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Alexis Neiers -- Not So 'Pretty Wild' After Jail

7/24/2010 4:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A subdued Alexis Neiers walked out of Lynwood Correctional Facility last night looking refreshed and free.

After one month in jail, one trip to the spa couldn't hurt.


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Sticky Fingers Neiers should still be in there.

1550 days ago



She was only charged with one count of first degree felony burglary. She could have got off with just probation if she didn't admit while being interviewed without a lawyer that she was there that night.
Other stolen items like Lindsay's chanel necklace were found at her house but she was friends with Nick Prugo and she said he claimed he was a stylist for his father's company and he gave them to her.
She only got charged with Orlando Bloom's burglary.

1550 days ago


Primetime: What would you do? Not call the cops if someone is white or pretty and committing a crime. In fact, help them commit the crime. How much do you want to bet the justice system does the same? Take another look at statistics that state more minorities are committing crimes or in jail. Well they may have the excuse of being underprivileged but what's the excuse for people like this girl? Crime has no color but justice is blind and American society is racist. Here in Canada, the presence of native Canadians is heavy in the jail population but it's not as racist as the US. Off to jail you go, black, white, yellow or brown. On the positive side, she did her time and she's quite young. I hope she learns from her mistakes and move forward with her life in a positive way.

1550 days ago


Ooooo, one whole month in jail for stealing millions. What a joke.

1550 days ago


She is a pretty girl. Too bad she is a thief.

1550 days ago


when she was sentenced she just went to jail and do the time she has to do and that´s it... Is so difficult to do that Lindsay???!!!!

1550 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

good for her, now get out of that bs scene you were in, and go do something productive with your life. Such a pretty girl with a pretty smile...good luck to you!

1550 days ago


One month for stealing all that stuff. Yep, Justice is indeed blind. It can't see a White defendant for sh*t. If she were any other color she wouldn't have that smile on her face for another 25 years.

1550 days ago


Great. You'll be back on The Soup making an idiot out of yourself again in no time. Perfect.

1550 days ago


And who is this girl besides a burgler...or is it burglar....ok....theif?

1550 days ago


Did she get out in time for the GED commencement?

1550 days ago


I'm sure the light sentence was because she testified against the others. Honestly - half a million dollars worth of stuff stolen, and she was caught on tape!!! Goodness gracious, what a lucky little ducky. But if she messes up even once on probation, violating any of the rules set for her - it will be off to prison (not county jail) for her. Hope she realizes how serious this will be, there won't be a second chance to prove to the court that it was a "one time" bit of drunken stupidity. She's on felony probation for a few years, I think. Hope she doesn't plan any vacations in Canada or the UK... A lot of countries are not keen on admitting convicted felons, it will be a while before she can hope for any waivers as a rehabilitated thief.

1550 days ago


I hope they cancel that stupid Reality Show.

1550 days ago


WOW, Break in and steal from celebrities and only do 1 month in jail. Where do I sign up? Cheaper than working for a living. Just Saying...

1550 days ago


Hope the PaP's are there when the probation officer walks into her house for a search. She is on felony probation and they do not need a warrant or probable cause, they can just walk in! There are pictures on the web of her smoking dope so my guess is she is on for some piss tests, better hope they are clean because a Violation of Parole will get her 3 years in prison.

1550 days ago
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