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Susan Boyle Was on 'Mama's Family'?

7/23/2010 4:01 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Here's British pop princess Susan Boyle in London on Tuesday (left) -- and Vicki Lawrence as matriarch Thelma Harper on the '80s TV series "Mama's Family" (right).

Believe it or not, one of them is 49.

We're just sayin'.


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booooooo to you TMZ for even putting this up. Leave Ms. Boyle alone. She has a beautiful voice. Not everyone is into the "Hollywood Plastic People" look. I love you guys but let's face it, look in the mirror before making fun of someone else. NOT COOL!!!!

1551 days ago


KathyM, did you mean me? If so, you didn't get the post #s right either, so STFU, stupid. LOL.

1551 days ago


She is looking very nice, what's your problem TMZ jealous of her talent?

1551 days ago


I just want to squeeze Susan and hand feed her favorites goodies. To all you detractors, grrrrrrrrrrr.

1551 days ago


What is wrong with TMZ? Please leave Susan Boyle alone, it is people like you who bully others and should be sent to hell. I think Susan Boyle looks very pretty and happy here. She is 49 years old, and she never had any costometic surgeries done. For a 49 year old lady, she is very very pretty to me. Not to mention Susan's angelic voice, and that made her extremely pretty inside & out.

1549 days ago

jack parker    

Your article insults the appearance of the average woman living on the globe. There is nothing wrong with Susan Boyle's appearance -- and her talent is extraordinary. She became a megastar purely because of a voice that can't be denied as magnificent, if we are to be honest; and you sound like a rotten big bunch of sour grapes to me.

1549 days ago


susan boyle doesnt look anything like that lady but jerry trainor who plays spencer on Icarly looks exactly like her in one episode where he dressed as an old lady and i mean Exactly like her he has a dress with flowers on it a sweater thing on his shoulders and a white purse plus he has a gray curly hair wig. look it up on youtube

1504 days ago


Shame shame shame. You Haters are insulting two beautiful and talented women. Neither one of them is a Paris Hilton or a Lindsay Lohan... But thank god for that.

1504 days ago


That piece was mean and uncalled for.

1503 days ago


LOL: Everyone seems to be forgetting that beauty is shown only within and comes from the heart.

1503 days ago

Michael S. Terrell    

hey let's not pick on the TMZ dudes and fine looking ladies.....and a heck of a sense of humor...booooyaaaaah

1503 days ago


Lou Reed reminds me of the little boy who said, "if you cannt play by my rules, I want my ball back and you cannt have it"! At least we all know now who is the idiot, and it is not Susan Boyle. I dont think Lou Reed every experienced a Perfect Day in his whole life. You cannt write about something you have never experienced. Susan Boyle has had many Perfect Days, and as far as I am concerned, Lou Reed is afraid that if Susan Boyle sings it, SHE will make it a Perfect Day and Lou Reeds will be thrown under the carpet, so to speak. If Susan Boyle sang that song, it would be considered her song, taking away any GOOD attention he would have received. And little children want all the attention for themselves. So Lou, take you ball and play with it yourself, just becareful you dont pop it in your face. Thank you

1503 days ago

M. E. Bendfeldt    

Susan Boyle is a great talent. PLEASE Susan, I'd love to have another CD of yours. Pay no attention to these poor folks who just can't abide your good fortune. You are a lovely person and a very brave lady to face the (sometimes not so nice) public. Do take whatever time you need to rest and then give us another wonderful CD to enjoy! I am so looking forward to hearing your next CD. LOL

1503 days ago


Vicki Lawrence Fans - Don't miss her upcoming appearance, Sat, Jan. 22, 2011, on the Dave's Gone By radio show! She'll talk about her career, her one-woman show and the controversy over her new viral video. Listen live - Sat, 10am-1pm(MT) on UNCRadio .c0m or hear the archived episode free at davesgoneby .c0m.

1369 days ago


The TMZ staff are not idiots as some here seem to state. It is that they suffer from the Arrested Maturation Disorder.

1303 days ago
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