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Brittany Murphy, Husband's Deaths -- the Mold Factor

7/25/2010 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The investigation into Brittany Murphy and Simon Monjack's deaths is now being handled by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, TMZ has learned ... and it's all because of mold found in their home.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ the issue of mold in the house came up early during the investigation into Brittany's death -- but it was deemed "not to be a contributing factor."

Then when Simon passed away a few months later, we're told the issue came up again -- but Brittany's mom, Sharon, wouldn't let the L.A. County Coroner's Office in to investigate the mold. Now, we're told, Sharon has agreed to let Public Health investigators into the home.

Mold could be relevant to Simon and Brittany's respiratory health. Pneumonia was a cause of death for both of them.

We're also told Simon's mother, Linda Monjack is fully supportive of this move, and will be flying from Europe so she can be close to the investigation.

UPDATE: A rep for Sharon tells TMZ, "I have never been personally asked by the Coroner or anyone from the Health Department to come and inspect my home for mold ... to the best of my knowledge there has been no evidence of mold at the Murphy residence."


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" -- but Brittany's mom, Sharon, wouldn't let the L.A. County Coroner's Office in to investigate the mold."

Why not? Has she something to hide?

1550 days ago


As soon as the guy's cause of death was ruled to be the exact same thing as Brittany's I mentioned to my girlfriend that I bet there's some kind of a bad mold problem in their home. Damn, I'm good.

1550 days ago


I thought the coroner's office doesn't believe in toxic mold. When have they ever said a young healthy person died of mold? Never is when. And they won't this time either. They'll just say they ruled it out.

1549 days ago


Something's definitely not right here. Seriously, what are the odds that two young married people are going to die of the exact same things, let alone pneumonia and anemia, several months apart.

And does her mom have something to hide? Why wouldn't the mom let the L.A. County Coroner's Office in to investigate the mold? If it is mold killing them, she should want to check it out ASAP so she's not the next victim. What up?

1549 days ago

Maria Lopez    

I don't think they died of mold. They likely died of drug abuse.

1549 days ago


So who is right, the Department of Public Health or Maria Lopez.

1549 days ago


"Acetaminophen should be used cautiously in patients with anemia since this condition can be aggravated." Many commonly prescribe opiate drugs also have acetaminophen in them.

1549 days ago

Blue Lake    

Come on, they're all drug addicts. Mom too.

1549 days ago

Jamaican sam    


All of Hollywood has become a bit moldy.


Coupon Mountain®

1549 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Mold caused the death? That is totally bizarre.

1549 days ago


An interesting development.

1549 days ago


I'm not liking what I'm thinking...Sharon is the only common factor. I'm beginning to suspect her. Was Britney planning to change her will, leaving Sharon out? Mold apparently affected both Britney and Simon, but doesn't bother the mother? Something is wrong here.

1549 days ago


i don;t think the mom lived there with them ...perhaps it will take time to gt her too...eventually! it takes time doesn't it for this thing to build up in your system?

1549 days ago


Mom is coming in from EUROPE - ? Isn't she....from GEORGIA, USA??? Brittany made that kind of money, what? I don't give a damn what anyone says, something is EFFED UP HERE.

1549 days ago


Fungal infections severe enough to cause death are almost always associated with an immunocompromised host. On autopsy, histological examination should have revealed fungal elements within a strong immunological response. But, I must admit, fungal elements are very difficult to see unless you look for them...

It will be interesting to see which mold type grows.

With that I suspect more information will be gathered from the postmortem toxicology than from environmental mold examination.

1549 days ago
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