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The Day Oksana Taped Mel

7/25/2010 8:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ Oksana Grigorieva began secretly recording Mel Gibson shortly after he accused her of messing around with the "tree man."

Sources intimately familiar with the case tell TMZ ... on February 18, Oksana went to Mel's house and he allegedly flew into a rage. Sources say, according to Oksana, Mel had quit smoking that day and was in a "terrible mood." As TMZ first reported, Mel had also tried to quit smoking the day of their nuclear blowup on January 6.

On February 18, we're told Mel became insanely jealous ... allegedly accusing Oksana of having an affair with her landscaper. According to Oksana, she had to leave because she felt if she didn't Mel would hurt her and the baby. We're told after she left, an enraged Mel began calling ... and she began recording. 

Sources tell TMZ there was no physical violence on February 18 and the only type of violence between the January 6 encounter and the February 18 encounter was verbal ... not physical.

We're told all of the recordings were made on February 18. 


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God Bless and protect the Gibson family, Mel, Robyn, and all of Mel Gibson's children. Please protect Mr Dalton's son from the golddigger also. Too many lies.

1551 days ago

Lynn M    

People- If you're going to write a book, please use paragraphs. I stop reading after the first sentence on the long posts...Too difficult to get my eyes to track.

1551 days ago


well, that settles that. No violence.

1551 days ago


Try smoking nicotine patches.

1551 days ago



1551 days ago


Ok, so she changed the stories again, what else is new? Who actually believes this woman?

To me this hole drama is strikley about money, but to go this far to get it should be forbidden.

1551 days ago

Lynn M    

Interesting interview on Extra tonight:

Kind of meshes with what was said about her by a friend in a Russian article at her music means everything to her (or something to that effect. I'll post the link if I can find it.

1551 days ago


the man is a legend!

1551 days ago

Do not like Oksana    

I do not believe Oksana. Nothing adds up.
Every bad thing out there about Mel is a lie from Oksana. It cannot be belived. Oksana cannot be believed. It is absolutely horrible. Poor Mel has a bad temper and talks too much, but he is not violent. He is not racist, he did 4 films with Danny Glover and the two are like best friends. Mel needs to close the door on this woman and walk away with his child. She is crazy. She is an embarrassment to Russians and an embarrassment to women.

1551 days ago


To all those who think the "no violence" claim means anything...

1) I'm happy to hear that you accept as truth the claims made by an unidentified source to a tabloid. In related news, a source confirmed that you and your inbred families are all morons.

2) Even if the claim is accepted as true, all it says is that there was no physical violence between 1/6 and 2/18. I don't know much about Gibson or this woman, but presumably they were together for more than 1 month. Couldn't the physical violence have happened at a different time?

Now, having listened to two of the recordings, it's clear at the very least that Gibson has extreme anger control issues, and is a misogynist/racist. Considering his father is a holocaust denier and a racist, it doesn't take a master psychologist to discern that the apple didn't fall far from the tree.

To all the Gibson supporters / Oksana bashers, put your heads together when you're at your next clan meeting and see what kind of (not) witty/intelligent retort you can come up with.

1551 days ago


Now its because he quit smoking! LMAO. What's going to be the next excuse?

1551 days ago


Over this story. Totally over it.

1551 days ago


"SWEET-TRUTH", your comments are incredibly long-winded, presumptuous, & illogical. You don't make sense.

1551 days ago


Outrageous finger-pointing is a childish tactic, needless to say, which only furthers the notion that most of you are not that bright & are incited by unfounded anger. There's still no evidence of wrongdoing on her part, which means she can't be "clearly" guilty of anything. Some of you live off disparaging her for the sake of it, since you cannot logically substantiate your BS. So much for innocent until proven guilty. What has been written is mostly anachronic events which are up for your interpretion, yet neither Mel nor Oksana have confirmed every piece of information. The tapes are the only non-speculative part of this case.
Most likely Oksana won't be charged with extortion, as it's incredibly hard to prove intent. I can't defend Oksana as a person, but the vitriolic comments directed at her on this site have become tired & show a lack of humanity.

1551 days ago


I do mean ~interpretation.

1551 days ago
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