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Oksana -- Mel Gibson Is a Liar!

7/23/2010 4:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Short, sweet, and to the point -- Oksana Grigorieva flat out called Mel Gibson a liar this morning.

Oksana -- who denies her sister was the one who leaked the infamous tapes -- isn't nearly as long-winded as Mel is.



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I am curious... I have not seen any magazines covering this story (cover story?) I went through the grocery store the other day...nothing. There were 10 different magazines and none of them had this as a cover story and then again today when I went to get a coffee at 7/11, out of every magazine there, not a single one had any mention of this on the cover? I found it very strange. To me this is super scandalous! More scandalous than that stupid Bachelorette girl or Carrie Underwood's wedding. What gives? Does Mel have excellent connections who are keeping this off of the covers or is this just old news that I am catching up to?

1514 days ago


Mspaap replies to Author: Paula Schultze Comment

First thank you for replying with a reasonable attitude. I find your response to be one of reason rather than irate rhetoric.

I normally to do not respond to individual posting but to be fair minding I am doing so now. My response to your comment is as follows.

1. I do believe Oksana is a manipulating opportunistic person.

2. I also believe there is little difference between mental and physical abuse because the two of them have detrimental effects on others..

3. When a person of monetary value discovers this to be true, he or she, should walk away from the relationship and count their blessings they found out in time.

4.I am no physician, but I agree, that the dot on the child's face does not look like an injury caused by someone hitting her.

5.I also agree, that the tapes are being used to manipulate this situation to a degree.

6. It is also my opinion that Mel Gibson remains a deeply troubled individual.

7. I am an African American woman who has always enjoyed Mel Gibson's movies.

8. Mel Gibson is not denying having said these things and if I had never heard the tapes I would defend him too.

9. The movie Passions of Christ is relevant and nothing Mel says or does will change my opinion as a Christian woman.

10. I also agree. that what a person says in his or her home should be private, but speaking realistically this is a rare event given all the new electronic technology available to practically everyone who wants it.

11. I found Mel Gibson's taped rantings are very disheartening, disrespectful and shocking. His defense seems to be that Oksana provoked him but he doesn't deny what he's said on the tapes.

12. As much as I would like to say Oksana is responsible for Mel Gibson's hate filled irrational responses, I cannot say this in good concious after hearing these tapes.

13. I do believe that people can make a person so angry they will say hurtful things they would not say other wise.

14. My personal opinion is this. I hope and Pray that Mel and Oksana have a change of heart and behave in a civilized manner for the sake of their children.

15. Mel Gibson is a billionaire who will continue to make money acting but if he doesn't get the help he needs I fear this man will self destruct.

16. The question I'm not sure was addressed is why would he keep saying these terrible things to a woman he did not trust?

17., I appreciate your reasonable response to my questions.
It would be nice if others could respectfully agree or disagree

1514 days ago


People like her will do anything to get Mel's money. You are the liar and thief!!!!!!!!!!!! Get a life lady.

1514 days ago


First she says Robyn is a liar now she says Mel is. Harhar

1513 days ago
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