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Britney Spears -- Stuck on Repeat

7/24/2010 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears was spotted yesterday at her favorite local hangout -- the bathroom at Starbucks -- wearing the exact same outfit she wore earlier in the week.

At least she put on a hat this time -- what is going on up there?


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The hair is from all the extensions, not meds. Meds would cause hair loss over the whole scalp. In any case, who gives a hot **** if her hair is messy? When she's onstage or in a video, she owes it to the fans (and people who depend on her financially) to look the part. But when she isn't working, she doesn't owe you idiots anything, including perfect hair. I suggest you bozos get off the couch and go wash your own hair - the way the bunch of you are glued to this story, hygiene can't be high on your list of priorities.

1530 days ago


Been there! As a persons hair grows, the extentions move further from the scalp since they are each snuggly attached to a small group of hair. Shes no monster, shes just growing her hair back! It must be quite awkward at this stage.

1530 days ago


how come it's okay when nicole richie wears the same thing as a tactic to not make photos worth anything, but when brit does it it's ewww?? she is wearing a different bra tho :P

1530 days ago


lol, still love her though!

1530 days ago


Finally I can relate to Britney spears!!, seeing her like this is awesome, shes absolutely normal here, Good for you Britney, I think you look great!

1530 days ago


Things must pretty slow @ TMZ to even care if Britney is wearing the same clothes 2 times in one week. I guess if TMZ is stalking her 24/7 they have to come up with something. Sheesh!

1530 days ago


She shaved her head around 3 years ago, she should have gotten rid of the extensions long ago. It worries me that she has let herself go this much. She just seems like an empty shell now, she lost that sparkle she used to have in her eyes.

1530 days ago


shes used, abused, and old news. psycho!

no one likes her, she barely has any fans anymore! I feel sorry for people who support them. luv ya!

1530 days ago

the joker    

Leave this poor girl alone!! WTF, like a bunch of vultures, bad enough her family is trying to wreck her, just give her some privacy.
She is NOT anything like that (insert first name here) lohan mess

1530 days ago


Her hair looks like crap...too many hair extensions.

However, what is the big deal about her wearing the same outfit twice, is that a mortal sin or something?

1530 days ago


Steve Jobs wears the same outfit 7 times in a week

1530 days ago


why is this even making tmz headlines? so what? people wear the same clothes twice in one week all the time. its clothes for goodness sakes. how shallow!

1530 days ago


Sure you guys got this right this time? That doesn't look like the same person. Could be a poor look alike.

1530 days ago

Mike you ever get tired of posting the same lame ass has beens over and over. Is there really nothing else to cover in Hollywood? Really? Seriously you guys are not even trying anymore by covering the same has beens and barely known wanna be's. TMZ is slacking.

1530 days ago


Big deal. *shrugs* Like this is something that no one has ever done before.

1530 days ago
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