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Oksana -- Mel Gibson Is a Liar!

7/23/2010 4:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Short, sweet, and to the point -- Oksana Grigorieva flat out called Mel Gibson a liar this morning.

Oksana -- who denies her sister was the one who leaked the infamous tapes -- isn't nearly as long-winded as Mel is.



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Yeah so are you, ya gold digging piss poor excuse for a mother!

1560 days ago


kickaboo: life has just been sheer hell for poor oink$ana, hasn't it??? she truly has sacrificed more than mother teresa.

1560 days ago

Lynn M    

In the interview she gave to some Russian rag, she said friends had to provide food to her and her kids because Mel won't give her money. AND she had to spend the 100K she did have on feeding Mel's ARMY.


Posted at 12:56 PM on Jul 23, 2010 by kickaboo

There were so many errors in that article, it was laughable. It was like they got the info from the comments section of TMZ! Whomever was feeding this information to them did not seem to be a credible source.

1560 days ago


It would seem as if ROL has used her terribly.

1560 days ago


Well, it takes one to know one Miss Thing!

1560 days ago


lmao @ shell!!!!!!!

1560 days ago


Monster Mel can buy anything and anybody.
It's good we have publicity. Publicity can protect people from to be killed. Shes know to much about his dirty things. I hope Oksana and kids will be safe. GOD BLESS THEM!

1560 days ago


jackoff over at radaroffline and oink$ana used each other. both are ho's, it's to be expected.

1560 days ago


Sorry Oksana. Mel may go on many a rant (towards YOU, primarily), but we've known the man a hell of a lot longer then you. In fact most of us havent even heard of you until you made your way into Mel Gibson's life ! You = 1 yr. Mel = 35 or more.

He wouldnt have had these problems with a money grubbing wh*** like you, if you hadnt made your way into the picture. What Timothy Dalton didnt have enough money for you ??

We know who to believe. The man has never had any of these accusations against him until you walked through the door.

We clearly know who's lieing here.

1560 days ago


ana: if you're going to post the same thing over and over would you please at least proofread and edit before you click on add comment??

1560 days ago


well, well,well....oksana first wanted money. ALOT!, that didn't work, so she went out to ruin his name (not that he needed much help) now she is just trying not to sink. after all is said and done, the only man that will be with her would be the likes of michael lohan! much love oxy!

1560 days ago


Hey Bubba- you heard that too.

When asked about her sister and the tapes. She claimed
"her sister erased the tapes A LONG TIME AGO."

Then she tried to say it was Mel lying...

BUT apparently MEL had it right. HER SISTER DID HAVE THE TAPES. And if she erased them, must have been copies?

Was her sister living with her in Sherman Oaks? Or did Oskana burn a copy and send them to her sister? If she sent copies of the tapes to sis, how can she be sure what SIS did with them???

Gee, for that matter Oksana illegally taping and then sharing them with various folks, btw, there some russian paper claiming someone else told Oksana to buy a dicaphone to tape Mel.

I AM VERY INTERESTED IN LEARNING WHEN SHE BOUGHT THE RECORDING EQUIPMENT used to tape that call. And I wonder who has the original. And if the original is time/date stamped or can be verified through records?

1560 days ago

Stephen Real    

If Natalie brokered the deal for the tapes' sale on behalf of her sister, Oksana will be found in contempt of court. It is illegal in California for one party to record a phone conversation without informing the other party.
Oh what a tangled web we weave.

1560 days ago


If she doesn't shut up soon, she's definitely going to need another rhinoplasty if only from her pinnochio syndrome. And it aint easy giving blow jobs when you can't breathe thru your sniffer, gurrrl.

1560 days ago


Good gosh, Oskana is like that movie or book..."All She Ever Wanted". She reminds of cough, KG who also said "I always get what I want". These women are lacking something in their character, seem narcissistic or like sociopaths. No morals or boundaries set for themselves. But, they are ruthless and very driven when it comes to $$$ and fame. Dangerous.

1560 days ago
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