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Oksana Grigorieva -- Extortion Claim a Red Herring

7/23/2010 7:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with Oksana Grigorieva tell TMZ there is "no evidence" to support Mel Gibson's claim that she tried to extort him.


As one source puts it, "Mel and his team are inventing false charges against Oksana as a retaliatory measure to take the heat off of Mel."

The source says Mel's people are trying "to stem the tide of public opinion against Mel Gibson for his continued bigotry and acts of physical and verbal abuse [by] spreading vicious and false rumors that Oksana engaged in an extortion plot against him."


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Okay, Oksana. Because you said so and you are so credible.

1520 days ago

Mary P    

Wait wait wait wait - HIS acts of bigotry? She's a homewrecker who knew he was married - BOTH are at fault or neither on that one. He'd been separated for YEARS before Gold digger came on the scene. Quit releasing statements, me thinks thou doth protest too much. We get it, we don't believe you at all. The end.

1520 days ago

Fifty Shades of WTF    

Time for all parties to shut it, show some class and settle it quietly in both civil court and (if investigation warrants) criminal court. Silence is GOLDEN......

1520 days ago


PS: Oksana the only thing that is "red" in this fiasco is you. Go back to Russia.

1520 days ago


Oksana gives the tapes to her sister and she secretly sells them to a second rate publication named ROL and you are telling me there is no extortion??

This bitch is a waling extortion - ever since she was in Russia. She has a LONG history of hitting up men for money and skeeting away.

You expect us to believe that your sister erased the tapes? hahaha. The tapes are worth a lot in the eyes of a worthless skank family like yours.

1520 days ago


DUH...well of course that's what HER sources are saying. TMZ, stirring the pot again?

1520 days ago


Do You Think Oksana Could Have Tried to Extort Mel?


1520 days ago


Really? Why start the maelstrom of false allegations and tantrums after the agreement did not suit Oksana? The woman has a history of lying and manipulation. No amount of effort put forth by a pr or law firm will be able to hide it.
Refusing a prior agreement to up the amount offered and slandering a man is extortion especially when family members become involved.
Damage control by Jaffe and his cronies would be to get Oksana professional help and make a point of putting it out on the internet...Otherwise, they too will be marked as a less than credible pr firm in the future. The firm that let a woman lie about abuse and perpetuate it.

1520 days ago


That broad can't zip her lip long enough to walk from a parked car into a building. Reporters goad her and she always spills her toxic waste. Mel? Silent. However, his "team" has been descimating Oksana The sister accusation REALLY got under her skin!

1520 days ago


those are some big azz lips. she's going to need a xxxxl zipper.

1520 days ago


Really?! She didn't?! I guess she made them for ****s and giggles because it definitely wasn't to turn over to the police.

1520 days ago


HA HA HA HA HA HA HA !!!!! You're right, they'd have to be INDUSTRIAL SIZED zippers to shut that trap!

1520 days ago

Get real    

She just keeps getting more rediculous. So, she releases tapes to distroy his image, ends up her actions destroy her own and now it is his fault and he is doing this? I have an idea. Joint Legal and Physical Custody, Mel pays child support to SUPPORT THE CHILD (I think $15 million is a bit much. How about $1000 per month? That should feed/cloth/house the kid for now and can be adjusted later) They split the time with the kid 50/50 and both of them surrender their passports and cannot take the kid out of the country until the kid is 18 years old. Oksana can support herself.

1520 days ago


Where is the KGB or FBI when you need them?
Can someone file a civil complaint to shut them both up?
Ad nauseum for TMI and all the public nonsense.
From what I learned early on- Birds of a feather flock together- So can some non partial judge just shut them the heck up????
They both need some serious seperation and nonpublic/media contact -yet they engage in harrasing each other on and on and on.For the sake of well you figure that one out- just get them to both stop living a public venue and cease and desist from all media contact and lawyers feeding off what money she will he will get- Or what the lawyers will take????? -Get divorced like the rest of us-
Shame shame shame on the lawyers,media and both of them-
Take the high road- Guess that would be Mels ex wife- a true lady- Boy did Mel screw up-
See-you sleep with dogs and you get fleas-Did he not learn these old sayings when he grew up?
As for Oksana- maybe someone should have told her that her singing sets my dog off howling like he's possessed and not in a good way- I sure don't like it- Awful-As for talent-Nope-Save for catching Mel-or whatever else- You kinew he fell for her when he truly admired her lack of talent.
I'd rather trust a howling dog -it either is true talent and he sleeps and loves it OR ANNOYING like scratching your nails against a chalk board or the noon whistle--Take it from the innocent- You get what you deserve- Better luck next time- trust a pet or child-not your instincts as you are not in tune in that department!!!! Either of you-

1520 days ago


There is no proof of physical abuse. It's clear the tapes have been edited in her favor. All he said was "you deserved it"..
Sorry that could have been taken from any part of the tape, and insterted where she wanted it inserted. Mel never admitted to hitting her. If he hit her hard enough to knock out her veneers, then there would have been bruising on her mouth. Sorry, it doesnt jive. And if she got hit in the side of the head by him, then she would have not tried to hide it. Her dentist is in on it too, as his story has changed 2-3 times now. And If her veneers were knocked out by getting hit on the side of the head? Alledgedly... then she's got one crappy dentist who obviously didnt put them in well enough.

Anyone in their right mind knows, that if you hit an infant, there is most definately going to be damage on that infants face, not a friggen pimple ! Her story, and her friends stories, and her dentists story, and her sisters story.. etc, etc. are all crap, made up lies.

If Mel was an abuser, he would have hit his wife, and kids for the last 29 yrs.

This b***h, really has no clue what a well known man Mel Gibson has been for the last 45 yrs. So he yelled at her on the phone, and she taped it.. wtf cares ! YELLING HATEFULL THINGS AT SOMEONE ON THE PHONE WHO IS TRYING TO SPEND ALL YOUR MONEY, AND TRYING TO EXTORT AS MUCH MONEY FROM YOU AS POSSIBLE TO TAKE CARE OF HER POOR FAMILY IN RUSSIA, DOES NOT MAKE YOU AN ABUSER !!

Timothy Dalton needs to gain full custody of his kid.. and take him out of HER unstable environment !

Mel should also go for full custody of his kid as well. That little girl is going to grow up messed up beyond repair.

Mel has a proven track record with his own kids, so this woman is full of hot air ! She needs to be stripped of custody of both kids !

1520 days ago
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