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Michael Lohan -- A 'Mistress' on Each Arm

7/24/2010 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Two weeks after he was spotted with Rachel Uchitel ... Michael Lohan posed with another Tiger Woods mistress, Joslyn James (right), and Gina Rodriguez, an alleged mistress of David Boreanaz.

Michael claims Kate Major's jealousy over his alleged TV deal with Joslyn and Rachel fueled the fight which got him charged with 2nd degree harassment.

This oughta patch things right up.


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Two very pathetic ho's and a toxic loser. These three are media ho's in the worst way. Lohan is beyond slime. Lindsay does almost nothing right but refusing to have anything to do with this idiot is the best decision she ever made. He needs to do the world a favor and disappear.

1515 days ago

who dat    

This guy is a real piece of work. It appears that he has sold nude pictures (while she was sleeping) of Kate Major, ex-fiance

1515 days ago


In Gina's defense (Gina is actually her birth name - so is Delia, she changed it to "professioanlly" to Demi not too many years back) she is not a bad person, just a girl that lost her way. She loves so many people and is actually vey kind. She just doesn't love herself. She grew up being abused and that abuse was ignored by those that should of protected her. She made her way the only way she knew how..... or rather the only was she felt she could. Gina always ened up being exploited and exploiting herself. Actually pretty sad for someone worth so much more.

1515 days ago

who dat    

Her statement:

"Michael Lohan is a disgusting human being and father. He took these pictures of me when I was asleep and without my knowledge. At the time he was my fiancé.

Here is his statement:

Lohan released his own statement to PopEater: "She has no money, no job and she's been living off of me for the last 8 months... and her dad just cut her off. If she doesn't stop the nonsense, more and more will come out. I am tired of being used and people who need to make up stories to make money off others." Lohan said. "I have more important issues to deal with than Kate Major."

this guy is a real piece of shi*

1515 days ago

Big azall Hell    

That James chick looks like a red haired Claire Daines. You know if claire daines just hada bunch of weiners smakcing her face.

1515 days ago


Is TMZ in cahoots with this douche bag? Why else would TMZ give so much publicity to this piece of trash and every skank that he tries to woo onto his no-go show? This guy is disgusting and Lindsay should take legal steps to detach herself from this person permanently (too bad she can't change her last name). I don't want to hear from Michael Lohan any more; I'm not interested in anything that he has to say, he's an ex-convict, a liar, a woman beater, an unemployed fame whore who just tries to use his famous daughter's name in any way he can, and I'm sick of him.

1515 days ago

who dat    

in post 71 "her statement" is Kate Major

"his statement" is Michael Lohan.

It's no wonder Lindsay doesn't trust her own father. The guy collects (private & personal)information about the people he claims to be closest with. Then uses the information for his own financial gain.

1515 days ago



Hey 'smartypants1', let's hear your justification for beating the hell out of women! Or is your name Michael?

Posted at 2:31 PM on Jul 24, 2010 by Sheeple Herder
DUMB @@S, WTF are you talking about? I was answering a question regarding nude pics & sex tapes. My comment had nothing to do with Michael L. or any one else.

There is no justification for hitting/beating anyone. I think it's wrong wrong wrong. Why should I feel obligated in any way to justify any thing I may say on this site. I'm not obligated you moron.
I have always thought Michael L. was/is an unstable creep.

What does my answer regarding nude pics. & sex tapes have to do with anything?

Isn't it a little early to be drunk?

By the way, your name "Sheeple Herder" speaks volumes.

Please tell me what the F*CK you are referring to exactly you imbecile.

1515 days ago

cynical me    

You can smell the desperation to stay relevant coming off that picture.

1515 days ago


Just because you take a picture with women does not mean your banging them. Michael Lohan can be found at most bars drinking, and telling women he will make them stars like his daughter.
He is just a old drunk.

1515 days ago


ive seen the pic of kate passed out.Whoever took that disgusting pic should be in jail

1515 days ago


WHAT IS SO TERRIBLY SAD ABOUT THIS PIC IS THAT TMZ POSTED IT. DUH.....???????? HYSTERICALLY PATHETIC. IS HE SUPPOSED TO BE WORTHY OF POSTING?????? i dont think soooooo. go to parenting classes. he still has a teenager eh?????? do we ever see pics of them together?????? hahahahha GIANT L

1515 days ago


Lindsey never had a chance with a parent like this. Unfortunately there is no jailtime for clueless....

1515 days ago


I bet the chick on the left has silver dollar nipples....!

1515 days ago

Oil Man    

He is such a s***bag. He will do anything to get in the press. He seriously probably doesn't even care about Lindsay's situation sincerely. Look at these nasty hags he is hugging. What a piece of trash this guy is.

1515 days ago
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