a wonderful way in which to honor MJ. The Museum of Dance is certainly an appropiate place in which to keep his legacey alive. And a garden, no less - Michael loved nature so much - I couldn't think of a nicer way of remembering him. But on a different note, of the thousands of pictures of MJ that are available - I do believe that you could have selected a much nicer one for the picture. Because that one, really is not very flattering to him - compared to the thousands of other photo's that are out there.

1518 days ago


57. (btw: Salvation is a limited time offer. The window is closing in on your opportunity to accept the free gift of eternal life through Christ Jesus! The Kingdom of God is at hand. I suggest that you get in on the ground floor while the gate is still open!!!) (Bleedaht!)
Posted at 11:01 AM on Jul 24, 2010 by mymjj5

I believe also that the "Kingdom of God" is near at hand.

But "Salvation" is never a limited time offer...everybody has plenty of time....right up until and including the "time"....

Between Now AND at that time...Don't let yourselves be deceived by the false prophet....The anti-Christ. The one who believes he is the Christ. His power is/will be great.....

BUT not as great as the "TRUE ONE"/the second coming/The Ghost/the last of the Holy Trinity...who also walks Earth today, (who has always walked outside recognition/celebrity..a Ghost of his true identity)...who still doesn't know/isn't sure of his true identity......readies himself and waits.....for the "Time"....of confrontation....The Apocalyse...

1518 days ago


66..." morally bankrupt and corrupt music industry"
Ha haha That Would Be MJ Himself.
Posted at 11:35 AM on Jul 24, 2010 by OhWell

That was usually his attitude toward the media and music industy when he FELT he had been unjustly slighted.

1518 days ago
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