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Lindsay Lohan's Lawyer -- Her Lone Visitor

7/25/2010 6:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With all her allotted visits used up during the week, the only people allowed to visit Lindsay Lohan this weekend are professionals -- like her lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley.

Holley was spotted walking out of Lynwood for the second time this weekend -- but if all goes well, she won't have to make this trip again next weekend.


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Hey Ms. SCH, has Lindsay paid her bill yet?

1513 days ago

Like It Is    

Isn't it like 110 degrees in LA? Why is the sheman in the middle wearing a jacket? That might be Lindsey Loco's new man, I mean new Sam!

1513 days ago


She should be free any day now

1513 days ago


so now she'll serve under 9 days? First 90, then 25, then 14 and now not even 2 weeks.

yea, justice is really blind...

1513 days ago


I have been intrigue by suad leija the young Mexican girl and her crime family that operates the largest illegal do***ent center in 53, cities, I see she is federal witness against them. Go to and . I would like to see a piece on her in your show.. and more pictures please..i am sure alot of people will agree with me that this is a very interesting cool story and or her double U.S.agent husband and his operations in other countries...i know they live in Atlanta Ga. and her father was recently extradited to the U.S.A and is now awaiting trials in Chicago.....please if you guys know more of her let me know....thank you.

1513 days ago


not even 2 weeks...yet she will come out and the media will make a big deal about her spending time in jail..the judge would have faired better not to even give her jail sure 10 days in jail will teach her a lesson lmao

1513 days ago


I never noticed the heavy jacket. Maybe that's bullet proof or something. So why does Linds need her lawyer now? She's in jail and should stay the full 90 days. So it's been reduced, drastically. Is the lawyer trying to get it reduced even more? Why? She's not helping Lindsay and neither are all these enablers who blame everyone else for Lindsay's problems. If she doesn't learn from this, I don't know how she ever will.

1513 days ago


is that Lilo's case file in her hand?....looks awfuly big

1513 days ago

Mary Ann    

What dummies....either you don't read well or have short memories.
When she finishes her jail time she was ordered to go directly into rehab for three months. Maybe this is why her lawyer is spending time with you think???

1513 days ago

the DQ    

"...if all goes well,..."

Are you out of your mind? Yes, you obviously are. At the very least, she should have to spend 1/4 of her sentence or 23 days in jail, as originally stated. AND, she should NOT be allowed to wait 24 hours before reporting to rehab. The judge should have required that she be taken directly from jail to not pass GO! Celebrity justice in the at it's finest............NOT.

1513 days ago

My two cents ;)    

let me get this clear because I am sure the justice system can't be this dumb...So ur telling me that an addict who put others lives in danger is having her non-paid attorney get her out of jail so that she can enable Lilo to run the streets without a scram bracelet for 24 hours before entering rehab???? SCH actually gets paid to be an enabler of the court? This is all just bad! Lilo needs to stay in jail and serve her time.

1513 days ago


Hey! Da lawyer wears Flip Flops!

1513 days ago

bring back recent posts    

wow...they have male guards in female jail?

1513 days ago


let the Lohan free!!!!!!!

1513 days ago

why is she there ?    

90 days
90 days

keep her in, what has she learnt so far,
that she can have friends visit all week long and not undergo a search like all the others ..... probably still got extentions in her hair too . where is the justice .

1513 days ago
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