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Oksana -- More Mel Recordings in Her Library

7/25/2010 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Oksana Grigorieva doesn't just have secretly recorded phone conversations of Mel Gibson ... she has voicemails too.

Sources close to Oksana tell TMZ the recordings that have gone public so far are conversations between Oksana and Mel, but she also has voicemails which Mel left for her that night.

As we first reported, all the Gibson rants that have come out were recorded on February 18 -- after a nuclear meltdown between the two.

We're told the voicemails are nowhere near as incendiary as the taped conversations.


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1516 days ago


Mel must really love that child for him to go through all this.
A abuser would have run away by now.

1516 days ago

Lynn M    

Ox is clearly using her daughter as a pawn, has used other men to gain more and more money, and seems to be quite the expert at extortion. As for the "recordings" it is quite easy in today's world of advanced electronics to make it appear as if someone said something they did NOT say. Is she in this country legally? Is that little girl really Mel's? In the end, Mel will come out on top, and Ox will be a has-been.

Posted at 10:04 PM on Jul 25, 2010 by Mimi

Oksana got a British passport when she married Nicholas Rowland, a graphic artist, in 1992. The marriage was short-lived. He is reported to be quite a bit older than Oksana. It is reported he just wants to forget he ever knew her although there is no evidence it was a marriage of convinence...rrrright(eye-roll).... It appears the marriage lasted less than 6 mos. There are conflicting stories as to his feelings about her. One is a "good riddance" story while the other indicates they kept in contact but drifted apart over the years and are no longer in contact. I'm leaning toward the former as being closer to the truth.

1516 days ago

Lynn M    

Add me to the list of people who can't stand Jane or Nancy. Their coverage of the Gibson story has been downright irresponsible. Advancing the agenda of a woman who may be crying wolf is going to harm the victim's rights movement, not help it.

If they really want to examine the issue of domestic abuse they should investigate the very real trauma experienced by targets of extortion. There is no more worse form of emotional abuse than being blackmailed by someone you loved.

But that would require these women to pull their heads out of their a_sses, so I won't hold my breath.

Posted at 10:07 PM on Jul 25, 2010 by nightshade

Add me to those that can't stand these self-righteous commentators. I hate how they hang a person before all the evidence in. It is just plain scary.

1516 days ago



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1516 days ago


This skank makes me sick. Can't anyone shut her up? I was really angry at Mel for his behavior. Now I praise him for having the self control not to strangle this extorting, skanky, no good piece of trash! When are these men going to wake up? I think male menopause is much worse than female menopause. Women may get a lot of physical issues but men loose their minds.

1516 days ago


I predict that Mel Gibson will one day enter a Jewish delicatessen in Hollywood in pursuit of (allegedly) cheating Oksana Grigorieva and riddle the place with whatever he can get his billionaire hands on (a scary thought!). In between expletives later, he'll offer Abe Foxman a donation for Israeli charities.

1516 days ago


They are all recorded in one day - in the middle of a messy break-up?? So all we're hearing is one side of an argument on a heated day??

Imagine being married to a woman whom you have realized has just been using you all this time and is probably on the hunt for better prey. You have spent a lot of money, time and emotions on her - both personally and in her career. She has been splurging, gold-digging your gold, getting implants, botox, tacky clothes, used your child to try to get more money from you. She taunts you by sayin you're a bad father, you won't see your child and says Tim Dalton is a better father. She has been stepping up in her choice of men to use and you realize she is always on the prowl. You are angry at yourself for being an idiot - you have been giving her money that could have gone to your other kids, your charities, other relatives etc... you are angry at her cause she played you and you thought it was real. What would you say to her?

(By the way, to rich old powerful men especially if you're on your death bed, watch out, you may be the next target - she might play the victim card to get sympathy)

1516 days ago


Well put hmmm #662 :)

It's sad. I have a friend in his 50's. He had always idolized his wife who was 12 years older than him. One day he went to a party, met a woman in her late 40's and fell in love on the spot. Every inch of infactuaction was immediately transferred to this new woman. The new woman wept how she had been abused by her prior husband, stolen from and left to raise 3 children on her own. Of course the sap has bought it ever since. Divorced his wife, took up with the new one, who won't allow him to move near her, just takes his money.

Woman are master manipulators with a plan. Some had that positioning power, they know how to be coy.

1516 days ago


Thank you , Pimpcessa for comment 94, and Danielle for comment 99. Yes, Mel Gibson is receiving excellent legal advice. I believe that MG is innocent. MY decision is guided by intuition,experience and education. Aside..."Passion of the Christ" was NOT a snuff film and even the Vatican approved of this movie.

1515 days ago


Thank you, Pimpcessa for comment #94, and Danielle for comment #99. Trust me, Mr. Gibson has smart lawyers representing him. Three reasons why I believe Mel is innocent of physical abuse: my intuition, psychology and criminal justice education.

1515 days ago


Husbands beware, everything you say will be recorded for future purposes.
This women is a nut! What a shame that the people of this country would waste their time caring about what she has to say about her husband. This poor child will grow to hate her mother. And have every right to do so!
Mel Gibson you are a great star and great producer, everyone says things they regret when their mad, but we are only human. The rest of you responders I bet have halos. LMAO
Keep making films and I will keep watching them!
Tone down your rants for the sake of you children!

1515 days ago


Anyone want to explain why its okay for an older rich man to get involved with a woman for her beauty,but its not okay for a beautiful woman to get involved with a rich man for his money?

I mean Mel wanted sex from a beautiful woman and the woman wanted money from him. They both knew this, so why is Mel acting so outraged when he had to know this was true?

I mean let's just keep it real. Neither of them would be with each other if they weren't trading money for looks and looks for money. Isn't that right Mel? ( yawn )

1512 days ago
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