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Oksana -- Mel Gibson Is a Liar!

7/23/2010 4:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Short, sweet, and to the point -- Oksana Grigorieva flat out called Mel Gibson a liar this morning.

Oksana -- who denies her sister was the one who leaked the infamous tapes -- isn't nearly as long-winded as Mel is.



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Lynn M    

I'm telling ya, this woman is about to blow!! Too bad she couldn't have just done it for Mel BEFORE THE JACUZZI, she would have saved everyone alot of trouble, haha. Just joking, I think they both suck!

Posted at 12:58 PM on Jul 23, 2010 by Pimpcessa

I can't believe I'm saying this but this is the age of the little blue pill. It is clear the hot tub has been discussed and agreed to. The pill takes time....I'm just wondering if this could be why he is so angry...

1518 days ago


There is no TMZ live yet? Did Mel finally get Harvey? LOL!!!

1518 days ago


Does anyone recall a blind gossip thingy about a GF or wife being a lot older then she portrayed to the public or her partner and the guy found out and was not happy awhile back? I remember people guessing CZJ at the time but now I'm thinking Oskana!

1518 days ago

Lynn M    

There is no TMZ live yet? Did Mel finally get Harvey? LOL!!!

Posted at 1:11 PM on Jul 23, 2010 by Joi

It starts at 1:30 PM PST every day.

1518 days ago

just saying    

Wow - why all the hate on her and support for Mel? Whatever her motives on the taping, it is still him speaking and texting. He's a dangerous creep who just happens to have a lot of money, and able to spin this around so that he looks like the victim. She is an accomplished musician, very talented, but who unfortunately received some bad advice on how to handle her exit from his control.

1518 days ago


This is the most unbelievable story! The tapes are obviously doctored! I was watching Nancy Grace..with Jane Velez Mitchell sitting in ugh hate that woman! She was saying how abusive Mel is and all of her psycho babble bullsh*t! Ah hello, Oksana is obviously a cashcow, who needs to be brought up on charges for extortion! And what nerve this biotch has! Like Mel really hurt their baby and broke her teeth. BULLSH*T! Such BULLSH*T!!!!

1518 days ago



I just want you to open your eyes...

Monster Mel can buy anything and anybody.
It's good we have publicity. Publicity can protect people from to be killed. Shes know to much about his dirty things. I hope Oksana and kids will be safe. GOD BLESS THEM!

1518 days ago


i saw that kickaboo...i thought it was czj at the time too. still do.

but is it possible that oink$ana lies about her age? hell's bells, she lies about everything else so her age isn't off limits.

1518 days ago


#75 - You really have no clue. What does this twit have on Mel after 1 yr ? Hmmmm ?? If anyone has anything on the man it's his ex-wife of 29 yrs. BUT, please note, his ex-wife has already made a declaration to the courts that he has never abused her, or their 8 kids in the 29 yrs they were married.

This twit knows nothing, and it's a simple case of Mel being trapped by the b***h. First by getting pregnant, then by trying to extort money from him.

Some people need to get their facts straight. The woman is not always the victim.

Example: A little boy (Kyron Horman) who disapeared after his step mother was the last person to see him, after dropping him off at school, back in June, has not been seen from nor heard from since. It's been all over the news, maybe you've seen it. Turns out the step mom tried to contract the gardener to kill her husband, the boys father. She knows how the boy disapeared, but is not talking. Boy did the step mom put on one hell of a show for the media. Husband divorced her, took their baby away from her, and filed a restraining order against her.

See that's the problem with society. Everyone is always quick to jump on the man. Women are pure friggen evil, and very coniving. AND I AM ONE !!

1518 days ago


Many thanks barnswella!

1518 days ago


who has oink$ana not slept with? damn, i think she's a human mattress.

1518 days ago


If she doesn't shut up soon, she's definitely going to need another rhinoplasty if only from her pinnochio syndrome. And it aint easy giving blow jobs when you can't breathe thru your sniffer, gurrrl.

Posted at 1:08 PM on Jul 23, 2010 by Pimpcessa



1518 days ago


Hey, all you Mel supporters -- were you on the OJ jury, too? Sounds like you want to give all abusers a free pass!! Mel's a loser - a liar, a cheat, a woman hater, a narcissist, an angry abuser, and a psycho!! He has been spoiled by years of adoring fans like you. When he was young, he could get away with it. But now that he's an old man, and nobody wants him, he's angry. He really does need medication because he's mentally ill.

1518 days ago

what He said    

"Just wait"... isn't she always saying that "just wait"..."the truth will come out just wait"..oh and then she sells them to radaronline..."just wait"...till your ass goes back to the food lines in russia. Can you imagine having to work side by side with her in a state of california job. all the russians have filled the state jobs in kalifornia and they dress like they are going to a fashion show.

1518 days ago

StarryStarryNight're self-medicating again, aren't you!?

1518 days ago
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