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Michael Jackson -- Nazi Flick Fan?

7/25/2010 3:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's ideal double feature -- an Adolf Hitler documentary with a Judy Garland chaser ... that's according to a video distributor who claims to have provided Jackson plenty of both.

Norman Scherer tells the NY Post that MJ had a penchant for collecting Nazi documentaries. Scherer, who owns a videotape distribution company, says Jackson had a "really good collection" -- which included, "Nazis -- Of Pure Blood," "Oasis of the Zombies" and "Hitler's Children."

Scherer also claims Jackson enjoyed Judy Garland's TV specials and dramas depicting troubled boys in dysfunctional families.


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Bless the spirit of MJ..always in our hearts.

1551 days ago


To: number 60-ME:

I don't know about anyone else but I surely gave Jesse James the benefit of the doubt.
I don't think he is as bad as his girlfriend but he was pictured in the outfit.

First we're not even certain this story is true, and if it is no one has ever said MJ dressed in Nazi gear or talked about how great Hitler was.

I'll throw another bone to you haters:

We ALL know MJ's home was searched tooth and nail and he was NEVER accused of showing these types of tapes to anyone. No child ever mentions it, no employee ever mentions it.

There is no specially ordred Hitler mannaquin {that oughtta tell you right there} that was found ever in his possession.

You haters keep trying to tie Michael Jackson to "what if's" but you NEVER have any concrete proof of anything.
If Michael Jackson secretly loved Hitler the evidence would have been found.

If MJ liked gay porn the evidence would have been found. You do not have to go around the world to find evidence of MJ and being a child abuser or a gay man.
Everything found in his home that HE purchased not given or sent to him was him.

When they searched MJ's home they found vast amounts of multi- year subscriptions to various heterosexual porn in his home.
They did not have to travel around the world to find proof of it because the magazines were in his bedroom, his batheroom, and in his briefcase. Why?

Because he was doing it. He was looking at it. They did't have to go far.

They could never find anything other than innuendo to support the MJ was gay and a child abuser theory.

It should have been right there.

Sorry to stray from the topic but Michael is not what this article tries to imply. Is it even true?

1551 days ago


@ #92, Seriously? MJ being a child molester and a drug addict has nothing to do with my self esteem. I guess it`s ok to be a child molester and a drug addict if you are a great singer. Great message to send, please don`t have kids.

1551 days ago


The media is trying to make us believe that Michael Jackson was a nazi.Please!!!!Is the media forgetting that Michael Jackson was black and proud of his heritage?Studying Hitler does not make someone a nazi.Hating on jews and black people does make someone a nazi.Like Mel Gibson and Jesse James for example they are nazis.I am sick of the media.The media said Michael Jackson was a pedophile,a wacko,a deadbeat dad,now a nazi.What else? A serial killer?

1551 days ago


Hey Oh well, your a a**HOLE

1551 days ago



I can understand you not liking MJ or having conflicts about his lifestyle but it would do you a world of good to read MJ's words not spliced and diced and see for yourself what the man was. No one says you'll come away loving the man, and you may still not like him, but you would know he never abused a child.

I can understand why you feel this way but if I like you listened to what was fed to me by the media and never heard MJ's word straight with no chaser, I too would feel he was an evil child abuser.

You should look into it for yourself. You will find a lesson in mass manipulation by the media both tabloid and supposedly legit.

You will find a large portion of what was "written" about MJ's life is: All about how he didn't want to help a white farmer.

If you catch my drift.

1551 days ago


Re: several other posts
Actually,I find people who lack taste,manners,intelligence,discretion and style pathetic--style being a habit of mind that puts quality before quantity,noble struggle above mere accomplishment,honor before riches,style being the essential self.
The negative posters who are more concerned with being validated versus being correct,perhaps being more concerned with bullying others to see their faulty views as correct,are the pathetic ones.
It is equally pathetic that TMZ posts questionable material,feeding the ignorance that goads some into publishing their faulty views.

1551 days ago


@ #92, Seriously? MJ being a child molester and a drug addict has nothing to do with my self esteem. I guess it`s ok to be a child molester and a drug addict if you are a great singer. Great message to send, please don`t have kids.

Posted at 12:04 PM on Jul 25, 2010 by Jim

You know what, Jim? I think you are well aware of the obvious answers to your allegations, since I guess you have been through those discussions before. You know Michael gave away 300 million dollars to charity, you know he had vitiligo, you know he was acquitted on ALL accounts, you know why he paid the first alleged victim, and you know why he took painkillers. OK. So the ONLY reason for you and the others to keep this up is to get MJ fans' attention. There's where the lack of self esteem comes in. See what I mean? So why not try and be a little constructive and make real friends around here, instead of spending all your time pissing people off just to make them reply?

So - do you have anything positive to say about Michael Jackson? Think about it. Was it in any way good for you, me and the world that he spent time in this life?

1551 days ago

I Chinee    

Hmm... "Hitler's Children"

Wonder what he learned from that...

1551 days ago


Oh pulease, TMZ didn't imply anything, YOU people are implying it by rushing up and being all defensive. Obviously it strikes a chord in you and you found it necessary to defend him. All TMZ did was report what someone said they provided him for entertainment purposes. And immediately people are saying that its so one sided. How exactly is it one sided, so they reported he watched lots of Nazi films, Judy Garland and troubled kids, that's all it said in the report. If you don't think there is anything wrong with that then you wouldn't be so freakin defensive. Like when I read it, I thought "hmmm interesting" and that's it but I knew when I went into comments retards would be salivating and making insults and defending him from what they are implying not TMZ. Hahaha, so retarded.

1551 days ago


Adolf Hitler,
Would Have Loved To Send MJ To The Death Camp.
{Not A Bad Idea}
{Oh Think Of The Toxic Smoke That Would Have Come Out Of That Furnace}

Posted at 9:02 AM on Jul 25, 2010 by OhWell

ohwell, you would be the first person to work for Hitler if you lived in those days....just as evil!
Do you even know what you are saying?
I`m Dutch and our country has suffered A LOT from Hitler in those days , a lot of people here died in those gas-chambers!

More people should study Hitler ,just as Michael did.
He was interested in human behaviour and why it came that so many people followed him.
The answer: propoganda => news!
And guess what.. it can happen again!
It`s going on right now, though on a smaller scale,but nevertheless

And now I talk to the so called haters ; you are believing everything blindly what you read in the media..and that`s the start!
They keep giving you false information,lies and you all swallow it,believe it to be thrue.
That`s the start,and the more false info the bring and the more people start believing it..the hate is born!
MJ knew exactly, because he was the victim of the same principle.
In fact you could say:
the US media are Hitler and the blind followers are the ones that bring the victims to the gas-chamber!


1551 days ago


Michael did all he could to help human kind and to make this world a better place,yes he was Christlike. Miss you Michael!

RIP Michael.

1551 days ago


Michael was an educated man and could not tolerate more violence especially against children, they inquired about human degradation, and he could not understand the wickedness and cruelty. The story is part of our school books do not forget this barbarism. My grandfather was strong in France, and my mother went through this horrible war teenager, and she still reads books about the abomination, it is certainly not fascinated by Hitler. But journalists should inform themselves about this genocide to understand what Michael was looking for: that the carnage never happens again. I am French and I am outraged by this article, the methods of Hitler misinform you use to divide people and lead them to your liking. This is outrageous and unworthy of a news bulletin.

1551 days ago


What is it? Have you never run out so absurd slander? Michael indeed interested in Hitler and admired him, but that is NOT for his Nazi views and racism, but it is what he was speaker, and what many people could entail, although he identified the same evils! NEVER Michael has said that he admired Hitler for what he prepared the people of another nation, and for unleashing this terrible war! So may I suggest this first to find out particulars and not to write such nonsense.

1551 days ago

Michael Jackson's Voice    

Any thing any thing.. any thing for money..... Thats to Harvey and the gang and to all the fools and liars in the public at large!!! This doesn't make MJ a Nazi lover either!! It does show he wanted to know like many of us WHY Hitler was such a sick creep!!!

1551 days ago
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