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Oksana Grigorieva -- Extortion Claim a Red Herring

7/23/2010 7:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with Oksana Grigorieva tell TMZ there is "no evidence" to support Mel Gibson's claim that she tried to extort him.


As one source puts it, "Mel and his team are inventing false charges against Oksana as a retaliatory measure to take the heat off of Mel."

The source says Mel's people are trying "to stem the tide of public opinion against Mel Gibson for his continued bigotry and acts of physical and verbal abuse [by] spreading vicious and false rumors that Oksana engaged in an extortion plot against him."


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I find it disturbing that Oksana started this whole sh*tstorm by going to the tabloids and now some people are trying to blame Mel for that too! She's the one that opened her mouth and started spewing all of this stuff out, or "sources close to her". I think it's hilarious how it's coming back to bite her in the ass!! Imagine having to deal with her on a daily basis, I bet most people would end up hollering at some point. I know I would if I had to put up with her sh*t, and I'm female.

1552 days ago


"Oksana SAID game"

16. Mel put a HIT out on Harvey! Did I forget to mention that?
Yes, he did! he did! You believe me, don't you! Have I EVER LIED to you? I even REPORTED IT TO THE SHERIFF, oh, er, it doesn't matter that the sheriff DENIES THAT, you know how Mel OWNS the sheriff, whereas I'm just this coquetish, naive, violently abused innocent! He was going to go to HARV'S GYM!, it doesn't matter that I got the gym wrong..who pays attention to such trivial details WHEN HARVEY'S LIFE IS AT STAKE! Mel wanted 'JEW BLOOD on his hands', doesn't that sound like something he would REALLY say! Actor/director by day, ZORRO-LIKE JEW EXTERMINATOR by night....

1552 days ago


Why is everyone on Mel's side? Did anyone actually listen to the tapes? After putting up with his crap, I don't blame her for taping him. He's disgusting and abusive. Even with his voice on tape hurling all kinds of vile abuse towards her, everyone is still calling her the Russian "gold digger" whore. He hit her with the baby in her arms!! If you listen to the tape, he doesn't deny it.

She had a career long before she met Mel Gibson. So what she had a baby with Timothy Dalton 12 years ago. It's not unusual for both people to have kids by different people. I hope she does "extort" millions from his bank account. He doesn't deserve anyone's sympathy or respect.

Most men on this blog defending Mel Gibson would punch any guy in the face if they treated his sister or mother that way.

1552 days ago


Im so sick of hearing about Mel and his Insane EX i think you guess need to find a new story this one is boring now

1552 days ago



'He hit her with the baby in her arms!! If you listen to the tape, he doesn't deny it.

She had a career long before she met Mel Gibson.'


yeah, she HAD A CAREER AS A HOSTESS (which is insulting to hard-working honest hostesses out there)....


Gee, I guess hooking up w/ Mel cost her SO MUCH..........

1552 days ago


OMG...can her camp try and dig her out of the hole she is in any harder? I still HATE Mel Gibson, can't stand the piece of...but, whatever my views are on him, they are ten times worse than what I think of her. YEAH, YOU SAY, OXYMORON's camp says, there is no extortion. That's only because the courts are still looking into the evidence to prove the matter. What the hell is her camp going to do when the law says, "Yup, it's extortion" I can't wait to hear the sob story from her side if she is charged.

1552 days ago


And as far as Mel not denying that he hit her and the baby..


For all we know, he never even HEARD that sentence, you idiot.

Every forensic expert has said it sounds as if she SPOKE INTO A LARGE BOOM MICROPHONE.....

how many of those are laying around the house?

1552 days ago


where's the other childs father
this female in so many words stated
that she knowing subjected his child
to an unsafe envioronment, true or not,
it still displays a total disregard for
the saftey of children .... or are children
for sale in this country too

1552 days ago


Please, there's a baby involved
She's nuts!! This needs to be stopped and now....
$$$$ needs to go home to Russia and the baby needs to be saved.


1552 days ago


Duh, of course he is trying to get attention off him by pointing fingers and saying "but she did THAT." Same thing Letterman did. If he is such a good Christian, he should just fess up to what he did and ask forgiveness. I think his public image would be better if he did that...

1552 days ago


I do not believe this is any Extortion plot, this man is known for being a loose nut job..
ANd now he has really shown it.. Someone was BRAVE enough to Record him.. Thank you Oskana for showing is what a piece of **** I always knew Mel was.. I guess some people will always be in Denial..
I am happy to say I have never spent one red cent on any of his movies...
I don't know what people see in this man and I hope he will see bars soon enough..

1552 days ago



What is so brave about altering recordings and breaking a judges order by leaking them to a gossip rag?

If they were legit, she would bring them to a judge, not a gossip site..
she would call 911 when her child has been hit
she would have filed a police report
she wouldn't leave her child w/ him for 6 mos after said incident and then suddenly make allegations
she wouldn't show photos with no sign of skin abrasion whatsoever as proof of a violent hit
she wouldn't show photos of a binkie pimple as a bruise
the sheriff refutes her claims that she notified them of a 'hit' gibson put on Harvey!!
the dentist refutes claims that there was trauma to her mouth
upon being hit, she went to have her veneers fixed before seeking medical attention for said concussion , or baby treated!!!!!

1552 days ago


and an abuse victim doesn't agree to 50/50 custody MONTHS after being hit, as well as supposedly her child!
And if Gibson were such a monster, wouldn't he have 'hit' her more than once in 3 years..
yet 6 days after wards, she travels with him all over Europe with NO SIGNS OF ABRASION whatsoever on her face

1552 days ago


Lee and Ziggy: Actually, Oksana wrote a song that Josh Groban sang. I don't think too many of us can say that.

1552 days ago


Wow...."she is trying to turn the tide of public opinion"? Well OMG this should not be in the court of public opinion at all !!!! It should have been reported to the authorities when it happened and prior to the time the skank signed her support and 50/50 custody agreement.

I find it most revealing that this woman and her tapes were leaked after she said "Mel was playing dirty and not giving her any money". She was living off of credit cards! Her words. Mel Gibson will remain the father of the baby, whether he is charged or not and to try to ruin him for any reason is simply wrong as it could harm the future inheritance of the child. In allowing this public trial, she is only hurting her child and the future relationship of the Father and the Child. You do not do this if you love your child. Children come to their own conclusions at some point and for a mother to make these claims and allow them for all to read is pathetic. It isn't putting your child first.

Shameful woman. Pathetic relationship. Only thing that came out of it that is good is that baby and God knows it has a miserable excuse for a mother. If left with Oksana this child will grow up devious and worse. Gibson has no history of this kind of behavior with his wife of 29 years. It still seems to me he is the best parent. His words are pathetic, BUT no less pathetic than the words of most couples in a break-up. Sorry, but that is the truth. I doubt his words will convict him and her stories are clearly, just stories.

1552 days ago
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